Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A post of malarky

This is a random post to end all random posts.  Because I feel as though I should post has been almost a week since my last post.

  • I had all these awesome pictures to share with you, but apparently, blogger says I'm out of space.  Which is funny- because when I click on "add more space," it says I'm only using 77% of available space.  Hmmmmm....  And, no, I'm not going to spend money for more space.  So, until I figure out a way around it- no pictures, you will get.

  • I had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Almost everything at the table was gf, and I had a FANTASTIC and desperately needed looooooooooong nap afterward.

  • No, Baby L does not sleep great.  Yes, I am tired.  And I'm still working.  And I have two other kids to take care of and love on.  And I am overextended.  But, I'm working on that.

  • Thanks to cyber Monday, I have a nice dent in my Christmas shopping done.  I'm hoping to put a bigger dent in that very soon.

  • There is a horrible stomach bug going around my basic geographic area.  I'm freaked out by it.  I think it should be illegal for people (entire households, really) with newborns to get a stomach bug....or any bug for that matter.  Isn't having a newborn enough?!?!?

  • We are having our family pictures taken this weekend.  I'm excited to see my friend, Stephenie, again...but also looking forward to getting some updated family pics now that Baby L is in the picture.  (Yes, pun totally intended :)

  • I know that there are certain people in this world that think breastfeeding is the ONLY way to go with infants.  And there are some people who try to help and offer pointers.  Believe me, I have called THREE different lactation consultants....I have pumped, I have taken herbal supplements (which, turns out I am allergic to!!!), I have nursed her every hour, I have had a beer, I have sat under a hot shower....yep....I'm doing it.  And I'm still not making enough milk to support my little baby girl.  So, I'm supplementing.  Some judgers are just going to have to get over it.

  • I have three thank you notes to write before I'm done with thank you notes from L's birth.  Three.  You'd think I could sit and just write them out, eh?  Nope....I'm procrastinating.  For what reason, I don't know.  Slackers unite!

  • I'm desperate to get baby L. on a schedule!  I hate never knowing what the day will bring, and when I can run errands, chill out, or take a nap.  I need schedules.  Unfortunately, with an itty bitty baby....there are no predictable time tables- yet.

  • Funny story:  I called today to get a refill on C's Albuterol Nebulizer prescription.  The nurse called back and stated that there is NO record of C having a nebulizer prescribed in his chart (which he has had since 18 months old, and has had at least 2 refills prescribed to him by his Dr.- as well as 3 ER visits all with MORE albuterol prescriptions).'s going to take 2 business days to get our refill- since it's not in his chart.  HOWEVER, while I was on the phone, the friendly little nurse reminded me that C was due for an asthma checkup.  Ummmm, wha?  You have him due for an asthma check up because it's severe enough to be seen often in the office, BUT they have NO RECORD of the medicine we use to treat his asthma?!?!?!  Seriously? 

  • Anyway, here's your random post.  I'm off to bed.  :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

And if you see my husband today, be sure to also wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday- Thanksgiving week

1.  C. is sick now.  A. brought a cold into the house, and Dave and I have been waiting for it to get passed.  A. started getting better, and we *thought* we were home free....then C. starts coughing...and wheezing...and ugh.  Thankfully, Dave had really tuned ears the other night and heard the start of an asthma attack over the monitor.  He grabbed C and we got some neb treatments and steam room time before it got too bad.  (After getting our $1300 bill for C's last asthma/ croup attack, we were grateful we didn't have to call 911 or go to the ER again!!!).  Thankfully, he had a good night last night, and we'll be moving him back up to his own bed tonight.  :)

2.  Unfortunately, Baby L. is now stuffy, and refuses to sleep on her back.  Well, she'll sleep, but then she chokes on her snot.  So, I'm either holding her, or she's in her car seat propped up.  Ugh...I hate cold and flu season.

3.  I have ZERO plans for going Christmas shopping this weekend.

4.  I have ZERO Christmas presents purchased.  I have NO IDEA when I'll be able to go shopping.  Most days, I'm just happy to get a shower.

5.  Do you think my Dr. will notice if I choose not to make a post partum appointment?  I just really don't want anyone fiddling around "down there."  It makes me ornery to think about.  I know, I know....given the horrible birthing experience, I know I need to go get checked out.  Thankfully, the Dr. that delivered Baby L also delivered C.  My post partum appointment with him was 18 minutes.  That's EIGHTEEN minutes from the time I got out of my car to the time I got back in my car.  Fastest check up ever.  At least there's that.

6.  Dave and I have a quickly filling calendar for this month and next.'s getting jammed.  I just realized that I haven't set any time aside for celebrating A's birthday.  Mom guilt:  it's a b*tch.

7.  I'm swearing.  Or implying swear words.  This is indicative that I need a nap.  Desperately.

8.  I got a hair cut.  I went to a new place since my regular lady is now at a salon I refuse to go to.  I'm usually a crab when other people besides my regular lady touches my hair...but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, and now have about 4" less of hair.

9.  I still cannot find half of my before-pregnancy clothes.  I have no idea where to look now.  But I know I'm missing at least 5 pairs of jeans and all (except for 4) of my everyday shirts.  I'm frustrated by this.

10.  Weigh in over the weekend!  I have 7 pounds left before I'm at pre-pregnancy weight!  Whoot!

Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Friday to everyone!

Happy husband-free weekend to you deer-hunter widows.  Yep...I'm one of them.  Perhaps I get wife of the year award for being so fine with my husband leaving me at less than 3 weeks post partum?!?!?  Or...perhaps I just get a diaper full of sh*t.  Either way, I'm hoping my main man has a nice relaxing weekend and comes home well rested and rejuvenated.  Really, I'm ok with single parenting it for a few days.  Dave only takes time for himself once a year, and this weekend is it.  So, I'm glad he was still planning on going.

Plus, I have an awesome mom who is willing to help her daughter out for the weekend!  So, I won't be alone.

In a late night/ early morning epiphany, I realized that I am horribly over-extended.  I have too many balls in the air, and I lay awake trying to figure out how not to drop any of them. 

And my conclusion to this problem?

Drop them.

Yep...I'm letting balls drop.

I'm giving up a few things in order to make room for other things that need my attention/ are less time consuming.

The fact that I'm still working and I have a newborn isn't helping my stress level....but hopefully after a weekend of work-focused time, I will be able to turn over some completed audits and unhand some uncompleted audits.  That way I can rest and figure out a schedule with the baby before I head back to work after the first of the year (which is our BUSY I'll be jumping into the fire).

So, anyway...that's my week in a nutshell.  Let's answer some questions:

1.  What snacks/ drinks do you bring to the movies?

I bring my own in.  I'm not about to take out a mortgage on the house just for some popcorn.  So, the boys and I will head to the store and they pick out a box of movie theater candy for $1 (note:  the SAME box in the theater is $ 4.25!!!!).  Then we bring in water bottles for drinks.  Thank goodness for big purses.

Do I feel guilty?  No, no I do not.

2.  What is one food you ever refuse to try?

Lamb Fries.

I cannot stomach knowing that I'd be eating a sheep's you-know-whats fried up.  Nope, not for me.

3.  What is your favorite nail polish color?

Well...I don't know what the colors are called exactly, but I saw this on Pintrest, and I loved it.

4.  What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Chillin' with my family.  In a cozy house.  And taking a nap.  :)

5.  What are your least favorite words in the English language? 

I dislike slang words...such as "ain't"...but the word that just grates on me is a derogatory word:

Starts with "C" and ends in "unt."  I hate that word with a passion. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hospital Pics

My beautiful friend, Stephenie, came to see me at the hospital.

Stephenie is a photographer.

She brought her camera.

She took some pictures.

She's awesome.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1.  My phone died.  An awful death.  And I promise I didn't drop it.  However, I just finished a painful 24 hours without a phone...and I had to give my phone up without transferring contacts.  So, now I have a new phone...but no contacts.  So, if we text- and you have me in your contacts, please shoot me a text with your name in it so I can save your number.  Please and thank you.

2.  I'm slowly figuring out foods that baby L. doesn't agree with.  One of them is chocolate.  How is this my daughter?!?!?!?

3.  She is also not a real fan of the swing.  But loves the bouncy seat.  She is the exact opposite of her brothers.

4.  She loves music - just like C.

5.  I still need a haircut.

6.  I am seeing a TON of housekeeping things that need to be done in our house....but lack the time and give-a-darn to do them.  :)  Why aren't housekeepers free?

7.  My new phone has a few newer features that my old phone didn't have.  Is it sad that I'm so excited about being able to change the font on my texts?  Yes, yes it is.

8.  I had a HUGE master list of all the gifts we've received over the past 2 1/2 months.  I was going to use this list to write thank you notes from.  Whaddya know- when I finally go to write them, the list is gone.  So far, I think I'm doing a pretty good job at remembering who I need to write a note to.  Even with baby brain!

9.  My poor dog is in desperate need of attention.  She's eating my blankets in the living room. Yes, eating.  Big holes.

10.  I (heart) nap time.  :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Counting Blessings 136-145

136.  For a baby that woke up once last 3:30am....after sleeping for 6 hours straight.

137.  For the loss of our power yesterday (all darn day!) because it gave me the ability to catch up on some long-long-overdue thank you notes.

138.  Candlelight dinners.  Although, soup by candlelight is a tad messy.

139.  Red Starburst.

140.  For healing.  Over 2 weeks post partum, and I'm starting to feel a tad more like myself again.  Hooray!

141.  For weight gain.  Not for me...for baby L.  At her 2 week weight check, she has surpassed her birth weight, and is almost out of her Newborn sized clothing.  Hooray for healthy babies!

142.  For fun packages that arrive on my doorstep.  Apparently, girl clothes are fun to buy.  :)

143.  For 3M Command Strips.  Makes decorating the bedrooms (i.e. nursery) easier than bugging my husband all day to put holes in the walls. (pictures coming soon!)

144.  For fitting into my black church pants- when I was 3" away from buttoning them last week!  Happy Dance!!!

145.  For my husband who still volunteers to bring the boys to school in the mornings.  Love him.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ten on Tursday (because I missed Tuesday, and the "h" sounds funny)

1.  I've received a text from a worried friend that I haven't posted in a while....wondering if we were ok.  We're all ok.  I'm just chest deep in the land of the sleep deprived/trying to figure out a schedule with busy life/ just surviving.  The blog has fallen lower on the priority list.  Which is sad, because this is my creative outlet.  I'm hoping to get back on the horse sooner than later. 

2.  Baby L. has sporadic nights where she'll sleep 7-8 hours straight.  I love those nights for purely selfish reasons...but knowing that she's such a little peanut worries me that I should wake her and fill her little belly.  Am I just being a worried mom- and should not look a gift-horse in the mouth?  Not sure.  She has a weight check on Friday...I guess that will be my answer.

3.  I'm embracing this whole "pink" thing.  And I must admit, I'm loving it!

4.  I'm wearing pre-pregnancy jeans today!  HAPPY DAY!  (To be honest, they were fat jeans before...but whatev.)  No elastic is NO ELASTIC.

5.  I need a hair cut.

6.  I need to start Christmas shopping.

7.  L. is crying, so all you get is seven.