Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Motherhood:the fine line

So, we just passed by Mother's Day.
A day for moms everywhere to be appreciated and celebrated for the weekend ....
 20 minutes it takes to open cards and give hugs.
Am I right???
But every Mother's Day does cause me to stop and think.  To be thankful for the little hearts that have been entrusted to me. To think about this journey of motherhood that I'm on- to do a self-evaluation on how I think I'm doing shepherding their hearts.... and to be thankful for the mentors that have gone before me and the community of moms that are around me.
This year, I realized that Motherhood is all about walking a fine line.
Sometimes the lines blur a bit on top of each other... but all fine line nonetheless.
  • Between keeping them humble and filling their confidence
  • Between getting them to practice in order to build skill and instilling enough confidence for them to go out and get in the game.
  • Between loving their "good morning wake up" and loathing them for the inability to sleep in (for the last 12 years....)
  • It's a fine line between filling them with wholesome food and just getting through a mealtime without complaint
  • For the gratitude of never having a too quiet house and the over stimulation of having a house that is never quiet.
  • It's a fine line between protecting their hearts and allowing them to learn a life lesson.
  • Between clothing them enough to not look homeless and the pretentious label-snob.
  • Between waiting the course and calling the Dr. when illness strikes
  • Between wanting to give them the world and making them earn it.
  • Between me-time and us-time
  • Between gleaning wisdom from mentors and blazing your I own path
  • Between laundry and play
  • Between sanity and insanity
  • Between pride and humility
  • Between thankfulness and ringyourneckness. 
  • It's a fine line between holding them in the moment, and pushing them into the next...

Between holding on.....and letting go.