Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dave's Birthday

Happy Brithday, Dave!
On his birthday, he chose not to work as hard as he usually does. So, in the afternoon, Dave decided to have a little father/son time. He and A. built a birdhouse. This inluced a special trip to the lumber yard (in daddy's van, no less) to pick out the special wood, some uninterrupted time in the garage with daddy, access to the power tools, painting and hanging. A. loved it!
A. really didn't like the air nailer, so they used some old-school nails too.
Drilling the hole for the birds.

Painting the house "love shack brown." Dave gave A. a very important lesson in the proper way to paint.

While the paint was drying, A. helped me make daddy a birthday apple crisp. I think A.just likes playing with the app;e/peeler/corer/slicer...but it was help, nonetheless.

C. and Molly helped by staying confined to the living room. :)

It's dry! Check out A.'s cool painting clothes!

The finished product! A. is very proud of it. He keeps moving the kitchen chair over to the window so he can see if we have inhabitants yet! We hung the birdfeeder he made in school on the front for their dinner. :)

Happy Birthday, Dave!