Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ok...this is a "vacation" because it's not really one, but kind of is. Let me explain. My parents went out of town, and D. had a large job to do there. So, we moved in for six days.

While D. worked, the boys and I played. We caught up with old friends that we have a hard time getting together with, and we went for walks. It was a really great time to get away and refresh ourselves.

First we stopped at the our friend's house. E. and A. had tons of fun playing on the pool table. J. and C. also had fun chomping on all the toys!

And Dave worked.....
That night we went to the beach.
This was C.'s first trip to the beach.

He LOVED the sand. HATED the water.
Some favorites from the beach:

I LOVE this picture!

The next day, we went to play with the Sandy's (no, really...that is their last name!). A. and L. hit it off right away and played the day away! A. keeps asking to go see his new friend. It was a lot of fun! Thanks, J.!

When we got back, Dave was still working:
Then A. decided to make mommy work a bit. He found grandma Connie's red marker. He colored his hands and legs. Then, he decided to touch is face and grandma's sheets. Lots of fun.

Then C. got into something sticky and needed a quick hose down.

And while I was washing C., A. found something else he wanted to "wash."
His boat, but he also washed the bathroom counter and the floor as well.
On Saturday, we went downtown to find the farmer's market. C. discovered he LOVES blueberries! He's just like his mommy!
Then, C. went to show daddy that he had blueberries in his mouth!
On Sunday, we went to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Bartels. A. and C. were both taken with their black cat. A. was playing shy with Grandma too.

On Monday, we had the Pokorski's over for lunch. A. and C. had fun with the trains. They both got each other's names mixed up- which was really funny. Hopefully they will get to know the right names soon!

And Dave still worked.....

Monday night we ended our "vacation" with a family outing to Yogi Bear Park.
We started by playing mini-golf. Apparently, A. doesn't really have the attention span for it yet.

C. enjoyed getting carried around.

Then the boys got to go on the go-karts. They both loved that!

They had a pond there where they sell cones to feed to the fish. We stepped up on the deck, and all these fish started to SWARM the deck. You look down, and all you see are tons of dirty fat fish with their mouths wide open. It was totally DISGUSTING! I had to take a picture and share the nastiness!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The shelf bracket

AAAAHHHH, yes, it is fun to have a 4 year old in the house! It certainly keeps me on my toes. This morning, the shelf bracket fell off the entertainment center. I asked A. to put it on one of the remaining shelves until Daddy got home. Well, he put something on the shelf...a Honey Nut Cheerio. He decided he wanted to play with the bracket, and ended up swallowing it. Yep, my four year old swallowed a shelf bracket. Not my 10 month-old, my 4 year old! Isn't he getting too old for this stuff?!?!?!

So, off to the Urgent Care Center we went. A. actually thought it was a lot of fun. We took a picture of his tummy. You'll see the bracket... yep, that's my kid.

Here's a different bracket in front of the entertainment center- just for posterity. This is going in the baby book!

The Brown Wedding

Am I an in-law, or an out-law? Ah, yes...in my husband's family, sometimes we are considered more outlaws than in-laws. But, it's all good...this family is really a lot of fun! I have never seen another family that can get together and have so much fun- both within the immediate family, and the extended. I feel at home when we all get together and look forward to seeing them again as they have become old friends.

This posting was taken at D's cousin's wedding on June 28, 2008. It was TONS of fun, and as you will see, we all enjoyed the evening.

 (Dave's parents)

HA HA! Funny!!!

Kris and I

Mr. and Mrs. (sorry its blurry- my battery was almost dead)

An attempt at a self-portrait. Fun!

Ok, there's a story here.... D's Mom is doing the "four-tre" symbol. This is for the "four-tre posse" that was comprised of all the neighborhood kids that were around when D. was little. He grew up on 43rd. St.

By the way, I'm married to Paperboy-D. This is because even at 10 years old, the man was a worker.

Yep, Linda is representin'.

Today was also Matt's birthday- which is a national holiday to anyone he knows. I love this about him. It makes him a lot of fun. :) Linda brought candles to put on the wedding cake.

Are we smiling or serious? How about both?

Matt and Kris

Ha Ha! Fun with Marianne!

Greg and Emily

The caterers also made Matt a cupcake and the entire reception sang to him! The candle on top was a trick candle...so, Matt extinguished it on his tongue.

Matt REALLY wanted to share!

Wow, this WOULD have been a good pic of Wayne and Linda.....

Ha Ha!

Matt and his mama...

Got two tickets to the gun show?