Friday, April 20, 2012


First of all, I want to say thank you to everybody for the happy wishes and congratulations on my facebook page, twitter and comments on blogger.  Y'all know how to make a pregnant woman feel l.o.v.e.d!  I almost shed a tear....and for a non-cryer, that's a big deal.  This would have nothing whatsoever to do with hormones, would it?!?!?  :)

1. Groceries are high right now what is easiest way you have found to cut back?

When purchasing gluten-free items, there's really no way to cut back other than purchase less of it and stretch the food out.  Eat less, I guess.

For the boys, I'm all about Aldi.  Aldi, Aldi, Aldi.  I have a love/hate relationship with that store, BUT I can walk out of there with 8 bags full of groceries for under $130.  I appreciate that.

2. What are the top 3 things on your "bucket list"?

Travel (anywhere with new and fun culture.  Europe would be fun to return to- I'd hit the northern edge this time- or somewhere like Australia), finish the house (I'd LOVE to not live in a construction zone!!!), figure out what I want to be when I grow up (I want to do something that I love and don't mind doing- rather than just working a job)

3. Would you rather give up AC or heat?

This past summer was the first summer that I lived in a home with central air.  It was blissful, but I could give it up.  I'm a wimp without heat.
4. What's your favorite cocktail??

Oh gosh, it's been a while since I had a beverage....I had a blackberry martini last December- and that was delish!

I cannot remember any they were either REALLY that good that I don't remember, or totally forgettable.

5. What was your first job & how old were you?
My first real FICA-contributing job was at Little Caesar's Pizza.  Back before it was a fast and ready pizza joint, and we made each and every one to order.  The classmates I worked with were awesome, but the owners were big jerks.  I worked there for most of my junior school year, and was almost fired for telling them I couldn't work on my brother's graduation day.  Sorry, comes first.  After a "stern talking to", I was able to work there throughout the summer, but ended up quitting because I had a better offer (TCBY....really, who WOULDN'T want to work there!) and I never got over the fact that they were jerks.

Happy Weekend friends!


Mama M. said...

Dang pizza dudes. They don't gotta be jerks! (Sometimes I love using horrible grammar...) So so happy for you and your sweet family on the new addition (and I ain't talking 'bout the house!)...babies are such a blessing! How many weeks are you?

Brittney said...

I think I "liked" your status on FB but never actually ever said congratulations to you, so: CONGRATULATIONS! How unbelievably exciting! Also, hilarious that you left Little Caesar's for TCBY. I would've done the same!

Michelle B said...

You get Pizza-Pizza and I get "Time to make the donuts" love that we both worked for catch-phrase places! The owners are always jerks but glad the coworkers were nice ;)