Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Friday List

1.  A. was at vbs this week.

2.  Am I a bad mom if I think it was a nice break?

3.  I consulted a chiropractor this week about some tightness in my neck.

4.  He said words like "misalignment, subluxation, nerve damage and xray."

5.  While I don't doubt that I have "issues" I think what he really wants is a lot of money.

6.  I don't have anymore to give.

7.  I had the worst PMS last week.

8.  I even annoyed myself.

9.  Shopping for carpeting and vinyl is giving me a headache.

10.  I think I'm allergic to sale-sy salesmen.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

List item #25- Stick to uber healthy eating plan (NO CHEATING)

Oh, my friends...

...this list item has been looming in front of me for some time.

But...what's funny is that when I wrote this list, I really didn't know the total defination of
uber healthy eating.

Then I started this Nutrition class.

(with a weight loss challenge in it...think: Biggest Loser)

And I totally learned what nutrition was really all about.

And how wrong I was about eating in the first place.

Oh, how I was wrong.

I thought healthy living and dieting was all about how much I could restrict...and still live.

I was down to 750 calories a day (on average...sometimes it was up to 1000).

Tops 15 grams of protein.

Diet pop. (yes, here in Michigan, it's pop).

That's it.

Oh, how I hated living then.

I was weak, and unwell.

And now, I'm so grateful to be on the right track to wellness.

I'm getting answers to my questions.

I understand what an uber healthy eating plan looks like.

And guess what?

It's not so hard to stick too.

Especially when I have an accountability partner.

Who keeps it fun.

And challenging.

What did the week look like?

Here were the rules:

Hit protein target EVERY DAY!
(this is a lot of eating, friends)

Hit water target EVERY DAY!
(this is a lot of drinking, friends)

No sugar, nothing manufactured, nothing refined.

Snacks need to include protein and nothing manufactured.

And that was it.

I've never eaten more in my life.
(honestly, it's kinda hard to hit my protein target everyday...that's a lot of food!)

I was satisfied all the time.

I was sleeping well.

I felt good.

And at the end of a week of all that eating?

I was down 2.6 pounds.

So, yeah...I'll take that.  :)

Thanks, Melody!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colors, colors on the wall...

                           ...which is the fairest?


Painter Dave arrived today!

We started painting by ourselves (read: Dave and his brother)

But it was taking too long.

And Painter Dave (formerly known as STAINER Dave) was available for a few days.

Since he did such a BEAUTIFUL job on our trim work,

we were glad to see him back in the addition.

As you'll recall, I won a contest from my MOPS friend, Ingrid.

I won it back in Feburary.

She patiently waited for our walls to be ready before coming over.

Wasn't that nice of her?

Anyway, she's an awesome interior designer

And will help anyone pick out interior and exterior colors.

You need a referral, let me know.

Anyway, without further adieu....

Here's my fav's...

The back wall and kitchen area-

Sands of Time

(reminds me of the Kryptonite Song...)

Everybody now!

"If I go crazy then, will you still call me Superman?"


Yeah, moving on...

Our 1/2 bath and laundry room:

Kentucky Haze.

I had actually picked a different blue for this room, but Ingrid
gently steered me in a new direction.

So glad I have Ingrid.

Cause this is just too pretty.  :)

Picture a copper pendant dangling in front of the window....

And my personal favorite...


Living room accent wall:

georgian green.

Note:  It's still wet around the door and window. 
He had just trimmed it out when I walked in.

That's Painter/ Stainer Dave in the picture.  He's quite possibly the best painter I've met.
And a really nice guy.

And, coincidentally, the only one D. trusts to touch his trim and walls.
Which is handy, cause he's in my house.

Need a referral?  Let me know.

And I'll leave you with this:


The best part about not running the air conditioning

is the fans.

and the toddlers.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A day "off"

What would you do with a day off?

Since last week was a doozie, and this week is crazy busy...

...I found myself just dreaming of a day off.

With kids.

Without kids.

Just a day without plans... allow the day to take on fun all by itself.

What would I do with a day off?

Here's my list(s):

                 (With kids)
  • Play
  • Play
  • play
  • run through sprinklers
  • build mud pies
  • go on a scavanger hunt
  • ride bikes
  • visit the zoo
  • take part in nap/quiet time
  • cuddles, hugs and kisses
  • tickle feet
  • read books
  • enjoy every minute.

                     (without kids)
  • catch up on work
  • deep clean my house
  • catch up on laundry
  • do a devotion
  • start decorations for the addition
  • catch up on dishes
  • weed my flower bed
  • weed my vegetable garden
  • clean out the toy box
  • shop for flooring
  • call Gina and give her undivided attention
  • nap
  • go to the bathroom with a closed door
  • take a really long shower
  • organize my craft stuff
  • shop for MOPS craft stuff
  • nap
  • enjoy lunch in quiet
  • take Molly for a walk
  • organize my work stuff, church stuff, school stuff, craft stuff...essentially everything
  • enjoy dinner preparation
  • water my plants

Ahhhh, to have a day "off".....

So...what would you do with a day off?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


what arrived yesterday!?!?!?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Random list for Friday

1.  We ordered the hardwood for the floors last weekend.

2.  Should be in today...maybe.

3.  I surprised my parents while they were gone.

4.  A friend and I installed glass tile in their bathroom.

5.  Looks good.

6.  I think the boys have tuned out the sound of my voice.

7.  I'm repeating myself.  Alot.

8.  I saw the cutest baby yesterday.

9.  His name is Mark.

10.  Potty training sucks.  But I will prevail.  :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The terrible, no good, very bad day.

Ever have one of those days?

Where you realize its time to go to bed to rest up for tomorrow...and its only 10am?

That was my Monday.

Great way to start the week.

Wanna hear the gist of it?

Well, if you don't....then start scrolling, baby.....cause there's more meat to this post at the end.

Here's what my day looked like:

  • PMS (really, need I say more?)
  • A. woke me up at 4:47 am....ready to take on the day and proceeded to elbow me in the boob.
  • C. fell out of bed at 6:17 am and hit his head on his bookcase
  • I couldn't get the shower to turn on (when I pulled the lever up),
  • so I had to run downstairs with only two hand towels covering me (no clean laundry) to take a shower.
  • I fell going down the stairs and dropped the hand towels
  • I hurt my ankle
  • I ate a salad the night before that did not agree w/ my stomach.  Oh the terror.
  • I ran out of toilet paper
  • A. hit the face
  • A. lied to me
  • C. peed all over the new carpet in the basement
  • A. brought cereal into the new basement and spilled it all over...where C. stomped on it and ground it into the carpet.
  • A's BM clogged the toilet upstairs
  • My mom was still gone in Utah
  • My cell phone battery died
  • I ran out of gas (in the van) one block from the gas station
  • I deposited money into the wrong account and had to back track where our money was
  • D. told me not to turn the air conditioning on until the temp in the living room hit 91
  • C. pooped his pants
  • in my van
  • in his car seat
  • He told me "It felt good" (to have poopy pants)
  • Molly got excited and stepped on my barefoot- scratching the heck out of the top of my foot
  • I cut the bottom of my foot on glass in my driveway while cleaning out the van
  • One of my insured's called me a nosy b.... when I asked him about payroll. (what his policy was based on, by the way)
  • C. refused to take a nap, wrapped the cord of his monitor around his neck and proceeded to take the remaining diaper rash cream and put it in his hair to "look pretty, mommy."
  • C. found a piece of molded styrofoam and broke it apart...all over the living see the little balls.
  • I burned out the motor of my (BORROWED) vacuum trying to pick up the styrofoam balls.
  • The boys tracked the rest of the unvacuumed balls throughout the house.
  • A. brought a toad in the house...where it peed all over my leg
  • C. let Molly out as the UPS man was driving up- turning into a 30 minute "ring around the brown truck" game in bare (cut up) feet
  • PMS
  • One more day to be behind in audits....
  • When I was behind to begin with
  • I let my neighbor's dogs out, tripped over a planter, and it shattered all over their deck.
  • C. cut his finger on a shard
  • The neighbor's dog puked up a treat I gave him when he went inside
  • A. stepped in the puke
  • D. was coming home late (and didn't tell me until the eleventh hour...when I had already been counting down the minutes until he got home)
  • The boys were fighting
  • I YELLED at the boys
  • C. peed his pants, again
  • PMS
  • Adrenal fatigue reared its ugly head....again
  • Sugar withdrawal
  • Lost a receipt to my ordered Tevas that haven't come in yet.
  • Behind in (my other) blog posts
  • I used the television as a babysitter trying to catch up on work.
  • I let my boys watch Sponge Bob
  • My rechargeable camera batteries aren't recharging
  • The elastic band on my underwear ripped (sorry, tmi...but this was my favorite pair!)
  • The bottom hook on my bra was mutilated in the laundry and was scratching my back- the whole day
  • There's NO room in the budget for new bras and underwear.
  • The boys ate hot dogs for for dinner (and coincidentally, the second time today)
  • Hang nail ripped too high (of course, that I was nibbling on the entire day)
  • I ruined a whole day of good eating with a handful of 12 M&M's (almond, no less)
  • D. came home grumpy
  • Then got angry about the styrofoam remnants
  • I got a "what the heck did you do all day?" cold shoulder
  • I trimmed C.'s fingernails and clipped the tip of his finger
  • Oh, the headache...the horrible headache....
  • PMS
  • A. lost his blue blanket, and cried for 2 hours before succumbing to sleep
  • C. was still awake at 11pm.
I was in bed- hiding from my day at 9:41 pm.  About to have a panic attack.. I chose to pray.

It was a bad day.
It was a terrible day.
It was very very bad.

I cried.

 I felt like a horrible person. 
A terrible neighbor. 
An unept wife. 
An unstable, unworthy mother.

Then I remembered a of my favorites from a church that D and I went to when we were dating.

The old music leader there was incredible. 
The choir made a CD...we have it.

One line from one song kept replaying in my head:

"God's mercies are new every morning, each and every day."

Tomorrow is a new day. 

God's mercy will be there for me tomorrow with a fresh start to the day.

Cause He's good like that.

And while Tuesday had problems all it's own, I gave the day to God. 

I let go of control.

And He saw me through.

Much better than I did (on my own) on Monday.

Thank goodness for God-sponsored Clean Slates.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Before 8 am

I've had a very productive morning.

I need to document it- cause this doesn't happen often.

Today, BEFORE 8 am, I did the following:
  • ate drank breakfast
  • Made 3 freezer meals (stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon)
  • Made frozen grape popsicles
  • replaced the downstairs shower liner
  • scheduled audits for 2 weeks from now
  • revamped my audit schedule for today
  • facebooked (hangs head in shame)
  • texted my friend, Melody
  • fed the boys breakfast
  • emptied the dishwasher
  • cleaned the toilets (technically, this is A's job...but sometimes I need to help out a bit)
  • cleaned the vanities
  • swept the kitchen floor
  • gave Molly a bath (yes, outside....yes, in my pajamas)
  • lit a candle
  • started laundry
  • blogged
Ok, in all honesty, it is 8:07am as I write this, and it was 8:04 when I started,  *technically*, you can take that last one off. 

I had to blog- because this must go down in history as the most productive early-morning of my life.

I hope its an indicator that I'll have a productive day!!!

 I need it!  Lots to do!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Smooth as butter...

pronounced (BUT-tah)

After 10 months of unfinished woodwork,

2 days of staining,

3 days (and 4 coats) of lacquor,

2 nights of emergency house evacuation due to low oxygen levels
and high fume levels,

my wood trim is

smooth as buttah.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The "inner circle"

Alternatively titled:  "The family within the family."

Dave and I consider our church part of our family.

But, just like in a blood-related family, there's always an inner circle.

The group that knows us best.

The group that supports us, challenges us, keeps us accountable.
The one that constantly prays for us.

The group that knows us best.

For Dave and I, that's our small group.

Births, deaths, hospitalizations, addictions, possible impending brain surgeries...

This is the group we turn to, we rely on,
we love.

And while we're not actively involved in a study over the summer,
we get together for some active fellowship.

One couple has a cottage north of us on a lake, and they were nice enough to invite us all up
for a Saturday filled with:

                                             .....squirt guns....

                                                farmer tans....




                                                         dock crowding....



....just plain having fun.

What a great way to spend the perfect summer Saturday.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Random list for Friday

1.  I should be working, but seem to have ADD today.

2.  Or, I could just be allergic to work.

3.  A.'s last day of day camp is today.

4.  Totally different experience from last year.

5.  He's actually participating in the activities.

6.  But not the rock wall...or lunch.

7.  No tears, though.

8.  I purchased paint for the house today.

9.  I get to purchase unfinished hardwood flooring tomorrow.

10.  Cha-ching.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mom quote of the day

"C, every time I have to change your wet or poopy underwear, you're going to pay me.  One cent for wet underwear and a quarter for poop."

Yep, I'll be accepting my nomination for, never.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dear Crib,

Effective immediately, your services are no longer necessary in this house.  *sniff* C and I had a deal, you see.  He makes it through an entire day without an accident, and you get replaced with the big boy bed.  *sniff, sniff* He held up his end of the bargain...coincidentally on the same day you broke.

Thank you for keeping my slumbering little babes safe.

The management.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sami does a thing every week where she publishes an unedited- straight from the camera- picture. 

Each week has a new theme.

This week's theme is flowers.

This is one of the flowers that A. just brought inside for me.

He said, "mom, these are for you.  If they're pretty...well, then they're for my mom."

And there he is in the background running through the play set.

What a sweet little heart.

To sing the same untuned Song...or hum along to a new Melody.

I'm learning a lot about friendships as life goes on.

Not everyone is trustworthy.  Not everyone is honest.

Not everyone has to be your best friend.

Some people just want to take advantage of you.
Some people are just nice.

Differences can be fun and disfunctional all at the same time.

I have a friend...we'll call her Song.*
*yeah, that's so not her name...but play along, there's a fun little metaphor in it for ya.

We go back...quite a ways.

At least 18 years.

At first, just acquaintences, then good friends, then best friends.

Boyfriends, bars, break-ups, Weddings, babies...been there, pretty much together.

Then a new friend arrived on the scene.  On her scene.

And I was isolated.
Apparently, the idea of "why can't we all be friends" doesn't work for them.

That friend flaked out, and of course, Song and I are good friends again.

And another new friend comes on her scene...again.

And again, I'm forgotten.

Shut out.

Thinking, "what the heck have I done wrong?"

"What is it about me and my friendship that makes me"

I started to pray about it. 
Asking God to let me know whether I sing the same old untuned song of friendship, or move on.

Then my mentor mom spoke at a MOPS meeting, and she talked about the friendship ladder.  The bottom rung is strangers, then up to acquaintances, then friends, then good friends, and then best friends.  That top rung is a small one- so (besides your spouse) there's only room for one or two people up there.  If someone doesn't belong on that rung, you need to relocate them to a more appropriate one.

I thought of Song.

I had her on the wrong rung.

Time to relocate.

Which is a good realization.  Now I will have realistic expectations for that friendship. 
And realistic boundries.

In addition to that, in the past year, friends and great neighbors have moved farther away, great friends have left our small group, A. leaves his preschool- which actually means the friendships I made with the parents in that preschool are no longer necessary, other friends are just plain busy with other things.  So, again, feeling left behind.

There's a lot of rung moving on my ladder going on.  :)

God, what are you trying to tell me here?
Am I to be steadfast in my friendships? 
Or are you making me available for something else?
I tacked it on my prayers for the past few months.

I prayed:  God, please show me the kind of friend you want me to have.  The kind that will show me what you think a friend is.  The kind of friend that will work in our lives as they are now.  The kind of friend that will appreciate me for who I am, not what I wear, my social status, or what I can do for them.  The kind of friendship with trust.  Amen.

And when I trusted Him and stopped trying to sing an untuned song, God sent me a Melody.

(actually 2 Melody's ... but the other one was introduced in a different post)

These Melody's ...they're both pretty special ladies.

They've given me (and my family) friendship, support, encouragement,
and new opportunities for growth.

One Melody, in particular, has inserted herself into our lives with great ease.

The boys are big fans of her kids.

Our husbands get along.

And, of course, so do we.

One day, she asked me if I'd like to join her in enjoying her Mother's Day gift.

Spa massage and Starbucks.

Uhhhh, yeah.

I had some free spa service cards to an Aveda school from our MOPS spa day, so I offered her the spare.

(Below:  That's Jenna painting the hydrating formula on my feet.  Isn't Jenna the cutest thing?  She was very sweet.)
Which translated into a total day of relaxation, caffiene, getting to know each other,
and (of course) pretty toes.

Oh, and friends that help us tackle items on the list...# 91- Get a massage.  Hooray!

Thanks, Mel!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Happy post-holiday holiday day!

I hope you all had a happy and pleasant 4th of July.

Here's a quick update on what we did:

D. was installing a ceiling fan Saturday morning, so he arrived shortly before the bike parade began.  No worries, though!  Uncle Matt and cousin, J. came over for some festivities.  Matt rode the bike with the littles in the trailer while A. rode his decorated bike.
D. returned in just enough time to walk along and keep an eye on A.
(note the work attire and tape measure...mmmm...I loves me a man in "uniform")

My little All American Boy

This next one makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.
A sad little attempt at a self-portrait here.

Then, we had D's parents over.  This is kind of a catch up from Father's Day and a gosh-we-haven't-seen-you-in-awhile get together.  In addition to that, there was another celebration I wanted them to be a part of.


What's that?!?!?

Well, 7 years ago, this week (on the 7th), my husband quit his designer job to go to work full time by himself.  Seven years ago, he made the leap of faith that some people only dream about.

Seven years later, he is still consistently busy.

He has yet to advertise.

All word of mouth.

I wanted my in-laws here to help us celebrate this awesome accomplishment.

What about the 3?

Prior to going full time, he did side jobs on evenings and weekends (part time) for 3 years in order to build up a strong customer base and purchase necessary tools on a cash basis.

So,'s where I toot his horn.  I'm so proud of him.
I'm proud of the work he does.
I'm proud of his servant's heart.

(but don't tell him how much I gush about him here- he'll get all embarrased)

What did I get him to celebrate this occasion?

He wears them all the time.
He goes through them quickly.

And, the embroidered hats aren't cheap.
I needed a celebratory reason to spend that much money.  :)

Papa got a silver one. 

Dave got two kahki ones.

The boys each got a blue one.

A. didn't want to participate, so grandma stepped in to model.

D. has four-trey on the side of his.
The boys have four-trey Gen. 2.

(the four trey thing is a relatively long story.)

We also celebrated with a game of baseball.

And, of course, fireworks....

If you're reading this and you're one of D's customers- Thank you for your business.  Thank you for trusting him to work on your homes.  Thank you for being part of his success.

It was wonderful to celebrate the freedom to own your own business on our 4th of July- a day to celebrate all our freedoms in America.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hmmmm...something's different

Do you notice anything new around here?

I'm beyond excited about this blog change!!! 

Two weeks ago, I won a blog make over by this awesome designer:

I love this change.

Seriously, I did not make this easy on her.

I basically said, "I like the theme of the blog, but it could go construction-y,
or it could go all cleaner-y.

Oh, and I don't like pink, orange, yellow, hearts, flowers or birds."

In other words, "sorry, can't help you much, but have fun reading my mind."

And this is what she came up with!

I love it.

And now I have a bunch of awesome giveaways coming up next week just because I'm so excited to unveil my new blog design by Kelsey.