Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weird random facts about me that may make you feel better about yourself

The other night, D and I were talking.  Within that talk, he learned yet another Sandy-ism (which...I just cannot remember at this moment in time).  His reply...."Honey, you're so weird.  You need to document these Sandy-isms.  I'm sure they'd be a funny blog post."

Wow....he's come a long way.

Homeboy has never encouraged me to make a specific blog post.  It's more something he just lets me do because I like it.  (And get paid for it....see right column- advertising!  Thank you for your page view, by the way). 

So...here's a few random things about me..

..that will probably make you feel a little better about yourself.

1.  I believe I may have adult-onset ADD.  No really.  I can sit at my computer and take an hour to write up an audit report that should take 15 minutes.  I'm just easily distracted, and not at all interested in numbers at this particular moment in time.

2.  I cannot go to sleep with socks on.  Doing so will ensure with 100% probability that I will wake up in the middle of the night with a nightmare.  So, even if it's -30 degrees below, I'm pulling the socks off before I get under the covers.

3.  I am spontaneous and non-planning at heart.  I understand that having kids makes it so I need to plan many things in advance.  This also lends itself to difficulties in staying within budget every month.  I'm usually $10 over in the grocery budget.  I'm not adjusting it, though....because I'm sure I'd be $10 over no matter what the budget is set at.

4.  I have an interesting sense of humor.  I understand that this may or may not offend people at any given time.  I'm ok with that.  I also think that sometimes people are a tad too oversensitive about certain subjects.  I'm ok with not dealing with them too.  I do, however, try to keep myself in check...but really, most jokes will offend someone at some moment in time.

5.  I do not have an alarm clock.  D has one on his side of the bed, but I don't use it.  I look at what time it is when I go to bed, and I tell myself, " I want to wake up at 6:45."  90% of the time, I will be awake ten minutes before the time I gave myself to wake.  The other 10%?  Usually 10 minutes after the given time.  I have no idea how this happens.  It just does.

6.  I have interesting eye balls.  The color of my eyes will reflect the color of the shirt I'm wearing making it appear as if the color of my eyes changes.  (At least, I believe this is what happens).  My driver's licence says "BLU."  This is true if I'm wearing white, blue, and red.  However, if I'm wearing green, orange or brown, they will appear hazel.  And (my favorite!), if I'm wearing purple, black or gray, they will turn a VERY dark shade of gray to the point that people have not been able to pin point what color exactly my eyes are.  This is very cool in my book.

7.  I swear.  Yep.  I do.  I try not to.  Especially in front of my kids.  I think of inventive words to scream when I stub my toe with littles present....the latest one includes, "Pollyanna had UGLY hair!"  But, sometimes the situation requires an "oh sh*t."  And after two glasses of wine or cocktails, I could be confused with a sailor.  I, therefore, usually exercise a "one drink maximum" when out with mixed company.  Don't judge.

8.  I have a very low tolerance for bull sh*t.  (see number 7.  sorry about that if you're offended.  If you are...see #4.)  I'm a pretty smart girl, and can be very forgiving....but if people are using me, manipulating me, mistreating people I love, or taking me for granted...well, it's like a switch goes off.  I'll shut off to them and that's that.  Sometimes this switch is slow to "shut off" which makes me wonder sometimes.  But, looking back...it's really come in handy helping me let go of friendships I've really put too much effort into.  While it's always sad to say good-bye to someone, sometimes it's necessary.  Shutting down those friendships has opened the door to new ones, and the ones I have in my life right now are nothing short of wonderful and incredibly dear to my heart.

9.  I cannot sleep with closet doors open.  If the closet doors are left open (even a crack), I will toss and turn until I get up to close them.  Of course, to camoflouge my neroses to my husband, I'll head to the bathroom first, and shut them on the way back to bed.  After 10 1/2 years of marriage, he's on to me now.  Took him long enough to notice.  ;)  Now, he'll actually leave them open on purpose just to see how long it takes me to get out of bed.  Sigh.

10.  I drove A. to school today.  In my pajamas.  I'm perfectly ok with posting this on a public forum.  I make no qualms about being the perfect put-together person.  I'm a mess, and I'm ok with that.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Friday, January 27, 2012


Seriously....it feels as though I just did a 5QF yesterday.  I guess that's a good thing that these winter weeks are flying by.  Is it just me, or has time sped up to WARP SPEED since having kids?

Ok, on with the questions....
1. Do you swim in the winter?

Um, no.  Most of the pools around here (that are affordable to get into as non-members) aren't kept at a very warm temperature.

They're even cold in the summer.

So, no....I don't swim in the winter.

2. Do you love or hate winter?


I could take it or leave it.

Each season has its own beauty.

I love me a white Christmas.

I love hibernating and cuddling up with D on the couch while we watch a movie.

The peace and solitude you see outside on a crispy morning after a fresh snowfall....love that.

Driving in it, not so much.

Driving in it with other morons on the road....really, not so much.

The February blues that come with lack of sunshine and outdoor time....I'd pass on that too.

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you're going to be home all day with just family?

Yoga pants count as actual clothes, right?  If so, I can answer this question in a 50% affirmative.

The make up....well, let's just say there are days I'm out and about all day and choose not to put a lick of make up on (like today, for instance).

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?

Oh gosh....my dad let us take sips of his PBR when we were little.  That counts, right?  hehe

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable?

Depends...am I the boss or am I the sickie? 

Here's the thing...being sick is one thing.  Taking advantage of it is another.  If you're immuno-compromised, take action to get yourself healthy.  I'd say unless it's a major event/ illness...not more than a week's worth of time to be taken off for sickness.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miscellany....but not too much of it. I promise.

1.  It's Wednesday.

2.  I spent most of the evening thinking it was Thursday.

3.  Despite all my calendars, I still have issues telling what day it is.

4.  I have just started a new skin regime at night.  I've never stuck to a skin regime before.  So far, this is the longest I've stuck with anything.  It's been 6 days.

5.  I'm sooo excited for my "date" with Michelle on Friday.  It's been TOO long since I saw her.

6.  C. is the "special person" for the week at preschool.  We had to make a poster with pictures and his favorite things on it.  We worked together for 3.5 hours on Sunday afternoon.  In a 4 minute time-out, he colored orange marker on all the pictures.  Awesome.

7.  C. is still not quite right after having the stomach flu last month.  We're avoiding dairy and putting him on probiotics for a few weeks.  He's being very diligent in asking if something has milk in it.  Apparently, homeboy is tired of having a hurt tummy.  :(

8.  I'm sitting in my basement as I type.  My fingers are numb from the freezing temperatures.  (Freezing would be a *slight* exaggeration, but my fingers ARE numb!).

9.  A's class led chapel this morning.  A. played the part of Jesus.  It was so fun to watch, and warmed my heart to worship with the kiddos.  I need to make a point of attending chapel with them more often.

10.  I have the bug to travel.  I've always had this bug.  I don't have the bank account to travel.  I've never had this account.  I need to change that after the house is built.  This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that there are small bits of daylight and low amounts of sunny days here in Michigan.

Friday, January 20, 2012


1. Where do you hide the reeeally good snacks?

I used to have an empty cereal box that I hid my "stash" in.  You know, the good stuff that my husband would inhale without a second glance, but I would savor every morsel.

It was cereal that was crappy gluten free junk.  Totally gross. 

And then, I gave up my stash, and now have no hiding spots.  Yes, I am a kept woman.  :)

2. Do u keep your vehicle clean or am I the only one who has things falling out of their van?

I'm pretty much down the middle of the road on this one.  I have been known to spew crap on the ground as the door open, but I can also keep it relatively tidy.

I saw a great idea on pintrest:  take a plastic cereal container, put a plastic bag in it, and put it in the car.  Instant trash receptacle!  I did this about 4 months ago, and haven't looked back since!  All trash comes up my way, and I'm happy to report the car has stayed tidy since we had it detailed in Oct.  :)

Never spotless, but tidy will work.

3. Have you ever been to Vegas?

Yes, a few times.  The first time was with my parents and we stayed at the Hilton.  The second and third times were with D.

The second time we came home with a great souvenir named A!!!

sorry, tmi.

4. Warm room light blankets or cold room warm snuggly blanket?

BOTH!  I type this from my basement...and I'm FREEZING!  So, yes, ANYTHING warm, please!!!

5. What is the worst airplane/flying experience you've ever had?
Other than some crazy turbulence once and flying through a lightening storm another time, they really haven't been all that bad.  We have always made it there alive...so that's a good thing.
On the way to Germany, D and I got stuck in the aisle in front of the emergency exit.  Which meant, the airline shoe-horned three aisles in where there should have been two, and then our seats wouldn't recline because of the emergency exit.  So, we had no leg room (seriously...NONE) and no way to recline.  On an overnight flight.  THAT totally sucked. 
Thank goodness we were dating and still thought it was sweet and cute to encroach on each other's space.  I think I would be less forgiving nowadays.  :)
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phoning it in

Recently, D and I converted to the land of unlimited cell phone usage.

In other words, we're using our phones more now than ever before.

And we dropped Sprint as our carrier (good riddance!).

Hello, Verizon-land.

We appreciate your nice customer service and wide-spread coverage area.

So, before I totally trash my old phone, I thought I'd clean out the pics...

My phone was old and crappy...so was the camera.
                                               Sorry about the blur.

Last year's Christmas service.

 A picture I sent to my brother of my dad's leg after he broke it into
a million tiny pieces.
(ok, a million is a *tad* exaggerated...just 26.)

C's Christmas program/party at preschool last year.
The kids all dressed up, and the teacher read the Christmas Story.

The kiddos acted it out.
By far, my FAVORITE preschool program ever.

A bowling with friend, D, on Christmas break last year.

Empty Costco Ice Cream boxes= hats

C LOVES the pony at Meijer.

I actually remember that there was a pay-it-forward there that day.
Someone left about 30 pennies on the stand that day.
Free rides to anyone who didn't have a penny.

Yeah, this is blurry...but it's a picture of my receipt from JC Penney last year.
I hit their after-season clearance sale.
I spent $48.28.
I saved $474.38.

I put my hair in french braids one night before bed.
The next day, I had a 1980's kink.
I sent it to my friend and we had a good laugh.

This picture I sent to my friend, Melody after getting my hair cut.
My awesome hair stylist also found out that I was headed to a wedding that night and set it in rollers for me.

This is some church north of my parent's house.
We went there for an Educational Festival.
A was so brave to go up and sing with just a few other friends.

C's fieldtrip to the firestation.

Cute picture of C.
No doubt taken to redirect him from some crazy behavior out in public.
Homeboy is always up for a good "CHEESE!"

Our principal piggy-backing A. out to the car after school.
Apparently, St. Mark is a full-service school. :)

For some reason, I have a weird picture of my gut at the 5k.

Waiting for friends to arrive at the zoo.

Oh my goodness, I love this next picture!
C. and his best friend, E. at our church's vbs.
They LOVED it.

This is my aunt and uncle's house in Kentucky.
I took the picture coming up from the dock post boat ride.
I sent it to my brother and let him know that he was missed while the rest of the family vacationed.

Do you remember how HOT it was in July!?!?
Scortching hot.

Well, we were getting ready to go camping in that heat, and 5 minutes before we left,
we heard a loud cracking sound and then a BOOM.
A tree right down the road couldn't take the heat anymore and split.
Blocking our exit.
Postponing D's entrance into a "relaxing" weekend.

We were over an hour delayed getting up to the campground.

C enjoying some blue ice cream.

Someday his future wife will thank me for pictures like these.  :)

Taken right before zoo school last summer.
He just looked too cute sitting there.

(Hit a Ball With A Lutheran)
Softball tournament with other area churches.
We went to watch and visit with friends for a bit,
and ended up staying the whole day.
The boys had a BLAST.

I made some birthday treats for one of A's classmates.
Cause every kid deserves to be celebrated on their birthday.
Thank you, pintrest, for the fun idea!

 Rare moment of togetherness.
Having fun at the library.
I took this picture and sent it to D to proove that they DO love each other.
Sometimes.  :)

Sent to my friend, Melody.
I was having a pity party about having to sit in the darn dentist chair.
Grumble grumble.

Taken the night D went deer hunting.
I decided to surprise the boys and take them to Bob Evans.
Turns out I love this picture!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Invasion of the Body Snatchers- Things that I never thought would come out of my mouth.

Lately, I am a different version of myself.  Apparently, I'm going through a "phase."

I'm not sure what to title this phase....and I'm still me....just different.

Lately some words have come out of my mouth...and once they escape, I'll look around thinking, "Did *that* just come from my mouth....my brain?!?!?"

Case in point:

1.  I want to get my run in early today.

2.  I think you should just spend the money and get a new computer.

3.  I want to organize the bathroom cabinet today.

4.  I think we can get rid of some of this stuff.  (Seriously, my husband did the happy dance on this one!)

5.  I want to organize the rest of the stuff in C's old room.

6.  I want some snow!

7.  I need a schedule to keep my mind on track.

8.  I really don't want to watch anymore TV today.

9.  Chocolate really doesn't sound good to me right now.

10.  I AM breaking through this goal of mine!!!  I AM!

I know, right?  Just not me. 

Someone has invaded my brain, and I am a mere shadow of myself.  :)

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Friday, January 13, 2012

5QF- Kate's World Edition

My dear friend, M is on her way to Mexico...(I know, pppppooooorrrrr thing), and I wish her safe travels.

Lady Katie is hosting this week!  I'm so happy!

1.  What is the last thing you bought for yourself?

A new bra!  JC Penney is having their clearance sale, and last Saturday night I was out shopping with dear friends.  They had an ENTIRE RACK of cuties in my size, so I purchased one.  Incidentally, it's the only one I have with all hooks intact.  Perhaps I need to go back.

2.  What is your favorite meal on a cold winter day?

Chili.  I love chili when its cold out.

3.  Have you started looking at swimsuits for this year, and do you buy a new one every year?

Why, oh why, would I want to TORTURE myself so early in the game?!?!?!  I wear my one and only (wait....I actually have two) suit about twice a year.  There is no reason for me to spend money frivolously on a swim suit every year. 

Long story short...(too late), the answers are "no and no"

4.  If you could be any candy, what would you be and why?

Another interview question?    I would go with Snickers.  Full of different flavors, but all blends to make something fun and yummy.  Never disappointing.

5.  What are you most passionate about?

I'm passionate about a lot of things.  God, for starters.  Parenting, appropriately.  Right now, politics is coming in a decent third....big decisions need to be made this year, and people need to make sure they're informed.

All righty, then!!!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Name that movie revealed!

Ok...so no one's loosing sleep, but I thought I'd answer the quiz.

And now you are about to realize what a movie nerd we are....

1. "I've never been so happy in my whole life!"

Sixteen Candles.  Said by the Donger at the party.  "I've never been so happy in my whole life.  Now I have a place to put my hand."

2. "Catch you on the flip side"

Apollo 13.  Said by Keven Bacon's character as they used the moon's gravity to slingshot them back to earth.  They lost sight and radio communication while they were on the other side of the moon, and Kevin Bacon says, "So long Earth, catch you on the flip side."

I say this phrase every night to the boys when we tuck them in.  "Sleep tight...catch you on the flip side."

3. "Where is my AUTOmobile?" "AUTOMOBILE?!?!?!?!"

Sixteen Candles
"Dong...(clap, clap) .....DONG.....Where is my Automobile?!?!?!"
"AUTOMOBILE!?!?!?!?  (car sounds)  (crashing sounds)  lake.  big lake"

I say this phrase every time I leave the store/mall/school and I can't remember right away where I parked.

Yes, I think I'm funny....why do you ask?

4. "There's no crying in baseball. THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!"

League of their Own.

I'm a pretty big Tom Hanks fan, yes...but his lines in this movie were classic daily-quote-material.  This one started when A. was a baby and he had a little baseball players outfit.  Everytime he wore it and cried, I'd say this phrase, and it just snowballed into everything else.

"There's no crying in the van...."  "There's no crying at dinner...." 

You get my point here, right?

5. "Jump.back."

Footloose.  One of my favorite movies.  Said by Kevin Bacon (Wren) as Willard told him about laws outlawing dancing.  D and I say this to each other all the time.  It's a GREAT replacement for anything related to O.M. G.

6. "Yes indeedy, he does the dishes and helps with the laundry. You BETCHA!"

Again, Sixteen Candles.  This said at the dinner table while everyone's looking strangely at the Donger as he eats a quiche ("How you spell?"  "Well, you don't spell it son, you EAT it."  more quotes...sorry).

We love this movie....can you tell?

7. "What did David do? .... What did David do?"

Footloose again.  Said by Wren as he takes on the town council.  He used biblical examples to show the council that dancing wasn't only a prelude to fornication.

(Sorry I said fornication on my blog)

8. "I have a very low tolerance for dehydration."

Breakfast Club.  Said by Claire (Molly Ringwald) when they were talking about milk being made available to the students for lunch.

9. "What ever I want to do, GOSH!"

Yes, much to my chagrin, we do quote Napoleon Dynamite in our house.  This is mostly the one we use, but sometimes....on rare occasions, there is the perfect opportunity to pull one of these out.

10. "Did you mom marry Mr. Rogers?" "No, Mr. Johnson"

Again, the Breakfast Club.  During the lunch hour, one student had all five food groups represented in his paper sack.  Can you guess which character it was?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Name that Movie

For anyone that's met my husband and I, it's no secret that we kinda speak a weird language of our own.

It's movie language.

You see, BK* we used to LOVE watching movies together.

And then we watch the ones we loved over and over and over again.

Lines from those movies are forever burned into our cerebral cortex.

Those lines flow like honey into our daily conversations.

Not only with each other, but with others as well.

Other movie buffs get this...and can throw it back (which I LOVE)

Others kinda look at us with cocked heads and a furl in their brow.  Sigh.

Ok, below you'll find a list of the most commonly quoted lines in our house. 

Can you guess what movie their from?

1.  "I've never been so happy in my whole life!"

2.  "Catch you on the flip side"  As evidenced here.

3.  "Where is my AUTOmobile?"    "AUTOMOBILE?!?!?!?!"

4.  "There's no crying in baseball.  THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!"

5.  "Jump.back."

6.  "Yes indeedy, he helps with the dishes and does the laundry. You BETCHA!"

7.  "What did David do? ....  What did David do?"

8.  "I have a very low tolerance for dehydration."

9.  "What ever I want to do, GOSH!"

10.  "Did you mom marry Mr. Rogers?"  "No, Mr. Johnson"

And...here's the bonus question....if you can guess this movie, you will win the grand prize**

"You know, they don't make enough meat on a stick"

Top Ten {Tuesday}

*before kids

**The grand prize is this:  my complete and utter fanfare.  You see, I've been quoting this movie line for over 8 years, and I CANNOT remember (for the life of me!) which movie this is from.  I haven't slept since.  I may need therapy. 

I promise to post answers tomorrow.  Just in case you can't place these movie lines, and you start quoting them...and then you won't be able to sleep....I promise not to do that to you.  :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Birth Song Challenge

One of my friends put out a challenge to find the #1 song during the week of your birth and share it on Facebook.  And other friends are doing the same.

And it's totally hilarious.

So, I needed to preserve it for posterity and post it here on the blog.

So...without further adieu....here's my birth-week #1 song:

Ohhhhhhhh yeah.

Friday, January 6, 2012

5QF- First one of 2012!

1. What is the weather like where you are and do you like it?
Right now, I'm LOVING it!!!  WE had a spectacular sunrise this morning that we got to enjoy on our commute to school...the forecast is 49 and sunny today. 
A FAR cry from what it's supposed to be this time of year in Michigan. 

2. When you're sick what do you seek comfort from?
Solitude.  I just need to be left alone.  I don't want a pity party or someone doting on me....AND I don't want to have to deal with my boys arguing or making them dinner.
I just want to be left alone.

3. What do you need to do before the end of the month?
HA!  I just have to laugh at this question...and ask something along the lines of:
What DON'T I need to do before the end of the month?!?!?!
Over committed, am I.

4. Have you ever served on a jury?
Nope.  Was selected for jury duty selection when I was pregnant with A.  I had just left my job, so I had nothing else to do....but wasn't selected.  The selection portion was pretty interesting, though.  Whoa nelly.

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
This is one of those questions that they throw out at you quickly right before the end of a job interview.
And, of course, a lot of animals go through my mind and what attributes they have that I would love to possess.  I'd love to fly like an eagle- graceful and elegant.  I'd love to be a race horse - athletic and powerful.  I'd love to be a dolphin - fun and playful.
But, it all comes down to the fact that I'm a dog person, and would probably choose to be a canine.  Why?  Because (most of them) are loved as a member of a family, hugged, cuddled, and I am a loyal person- just like the dogs I know are.  So, there's that.
Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Someday I'll post a nice flowing post....today is not that day. At least I have pictures.

Christmas Recap.

I realize I've fallen dreadfully behind on updates.

So, here's a quick Christmas recap.  Sorry if its choppy.

Getting ready for the Christmas program/ Advent service at church.  The preschool/ school ran the service.  Too cute.

Christmas Eve with D's family.

He's just too cute with the little ones.
Still melts my heart.

A. is certainly a "grandparent kid."  He loves them.
I love poppa hoppa's white-man's-overbite.

My in-laws get our sense of humor in many things.

Their gift?

The National Lampoons Moose Mugs.

Oh yeah, baby.

There's 4 grandsons all within a few years of each other.
This is always a recipe for wrestling.

Too bad uncles don't like to play along.

Carnage (sorry, uncle Ryan!)


Christmas morning

At home.  Just the 4 of us.
I love it that way.

The boys receive gifts from "santa", and
we have a breakfast birthday party for Jesus.

I made PW's cinnamon rolls gf style.
(not recommended, by the way)
Well...unless you have a husband like D.
He ate 6 that morning.


Then to my parent's house after church.

Christmas couple and family pictures.



I look forward to this lunch all.year.long.

I'd love to say just kidding, but that would be a lie.
Mmmmm.  Crab legs and t-bones.


A. opened a Nintendo ds.
While he was excited about this new venture into technology,
I LOVE C's reaction to his brother's gift!


C. helped everyone (that would let him) open their gifts.


C opens his very own ds. 
He was so surprised. 
And excited!


Two days later, the crud hit our house.
C. was violently sick.

D and I felt "whonky" the next two days.

A. skated by scott free.

How is it that my pukey kid didn't catch this bug?
I'm grateful!

A few days later, we were able to meet our "new(ish)" nephew, Jimmi.

He and his parents live in N. Carolina...and flew up on Christmas Day.

We sanitized the house just in time for a visit.

Then, low and behold, the rest of the family comes along.

And all SEVEN cousins were together for the first time.

Sorry for the fuzziness....my battery died, and the only thing we had to take the picture was my mother-in-law's camera.  I sharpened it as much as I could, but hey...at least the picture has been taken!

Ok, that's all I've got.  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!