Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Easter Well-Head pic

Easter week was full, crazy and tiring. 

Because Holy Week also fell on spring break for us.

It was long.

So, so long.

I take it as a warning-shot that I need to beef up my patience level before summer.


We had a special Easter egg hunt in our house on Thursday.
(more on that later)

Then, we had D's parent's over to enjoy an Easter dessert the boys and I made that day.

we stayed close to home and made another fun easter bunny cake for my parent's house the next day.


And, as in true PMD tradition, every Easter Sunday morning, we take some pictures on the front porch.

The boys.

Yes, they are in coordinating shirts.

 And the whole family:

Pardon my hair- because we took a total of 9 pictures....and I was the one running back and forth.

Pardon my pose- see above statement.

Pardon C's smile.  We're working on it.

After church, we ventured out to my parent's house to celebrate, eat, and take a (rediculously long) nap.

To see our past Easter Pics, click here.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! What a well-coordinated family photo of a wonderful family!