Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I've learned in the past week (or so)

1.  Monthly "meetings" with friends that have scattered to different corners (schools) will end up being my most favorite nights.  As soon as one meeting is over, I instantly look forward to the next one.

2.  I can get a neck injury in my sleep. I.am.old.

3.  When a toddler starts singing "I'm cleaning the bathroom, the bathroom, the bathroom....." Run.  Fast. Bring lots of towels.

4.  Wisdom comes in the least likely of places.  "If the only purpose you have is to serve yourself, then you have no purpose.". This quote came from Paul Blart; Mall Cop #2.  Clearly, I underestimated Paul Blart's heart.

5.  Cold medicines that do not contain pseudoephedrine are pseudo-effective.

6.  Coffee dates with new friends are super fun, but paying attention to table choice is advised with a toddler who has a overactive bladder.

7.  Dang, almond paste is expensive.

8.    You Tube had a ton of helpful tutorials.  (I was aware of this already, but sometimes find myself amazed at just how much is out there.)

9.  With enough phlegm and congestion, I can sound like Kathleen Turner.

10.  Hats cover a myriad of hair woes.  I need to invest in more hats.