Monday, March 23, 2009

Will eat noodles....for Sponge Bob

Many people know that Adam is probably the pickiest eater in the world. He didn't start out that way- actually he used to eat everything we put in front of him. Then, the stomach flu season came....and it seemed that he had a bout of it every two weeks. So, now he's a picky eater. One thing Adam does not like is noodles. We haven't been able to get them near the fork without a battle. Then I saw it....Kraft makes Sponge Bob Mac and Cheese! I thought, even if Adam won't eat it, Colin will. I made them up the other night, and Adam readily put them on his fork and ate them- one character at a time. Apparently, the marketing gimmics do work! (well, sometimes...)

This post brings back memories of my favorite character-based food item: Strawberry Shortcake cereal. It was basically strawberry flavored cocoa puffs...but they were the bomb! We tried Cabbage Patch Cereal when it first came out...I begged my mom to buy a box promising I'd eat it all. We got home and poured a bowl...crap. Edible crap. What a disappointment! Back to Strawberry Shortcake we went! Mmmmmm- strawberry!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A. was very excited about St. Patrick's Day this year. He personally made sure that all of us were wearing green this morning. Then, he comes home from school with a "hat" that they made in class. I love these. They're basically headbands made from paper, stapled together, with a seasonal decoration on them. It's nice to see that the teacher's now-a-days are continuing the embarrassing traditions of my youth. Perhaps wearing seasonal paper hats is a rite of passage for preschoolers. Either way, Adam came home tonight with a Leprechaun hat.
We all got a chance to "enjoy" it.

even Molly got in on the fun!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan!!!

The video speaks for itself. Can't wait to see you in August!

Monday, March 9, 2009

C.'s 18 Month Pictures

We got to these a little later than usual, so they didn't quite make the "18 month posting." So, here they are in all their glory.
C.  didn't get a nap that morning. I thought he did well considering he was one tired littly guy.

Thumb sucker extraordinare.

LOVE this smile. Always brightens my day!


Then I bribed A. with an icee to take some pics with his little brother. Once he was in the venue, he really got into it. Good times, good times...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

C.'s first friend birthday party!

You know your baby is growing up when he starts getting invited to friend's birthday parties. This one was for a good friend of ours, Sabrina. Coincidentally...we're almost family. Kathy's little brother is married to Dave's little sister. I'm glad, too because it brought some AWESOME people into our lives.

At first, C. was just interested in all the cool toys! There was a zebra balloon he was quite fond of. I was almost afraid that he was going to pop it!!!

We started by singing the fishy song...really cute, but C. didn't quite know what to think.

Birthday girl, Sabrina and her mommy, Kathy.

Happy Birthday, Sabrina!!!

The whole party clan. Fun group of kids and adults.

Then, we felt overly ambitious and decided to get one of all the kiddos without parents!

When we went to leave, Sabrina came to give C. a hug..which he wasn't fond of (we really haven't taught him how to hug others yet, so he wasn't sure) so C. just waved bye-bye to 'Brina. Happy birthday, big girl!!!

What a fun morning! Sabrina and C. say, "Hi Uncle Mike and Aunt Erin!!! Thanks for introducing us, we are having lots of fun playing together!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What does a horsey say?

C. showing off....

This video is actually a month or two old since he is now too big for that outfit he's wearing, but I wanted to post it anyway. I love his nnnneeeeyyyy. My fav.

A wiggeda-wiggeda-wiggeda-WHACK

Jump, jump! Since A. first discovered my ipod, this has been his most favorite song...and now you can see why.

Loves it.