Friday, April 10, 2015

An update of sorts

My friend and I exchange bullet-pointed emails a few times a day. 

Possibly because we are too busy to form a well-structured paragraph. 

Possibly because we are both ADD.

Possibly because it's the easiest way to get a bunch of information out in a short period of time.

Today, you get a bulleted update:

-  My house is on it's way to being officially organized.  (notice I didn't say squeeky one has time for that).  Seems like every spring break we do find a lost library book. 

-  I have not found said book.

-  Yet.

-  My boys gave me a gift at my parent's house on Monday and vaccuumed out our van.

-  And then left the light on, and I ended up with a dead battery.

-  I worked with an amazing team coordinating our school's auction.

-  It was an amazing success- thanks to so many who are willing to open their hearts and wallets and support our little school.

-  The last 10 minutes of the night were my favorite.  Where so many people raised their numbers to sponsor a child for a month's worth of tuition.  My heart still swells when I think about it.  Pure, un selfish, generosity. 

-  We decided not to go anywhere for an extended period of time during spring break so I could potty train baby L.  Four days in, and she's toileting herself (or asking to go if we're out and about) without accidents.  Awesomesauce.

-  Truth be told, she was probably ready 6 months ago.  But I was too busy running around to do anything about it. 

-  A has had a growth spurt.  He is only a few inches away from being eye-to-eye with me.  I know this is part of his growing up...but my heart is not ready for that.

-  C has decided to give baseball a try this spring.  We made a deal with him- if he played fall soccer, he'd try baseball in the spring.  My mom-gut says he's going to get bored in baseball and miss soccer.  But at least he will have tried something new...but I do believe he's a soccer player at heart.

-  Dave remains busy, busy, busy.  Which makes me so so proud of him.  After 12 years of business, he has maintained a busy schedule solely by word-of-mouth.  Well, that's not entirely true...he had two weeks in week when C. was a baby and one week when baby L. was small...where he had only small jobs....but he worked on the Love Shack, and then things got crazy again.  So...I'm still proud.

-  I am starting a MOPS group at our church this fall.  If you are the praying type, I covet your prayers for this new group: that God would bless the moms who sign up with the same type of community I have found at my local MOPS.  My life wouldn't be the same without it.

-  We hosted our families for Easter afternoon.  With our annual Easter Egg hunt.  I love watching the kiddos run for it.  My heart love love loves these guys.

-  We took our annual Easter Well-head family picture.  Which I wasn't going to post...because the picture is not the greatest, and my pose is very weird...but whatevs.  When you're running back through dog-poop-land-mined gravel down hill in heels to beat the timer, you'll have that.

-  The boys have spikey hair now.  They were growing it out, but the shaggy got to me.  While A is still obedient enough, and I can still manipulate C into submission, I decided to bite the bullet and take them to get their hair cut.  First time in over 2 years I've paid for a hair cut for them.  Not too shabby.  Although, I about choked on my saliva when she gave me a total.

- There is more to say here, but I have a little one who is showing me it's time for attention on her.  So, that's another post for another day.  Hope to see you before next quarter!