Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Affordable Luxury

Ohhhh, sweet spring break.

So far, it's been a wonderful week.

Friday afternoon, I took the boys to go see the movie "Hop."

Cute movie.

Cute name of movie.

We had a GREAT family-centered weekend.

Something for us in comparison to our crazy schedule-dictated weeks and catch-up weekends.

Plus, we were able to attend a service for a fellow elder who was gradutaing from the deacon program.

This may sound crazy to you,

but there's something about a bunch of strong male voices singing some of my favorite hymns.

Why, yes, I grew up in a Lutheran school...why do you ask?

Anyway, my dad is far enough along in his recovery that my parents
asked for an overnight visit with the boys.

I was only so happy to oblige.

The boys were so psyched.

They've really missed overnights at grandma's and grandpa's.

So, D. and I found ourselves last night with "nothing" to do.

We remembered that we had a gift certificate from restaurants.com to our favorite place.
So, away we went.

Between the two of us, we had to spend $35 - not including alcohol.

So, I ordered a $22 entree.

Let me just say...

...thank you to the Lord above that STEAK is carb free!

I had the most AMAZING Kobe' Steak.


Melted on my tongue, I almost didn't have to chew.

Then today....OH TODAY!!!

I had a long awaited spa day with two of my favorite friends.

We purchased some coupons on groupon, and went to town for the day.

We started the day with low carb crepes filled with low carb cinnamon custard and strawberries.

With a side of Chocolate eclair decaf coffee.


Then, we went to the spa.

Started with a Stress Relieving Treatment
(which included soft tissue massages, a facial, and a scalp treatment)

I had the same beautician for the first two treatments.
Her name is Joyce.
She used to be an accountant and got laid off.
She has an amazing life-walk, and it was awesome to talk to her about God.

Then, pedicures.

Can I just say how awesome these ladies are?!?!?

Where I went "crazy" and opted for blue toes.

I also made a new friend in a lady named Erica who is getting married next month.

She was stressed out and decided to hit her "reset" button.

She was a hoot.

Followed by shampoo and style
(to get the scalp treatment oil out)

And an Aveda make-up lesson.

I'm so glad to do this because it's hard for me to choose the appropriate colors
since my eyes change between blue, hazel and gray depending on the color of my shirt.

I got great color advice!

Kristen looks so pretty!

Despite ending the day almost 2 hours late,

And totally thankful for forgiving grandparents and babysitters,

The three of us had the most fantastic day.


AND, I smell all Adeva-y.

And I've stayed within budget.

Hooray for affordable luxury!!!

Hooray for days with AWESOME friends.

Hooray for crossing off #95.  Have a professional make-up consultation.


Julie said...

WOW, now that was a great weekend and more. A spa day would be so cool.
Thanks for stopping by and your support.
Take care my friend and God Bless!!

Mama M. said...

Why, Ms. Sandy Hop...I do say that you are melting away!! Look at you! I'm quite impressed...and you're making me feel like I should get my butt moving and in shape.

You look amazing!

Thomas and Jamie said...

So you DID like Hop? I got word that it wasn't very good...hmmmm

You look fantastic and I'm so glad the Lord blessed such a sweet lady with some downtime!