Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 Days, No kids.

It's spring break.  I do love spring break.  However, it started early this year (last Friday)

and ends late this year (Tuesday).

Where were these long spring breaks when I was a kid?

Oh yeah...they were NON EXISTENT!

Apparently, they valued mommy-sanity back in the 80's.

Please don't get me wrong...I do love my boys.  I love spending time with my boys.

But lately,  I've been running on empty.

And it seems the emptier I run, the more things get piled on me.

And the grumpier I get.

So, when I was "awarded" a double work load for this week, I wasn't surprised...other people go on vacations.....God was pushing me....so I knew it was time to ask for help.

Help in the form of grandparents.

Awesome grandparents who are willing to take my boys overnight (TIMES TWO!) so I can get some work done.  And (if there is any down time) recharge my batteries.

So, besides work- which I'll be doing about 98% of today and tomorrow....

here's what I plan to do with my extra kid-free time:

1.  Sleep in.  Oh joyous morning sleep!    I am NOT a morning person.  NOT at all!  If it were my choice, I would talk to anyone until 10am. Because I have so much work, I had to start at 9am....but from wake up until 9....no speaking.

2.  Stay in jammies.  I don't plan on going anywhere today and tomorrow.  I don't plan on having anyone here today and tomorrow.  If you're planning on dropping by to surprise me, don't be surprised when you find me blissfully disheveled, unshowered, adorning some purple fleece cloud pajamas.  If I do choose to shower (because I will probably revolt myself sometime over the next 24 hours), you'll find me in sweats.

3.  Iron.  I have a large pile.  It needs to get done.  I have khaki's to find before Easter Sunday.

4.  Fundraiser stuff.  I have envelopes to stuff and fill out for a fundraiser coming up on May.  This one falls on my shoulders alone.  It's already behind the scheduled dates to get out.  I gotta get it done.

5.  Organize.  Closets.  Ugh.  (Stephenie?  You busy?)

6.  Watch a chick flick.  Probably in segments.  Because I have work to do.  But when I'm taking a mental break, I plan to watch a chick flick or a chick program.  Unanimated.  Not for children.  Chick flick.

7.  Blog.  Because I'm self-diagnosed ADD and need mental breaks.

8.  Work on training my new puppy.  She needs work.  And she's been spoiled by my laziness as of late.

9.  Pack up what's left in the Love Shack.  There's not much left....HOME STRETCH!

10.  Take a nap.  A blissful quiet nap.  Curled up with my puppy.  Quiet.  Sleep.  Ahhhhh.


Anonymous said...

I'd add, hang out with Michelle to that list... just putting that out there ;)

Sandy said...

come over! Except....I'll be working. :/