Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Ten - Funny update

1.  I've been busy.  Spring time is the new Christmas- didn't you know?!?!?!  I miss my space here, though.

2.  I've been stopped by a few people lately saying "heyyyyyy, I've stumbled across your blog....."  or "so and so told me about your blog- dang girl, you're funny!"  This is a weird paradox for me...it's so fun to have this blog: a place to be snarky and sarcastic and self-deprecating...but also a place for me to just be me.  To not have to worry about politically correctness....to just ramble.  So...thanks for reading.  Thanks for putting up with me.  Thanks for laughing.  (with me....not at me - cause most of the time I'm laughing too).

3.  Dave is working on this deck.  EVERYTIME he tries to schedule it, it rains.  And not just any rain...gully-washer rain.  His brother has a new cheer for Dave: "When you say deck, God says RAIN! DECK, RAIN, DECK RAIN"  So..today it's raining and I ask Dave "Where were you supposed to work today?"  He says, "THAT DECK!"  I laughed SO HARD!  Then it stopped about an hour ago.  Clear skies.  Clear radar.  He heads up here, and no more than pulls up to the house- DOWNPOUR.  Oooohhhh, I'm laughing SO HARD!  Poor guy....

4.  I did an inventory of my sock drawer the other day.  I have approximately 6 pairs of black socks, one pair of Christmas socks and a pair of St. Patrick's Day socks that don't have holes in them.  Yet, my sock drawer is so jam packed that I cannot shut it.  I'm sure there's some psychological issue in there...feel free to armchair it all you want.  It just is what it is.

5.  Here's the big news...in a cryptic sort of way.  I've really been feeling called in a certain direction lately.  I've felt this way for about a year now...but lately it seems to be coming to a head- where I'm much more at peace with the direction we're taking.  I think Dave needed to get on board (again) with it in his own time as well.  I just need to pull the trigger on it...I know I'll be so happy after having pulled said trigger, but it's just that blast when it first happens.  That's about all I can say about it right now- simply because there's no real news just yet....but there will be.  Hopefully soon.  Then expect a large blog post in explanation.  But if you could pray for me in the meantime, that would be sweet.

6.  Baby L. has cut her 5th tooth.  She's so cute!

7.  Have you seen this clip yet?  HA!  I laugh!

And I'll only get to 8 today...lots of things to do!

8.  You NEED to watch this commercial!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

You know what's awesome?

Lifting your baby in the air.

And having that baby spit up all over you.

Landing SQUARELY in the (left) eye.

Bouncing, rolling, and dripping down the inside and the outside of your (only clean) shirt.

In your (freshly washed and dried) hair.

Yep...that's awesome.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In our neck of the woods.

So...it is now 10pm, and I'm just sitting down to work.

I thought I'd get my fingers used to typing by warming up with a little bloggy post.  :)

Here's what my neck of the woods looks like in no particular order:

  • The flooding stage in our downtown area has crested and is now reaching Lake Michigan.  A lot of businesses and homes were heavily damaged.  And then there's the idiots that head out in kayaks and canoes and find themselves (surprisingly?!?!?!?) in need of rescue after being caught in a fast current.

  • It's allergy season for me.  'Nuf said.

  • Baseball season is in FULL swing.  4 nights a week.  It's INSANE.

  • Soccer season is also upon us.

  • Did I mention that I am carting baby to all these events?!?!  By the time she's walking, I'm planning on having some awesome pipes.  (silver lining to every thing, right?)

  • I seriously have not sat down at all today.  I've been busting my tail- running every which way...and don't have much to show for it.  We are all alive...and (mostly) fed...so there's that.  Oh, and I have three unfolded piles of laundry and a photo uploaded on Facebook.  Priorities.

  • For some reason, Ally knows how to twist her leash to unclip it.  Then she RUNS.  RUNS FAR.  The past three nights, I've been fortunate to get a moonlit walk through the woods....I have no idea what kind of animals live in these woods....I'm going to pretend that they're the Cinderella-type of animals ready to bust into bits of song if I'm scared.

  • Tonight, I had all but given up hope after an hour of walking in the (almost) full moon.  Then my neighbor came out and started talking to me.  He can talk.  And talk.  Ally heard him and went to him to sniff- NEVER seeing me!  I grabbed her so fast, clipped the leash to her and held on tight.  Then...she twisted, clipped it free and ran again. Sigh.  I'm proud to report that she is here and safe tonight.  And I'll be running to the pet shop tomorrow.

  • My friend is buying a house closer to me than she was.  I'm giddy with excitement!

  • A's Cadets had their pinewood derby tonight.  A's car was mediocre.  He was sad- as he wanted to win, but don't we all?  He's already strategizing for next year.

  • He also earned a new badge.  For building a bird house.  But he doesn't know where it is.  But the instructor verifies that he did, in fact, build a bird house.

  • That's all I've got tonight.  I have a while to work yet, and my eyes are already starting to drift.  Sigh.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Friday post

Ok, ok...so I haven't been a diligent blogger lately. 

I go in cycles.

Lately, life is just seriously busy.  A little too busy for my liking.

I'm working on it.  :)

So...in no particular order, here is my random Friday list:

  • I'm finding that I'm still surprised by people's behavior.  Whether they rise to the occasion and are more generous that I thought....or they are total crapheads in need of a lot of grace....I still find myself surprised.

  • Baby L. has been intermittently sleeping from 8pm to 7am lately.  I love love love it.

  • Michelle and I started pilates yesterday.  I'm hoping this will spring-board my pelvic bone to a happy healing place...and help my physical recovery from baby-having.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hurting this morning.

  • C's Kindergarten News gets sent home every night from school.  This includes the date, how many days they've been in kindergarten, their activities from the day, and upcoming events.  Now...she's including a countdown until the end of the year.  36 more days of Kindergarten....

  • I'm in a crafty mood.  Hhhhmmmm, what to craft, what to craft.....

  • Our area no longer has a speck of snow.  We do, however have water.  Lots and lots of water.  Flooding at record highs, bridges washed out.  It's insane.  Even some schools were called off for "rain days."  There's a first for everything, right???

  • I have amazing respect for people who use hashtags in witty ways.  It makes me love them all the more. #everyonesacomedian

  • I would like to read more.  I would like to have a tablet to read on.

  • We had our annual auction last Friday night.  It was a nice date night for Dave and I.  We both clean up well.  :)  Our regular babysitter was busy, so I split the kids up.  I sent Baby L. to my friend, Stephenie (where she was totally loved on!  Thanks, Steph!), and left the boys here with our babysitters boyfriend, Tom.  He used to come with her to babysit the kiddos in our old small group, and since we branched off, the boys had not seen him.  When I told them Tom was on his way over, the boys jumped with glee.  They attacked him the moment he walked in.  When we got home, the boys were passed out in their beds, the house was still standing (and cleaned up) and the oven (from frozen pizza) had been turned off.  I call that a success.  We love Tom!

  • That's all I've got.  Happy Weekend!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday....oh, what will this week have in store for me???

Life is busy.

Just stopping to check in.


How are you?

Today is Monday.

I wonder what this week has in store for me.

I'm expecting some changes soon.

Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Ten Update

1.  I've taken a leave of absence from the blog this past week.  Too many balls in the air, and I was having too much fun with the boys on spring break. And then....then......oooohhhh, the mighty had fallen.  I went down in a blaze of glory Thursday night with the flu.  It took me until Saturday night to actually eat anything.  Awful.  But, we're back on the fast track to health...and (thus far) no one else is sick.  Whew...dodged that bullet.  (again, so far)

2.  My daughter does not like to take naps.  At all.  BUT, she's starting to sleep 11 hours in a row at night.  Every other night, she wakes at 3am for a bottle, but the nights she sleeps through???  BLISS!  Sheer bliss.

3.  This week is incredibly busy.  The busiest week since Christmas.  Really, the overload is laughable.  (almost)  Except when you factor my tendency to want to nap when overwhelmed...gets tricky.  But I have a list, and I'm sticking to it.  I'm doing my best everyday to have a best day...and whatever isn't done...well, it's just not done.  It gets put on the list for tomorrow, and we'll proceed to a new day.  That's my M.O. and I'm sticking to it.  :)

4.  I want a redo of last night's game.  With new officials.  Preferably ones that have eyes.

5.  Parents of kids who play spring sports- HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?

6.  Parents of babies who don't nap - HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?

7.  Parents of officials of last night's game - WHY DON'T YOU INVEST IN SOME GLASSES FOR YOUR SONS??!?!?

8.  I'm packing up all my maternity clothing...and this time am ecstatic to get rid of it.  No sadness here.

9.  I'm also packing up baby clothes to sell.  The boys' and the girl's clothes.  The ones I have a "aaawwweee" reaction to, I throw in a bin.  Hopefully someday I'll have enough gumption to make a quilt out of them.  Looking forward to that project.

10.  The well-timed baby is up from her 20 minute nap.  I'm off for some baby snuggles.  :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  My parents were here today to help me watch my kiddos while I worked.  It's invaluable.  And the kids get extra time with their grandparents.  I love it.  They love it.  I hope my parents love it.

2.  Baby L. is finally starting to take pity on this mama and is now sleeping for longer stretches at night.  Last night, she went from 8pm until 6am.  The night before, it was 8 pm through 7 am.  I am soooo grateful.  Time to let my adrenals heal!

3.  We tried to cancel our cable.  Really, the boys are watching too much television and we were fed up with the stinkin' box on all the time.  Then, the cable company calls and offers us better cable channels and faster Internet for THREE CENTS more than we were originally paying.  So....since I'm a sucker for a bargain, I went for it.  Now we have DVR, and tons of channels.  And BONUS......NOW we can watch the TIGERS!!!  Woohoo!  And they won on opening day.  Happy day for me.

4.  Despite my awesome sleeping-well baby, I could totally use a nap.

5.  A. is in little league baseball and C. has decided he'd like to play soccer again this spring.  I have no idea how we're going to manage those schedules.

6.  It is officially spring time in the Mitten.  Yes, it's still frozen...but my sinuses are officially on revolt.

7.  I had clearly forgotten that spring time is just as busy as Christmas time.  I see the calendar starting to get all jacked-up....and while I know fun will be had, I long for the days of blissful slothful toddler-hood when the only thing we had to leave the house for were grocery stores and trips to grandma and grandpa's house. 

8.  I tried to run the other day on the treadmill.  Clearly...my adrenals and my pelvic bone were NOT ready.  I spent the rest of the week recovering.  Why do I push?

9.  It is freezing in my basement.  Freezing, I tell you.  Frigid  I will be spending the next 5 hours trying to warm up.  And will probably end up still chilled.  Freezing, I tell you!

10.  I am attempting to be the "fun mom" during spring break.  I'm setting up play dates, adventures, and fun activities to do with them.  I'm hoping that this shows up as a "bright spot of childhood" in the midst of their therapy appointments some day.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter pics....2013

So, our Easter pics go back a few weeks...

Our church and school hosted an Eggstravaganza as a community outreach event.  We showed up early to help, but it was already running like a well-oiled machine.  Which means our boys got to partake in some activities earlier than the crowds....which was great because we had to leave early due to baseball practice. 


Baby L. was along for the ride.  Literally.

Also known as:  The View from Here.


Front shot:

Hey...I have three kids.  I'm officially a babywear-er strictly for survival.


My fruit-a-saurus really enjoyed the breakfast table.  :)


Then, all FIVE of us got in on a little photo booth action:

Family of 5

On Easter morning, we went to breakfast and worship at our church.

Afterward, we hosted both families for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

Here's all the littles lined up for some egg hunting action:


Baby L. stayed inside with the rest of the grown ups :)


I so believe that this is my favorite Easter picture:


And because I LOVE to take pictures of all three kids

And because all these three kiddos are soooo cute

(and I may be a bit biased...but I do love them so)

Here's my Easter kiddos:


And...in true PMD fashion....

our Easter well-head picture!


Happy Easter to you!

To see last year's well-head pictures:

My oh my...what a difference a year makes.  :)