Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm a little lazy posting birthday this is what you get....(but it will be good none the less)

  • Baby L's birthday party was a sweet afternoon.  It was exhausting, though.  We are very blessed.  My husband is an absolute rock star. Pictures to come.

  • My memory is shot, only there are times I'm confident that I've remembered correctly only to FAIL.  Fail big.  For instance, I think I have my in-laws address memorized.  But apparently, the address I have in my head is NOT correct.  This doesn't bode well when I sent out birthday party invitations.  Daughter-in-law FAIL.

  • I am currently wearing my Halloween shirt.  I wear it once a year.  Partly because it is a Halloween shirt, and partly because it's rather ugly.  It's a ugliest color of orange with green lettering outlined in black velvet.  It says, "This is my costume."  Classy class.

  • My boys are obsessed with this video.  It's hilarious.  It will also stick in your head for a long time.  You must watch it.  You will laugh.  If you don't laugh, you must watch it again and again until you do laugh.  You're welcome

  • Baby L. is sick again.  Yes, again.  Tis the season, right???  She got over her cold-turned-ear-infection and now has some sort of laryngitis.  Her voice is almost gone - which makes her cry sound horribly pitiful.   Frankly, I just wish she would sleep.

  • I will load all the pictures from Baby L's birthday party...I promise.  But in the meantime I'll leave you with this:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Bad news / good news

Bad news:  There's a nasty cold in my house
Good news:  I have the opportunity to disinfect everything in sight.

Bad news:  I just realized on Wednesday that someone unfriended me on Facebook.
Good news: They did it 2 years ago, and I *just* noticed...apparently not that big of a deal.

Bad news:  My house is a mess and I am hosting a party tomorrow.
Good news I have the opportunity to disinfect everything in sight!

Bad news:  I think my husband may have broken his toe.
Good news:  It was moving a desk up the stairs so we can organize our family office it was for a good cause. 
Good news:  Who needs toes anyway?

Bad news:  I'm having fears that I may have overdone the Owl theme of Baby L's birthday party.
Good newsNo one will mistake what the theme is!
Bad news: house is still a mess.

Bad news:  It's either allergy or cold season here until we have a good freeze.
Good news Kleenex stock is about to go up.  Buy shares now.

Bad news:  One of my bloggy friends shut down her blog some time ago.
Good news:  We are now email pen pals.  It warms my heart.

Bad news:  I haven't slept in almost a week.
Bad news:  Baby L. has a raging ear infection.

Good news:  My mperks pharmacy rewards are one step closer to the big discount.
Good news:  I get lots of extra cuddles.
Good news:  The Dr. says she should feel (and look) better by her party tomorrow.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I rocked her

I rocked my babe to sleep.
I cuddled with her,
I rubbed her back.

I patted her sweet little diapered behind.

"Don't rock the babies," they said.
"They need to learn to self-soothe," they said.

She's warm.
She's breathing deeply and slowly.

She'll learn to self-soothe later.

Because, someday...                                          
                                          ...a day not long from now....

I'll be chasing after her.
Missing her.

Before too long, I'll be walking her into her first day of Kindergarten.
We'll be celebrating her confirmation,
her high school graduation...
sending her off to college...
My husband will be walking her up the aisle.
It will go by in a blink.
I'm going to rock her as long as she'll have me.
This moment......
.....this moment is mine.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No picture post

I'm typing tis on my Surface.  I can't figure out how to upload pics that aren't on my you get none.  I promise the next one will have pictures.  I like pictures in posts... perhaps I'm like a child picking out a book.  More pictures = better.

So, here's some things I've learned during the past week:

  • I think no matter what our grocery budget is, there will always be too much month left at the end of the money.  Especially when birthday parties are involved.

  • Michelle and I have been meeting for "craft night" on select Friday nights after kids are in bed.  I love these nights.  It's seriously the best chance I have to truly unwind.  (By craft night, I mean drink wine.)

  • When people are supposed to work as a team, it's awfully nice when they actually act like they are on a team.  It creates more work for everyone else trying to figure out what's actually happening.  Just sayin.

  • I loathe cleaning two things:  toilets and floors.  It's the most thankless job, and within an hour, they're full of crap again. Literally.

  • I think Baby L. is going to be a climber.  Help me.

  • Mean people suck.  Mean kids suck more.

  • The Soap Scum eraser for tubs, sinks, and showers is also a first layer of skin eraser.

  • Having rough hands is a great time saver for exfoliation.

  • It is entirely possible for me to rock in a rocking chair for 3 hours straight and not get motion sickness.

  • I am potentially a high maintenance person camouflaged as a low maintenance person.  Sorry if I've duped you.

  • I can have a totally clean complexion until there's a large even in our future.  Then, apparently all bets are off. 

  • I am in the process of putting together Baby L's first birthday party for this Saturday.  A la Pinrest.  Girl stuff is so much fun!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Update

I've got approximately 5 minutes and 5 brain cells left.

This leaves you with a thoughts-in-real-time report.

- I'm trying to set up a Skype account.  Every single way I try to do this, they want me to pay either by the minute, or by subscription.  Last I knew, Skype was free.  What the heck?

- I'm making shrimp fried rice tonight for dinner.  Dave is taking the boys out.  This is a consolation prize for A's Cadet's camping/canoe trip getting cancelled at the last minute.  Did I mention shrimp fried rice?  (gf too!)

- I'm hoping to get my craft on tonight as well.  (Hi Michelle and Sarah!)

- I have a friend collecting empty wine bottles.  If you empty your bottle, and you know me in person...please save it for me.  (read: her).  Thanks! (Hi Leah!)

- I have an email pen pal.  I love it.  (Hi Gini!)

- I ordered a cake for Baby L's first birthday.  Half gf and half regular.  I am more than excited!  (Hi Becky!)

- I love friends who hold my feet to the fire and are able to establish boundries.  (Hi Gina!)

-  I've read an entire book in 3 days.  I'm not necessarily feeling all that accomplished, per se....just never happens.  This new book club of mine is pretty impressive.

-  I've learned that you can be both happy and sad at the same exact time.  It's weird.

-  I showed the boys what I have planned for them for Halloween this morning.  They are beside themselves.  (in a good way).

-  I'm in the process of killing more than 2 house plants.  Now no one can ever accuse me of not multi-tasking.

-  Both boys lost teeth this morning- within 15 minutes of each other.  A. lost a molar.  C. lost a top front tooth.  The tooth fairy is depleting her funds quickly here at the Love Shack.

-  Speaking of teeth, Baby L. is a crazy tooth-cutter.  Now, in addition to cutting molars, we found an eye-tooth breaking ground.  Seriously?!?!?!?

-  I'm trying to figure out what to switch Baby L. to in terms of milk.  Right now she's on soy formula.  I will NOT feed her soy milk.  (Formula is isolated, milk is not).  Rice and coconut milks are nothing but sugars.  She can't have almond milk until she's 2.  Cow's milk is not an option (I'm trying to integrate her formula with the "gentle" formula...and it's FAR from successful).  Anyone have any ideas?

Times up.

Over an' out.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: phoning it in

I realized that I haven't done a phone photo dump in a while...and looking through them, there's some good ones here.  So, without further adieu:

1.  Family night at the baseball game.  Is there anything hotter than a daddy and his little girl???  Oh, my heart!  Love this pic.

2.  Flashback alert: itty bitty baby snug as a bug in her car seat cocoon. 
This makes my ovaries hurt.

3.  I took this pic and sent it to Dave.  He is a contractor, and this is how he "wears" his pencil and hat.  I had to laugh when I saw the boys drawing at the table, and C. grabbed a hat in order to have a place "to put the pencil."

4.  Another flash back alert:  Itty bitty Ally.
I forgot how baby-like she looked when we first got her!

5.  Apparently, I'm nostalgic today.  This picture resides on the side of my refrigerator.  This outfit was given as a hand-me-down to our nephew.  She sent me a pic of him wearing it on Saturday thanking me for the outfit.  (Go Blue!).  I sent this pic to her letting her know that the outfit (and the boys wearing it) are so dear to our hearts.

6.  And here is the same sweet boy.
All grown up.

7.  Another flashback.
Pregnant women everywhere are shuddering.

8.  Had to go to the Secretary of State a few weeks ago to register the new van.
When we sat down, they called number 36.
We were in for a long morning.
On the plus side, Baby L. got her multi-cultural lesson in Koreans that day.
So, there's that.

9.  C. received a Detroit Tigers gift pack for his birthday.
Complete with temporary tattoos.
Which he kindly shared with anyone that was sporting bare skin.
And, of course, he applies Dave's tattoo upside down. :)

10.  I took the boys to Culvers for their free custard as our last hoorah of the summer.
This has got to be my favorite brother picture.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


All righty then....

I am typing this post on my brand new Microsoft Surface RT.  Oh my word, I love it.

I am attending my first ever book club meeting tonight.  I actually finished the book a while ago.  I make no assumptions that I will be finishing all the books on time going forward.  But this one, I did.  Makes me happy.  And also, there's a lot of people going to this book club tonight.  I'm thinking it will be a wee bit crowded.  But I'm thinking I may meet a new friend or two, so it's all good.

Everything's all good, right?  It's a matter of perspective.  Right?

I went to WalMart yesterday to pick up some bandanas for a project for the boys.  I was looking for some specific ones, and WalMart had them.  While I was there, I picked up a few things.  Our particular WalMart is under a CRAZY renovation (which is good, because it's gross and even though I love to save a buck or two, I still avoided that store). Anyway, it took me a while to get through a checkout.  When I got home and went to unpack my bags, I realized that I was missing a few.  Seriously?!?!?!?!?  Yep...they were there... grrrrr.

My MOPS group is having a consignment sale this weekend also.  I spent the past few nights cleaning, pricing and tagging.  It's my least favorite thing to do, but we are officially minus A LOT of baby gear.  And hopefully soon, I'll be plus a few bucks.

It pays to have a few medical schools in our area.  The physical therapy at my Alma Mater "hires" babies to come in so the Physical Therapy students can observe their muscles and development.  This weekend, Baby L is on the hired list.  Getting paid to play? Works for me.

Speaking of Baby L...she will be ONE year old in less than 3 weeks.  She's almost walking...but not quite.  She's full of personality.  She knows how to open Ally's cage and enjoys climbing inside.  She LOVES her brothers and asks for them while they're in school.  Oh....and she's cute as a button.

Is it fair that I should have to make dinner if I'm heading out for the evening?  Fair or not...I'm doing it.

We are officially in the season for pumpkin flavored everything.

Thank you to everyone in person, telephone, text, Facebook and blog for wishing me a Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three Seven

Approximately 37 years ago...(well, if you're reading this at 6:07pm EST, then it's EXACTLY 37 years ago....) I came into this world.  Yes....thirty seven.

Does the number bug me?'s just a number.  But, like all things that happen annually, it's a good time for a gut-check. It's a good time to reflect. 

It's a good time to give thanks.

Shall I try to come up with 37 things to give thanks for?  Let's see how far I get...

(You can continue reading...I promise it won't get wordy):

1.  God.  Pretty sure I'd be darned if I didn't put the Big Guy first.  But He is pretty there you go.

2.  Dave.  Awesome husband.

3.  A.  Great kid.  Teaches me that everyone marches to the beat of their own drummer.

4.  C.  Impish, but fun.  Teaches me how to have patience.  :)

5.  Baby L. Makes me think that sleep deprivation isn't necessarily a temporary situation.

6.  4 years of being gluten free.  Feeling better from the inside out is something to celebrate.

7.  A good highlight job.  Where would I be without magic hair coloring?  I'd be mousey-brown.  Speaking of which...I need to make an appointment.

8.  Good shoes.  Dansko, Asics, Teva....can't go without them anymore.

9.  Gina.  She's one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Thick and thin, we two.

10.  Michelle.  Best walking partner ever.  Awesome lady, awesome friend. She is near and dear to my heart. (and also, sorry for the beach-hair pic...but you're loving on my baby girl, and I love you for that. )

11.  Melody.  Spiritually supportive and honest.  I love that in her.

12.  Our small group.  Last year we branched off and started a new group.  It has been nothing but a blessing.  I'm forever grateful for this move! And the ladies in the group...forever friends(that's right, getting rid of me!)

13.  My parents.  I wouldn't be here without them, but other than that...they're pretty awesome.

14.  My in-laws.  Providing humor and support whenever and wherever.  And also fun to imitate.

15.  Dave Ramsey.  Best ministry ever.  Best advice ever.

16.  New car smell.  I realize it's a fake smell....since we just purchased a new van (which was clearly used...) and it had this smell in it.  I instantly felt special driving away.  I dig that smell.

17.  Restaurants that have gf menus.  The inner socialite in me is grateful to not have to be a hermit.

18.  Pintrest.  Making my world pretty.  And giving me a hearty laugh at the "fails."

19.  Bath fans and air freshener.  Hey...I live with 3 boys.  You'd be grateful too.

20.  Mama M.  Awesome bloggy friend. I think she rocks.  (Come to Michigan, M!!!!)

21.  Our school.  Seriously most blessed decision we ever made.  It was a hard one to make at first- committing to it financially...but the benefits totally outweigh the tuition payments.  First class teachers, amazing group of parents...and off the hook kids - all daily focusing on Christ.

22.  Flovent.  Keeping us out of the ER so far this year ( knock on wood)

23. Gimp.  Free version of Photoshop.  Therefore, it fits into my budget.  :)

24.  Fall colors.  I'm smitten with the Mitten!  I love love love Michigan in the fall.

25.  A complete night sleep.  They're few and far between...but I LOVE them when they happen! (i.e. last night!)

26.  Hand-me-downs.  My friends have well dressed girls.  Which means so do I.  (Love you, Kathy!)

27.  MOPS.  Without this gift of a ministry, my world would be very small.  I am blessed with some amazing friends thanks to MOPS.

28.  Amaretto coffee creamer.  Oh so good.  Makes the PERFECT cup of coffee.

29.  Getting the perfect picture of your kids.  Perfect lighting.  Perfect smiles, everyone looking in the right direction.  If you have littles, you know this can include a full body sweat (on your part)...making victory all the more sweet.  But sometimes it's just like herding cats.

30.  Mentors.  I have realized that I have many mentors in my life. Tuning into them and listening to their sage words has blessed me!

31.  Butterfingers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Gluten free treats- once in a great while...but least there's options.

32.  Stacking discounts.  Paying $2.99 for something that was originally priced at $19.99 makes one feel triumphant.

33.  Staying at home motherhood.  Not stress free, but a good type of stress.  I love being there for my kids and making my family first priority.

34.  Family visits.  My brother's family(not to mention the REST of the family clan!) came out for my mother's retirement this summer and I LOVED spending time with them! 

35.  Hitting a high number on my pedometer.  I love the feeling of accomplishment!

36.  A full -belly laugh.  I love love love funny people, and I love a good joke.  Laughter heals and enlightens!  If you can genuinely make me laugh, you are in like Flynn.

37.  YOU. made it to the bottom of my 37 things...which means you're special and awesome.  Or that you have nothing better to do on this day....but HEY- YOU'RE AWESOME IN MY BOOK!!!