Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Hopper used to plow. When we first for married, he started doing it for extra money. And then, it just turned into a way to earn emjust enough to meet our medical deductibles. Then it became a bit too much, then a lot too much, then he just aged out.

Plowing is young man's work.

Hopper was called by his guy and asked to substitute plow for a night. He reluctantly agreed.

Because he knows it's hard on his body. It's hard on his brain.  It's hard on his regular work schedule. It's just hard.

But, he agreed.

Because, as a business owner,  he knows what it means to have unreliable labor. He knows what it means to want to maintain a good business reputation. So, he agreed.

To help a fellow business owner.

To help a friend.

To make some extra money.

So, as I'm setting the coffee pot to turn on at 2am, I prayed. For protection for this amazing man. For this man who doesn't think it's a big deal- what he's doing is daily work. It's just what he does.

But it's something I believe is worthy of admiration.

And respect.