Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts

It seems as though Thursdays are only good for Random Lists.  At least for me.  My brain is partially on shut down before the weekend.  I need a mental unload.  I promise this will not be 100% about pregnancy.  :)

-  Since our Monday night scare, I've been taking it easy.  D has been super helpful.  I'm assuming this will last another 4-5 days before he starts getting cranky.  Our friends (who JUST had a baby!) have been trying to ease my load by picking A up from school this week.  He'll text with "excuses" like "Hey...I have to go to Meijer anyway after school, why don't I grab A for you."  I'm grateful for the reprieve, and grateful for their friendship....but I'm supposed to be supporting them right now!  How funny God is.  :)

-  I went grocery shopping this morning, and purchased a single serve entree of gluten free Macaroni & Cheese for $4.99.  Darn pregnancy craving!  I came home and promptly ate it for lunch.  It.was.sooooo.good.

-  I'm waiting (impatiently!) for the first trimester nausea to lift.  Grrrrr.

-  Baseball and soccer season started this week for A and C (respectively).  It's going to be a busy spring.  But fun.

-  The footings for our addition's addition have been approved.  C. keeps calling them "footies."  I'm begging D not to correct him.  It melts my heart.  Bring on the concrete!

-  I'm considering cutting my hair short.  I'm blaming the baby for this thought.

-  C and I have colds.  I'm itching to get my hands on my friend's new baby (Amelia), but will be prudent and wait until the snot vacates.  So hard.

-  I'm trying to schedule some fun stuff for the boys this summer.  (Read:  I'm trying to keep myself sane this summer).  All this on a TIGHT budget.    It's like a crazy juggling act.

-  I think my personality of "calling it like it is" has created some ripples here and there.  I'm actually not worried about it, because I know I was speaking out of love and what I believe God would want.  And I know that old habits are hard to break, and sometimes the truth is hard to hear.  I'm praying that God will open her ears to hear Him.

-  I felt the baby move last night.  I was all curled up laying in bed, and the baby CLEARLY was letting me know that more space was needed down there.  So, I stretched out.  I remember this is exactly how I felt the boys move for the first time.  Words cannot express how much I love that feeling.

-  I'm 15 weeks today.  This is the view from here:

I do believe that this could be considered a bump.

-  I'm planning on making my gf crackers this afternoon.  It's either that or a nap.  As of right now, I am thinking a nap may win out.  :)  Sometime (soon!) I promise to blog the cracker recipe.  They're just to good not to share.

-  I'm on my second shellac manicure.  The first one lasted 20 days.  It actually started to chip at 16, but it was just one chip, so I let it go.  Then my nails grew out until I just couldn't put it off any longer.  These things are AWESOME.  Virtually indestructible.  I love it.  My local grocery store has the whole kit for about $30 to do by myself at home.  I'm thinking I need to save my money for that one!

-  I have 5 weeks left until my 20 week ultrasound.  D is completely impartial about going or not going.  (My mom and friend came with me for C's).  A overheard that conversation and has let me know that he's interested in going with me.  I think it may get him more excited about the baby, but I'm a little afraid of a reaction if the tech finds something wrong.  Any thoughts on this?  (He's 8).


Jennifer said...

You could ask the tech beforehand not to say anything while he's in the room if she/he does find something wrong. Anna was with me for every sonogram I had with both boys (she was almost 2 the 1st time and 5-6 the 2nd time). She loved it so much and still remembers watching Isaac on the screen when he was in my belly!

mrsmarkdave said...

I'm with Jennifer. Let him go and just tell the tech not to say anything while he's present. That's pretty neat.
And the baby bump is too exciting.

Even though you feel you're supposed to be supporting your friends now - let them do what they want to do for you. If they want to bless you in this way, definitely don't rob them of that :-) (All that to say - they want to. Don't feel guilty.)

Connie said...
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Connie said...

I will be VERY happy to go again to your ultrasound and watch the wonder of the baby through A's eyes, Maybe I can figure out if it is a boy or girl this time.

Sarann said...

Cute bump! I am finally feeling baby girl move a lot now. I think I was 17 weeks when I felt the first tickle. I have an anterior placenta though, so they said that is why I didn't feel a whole lot at first. I have heard that some techs won't tell you anything that concerns them, they just report it to the OB. It wouldn't hurt to ask for that just to make sure.

Brittney said...

Cute, cute, cute bump!!!! Also I agree with the first two comments about not having the tech say anything while he's in there.

Mama M. said...

Ohhhhh, that bump gives me some serious pregnancy envy!
Technically, the tech isn't supposed to say anything, anyway...but, we all know how that goes! I would trust your gut. What a wonderful thing to share and experience with him if you choose to do it!
I need more bump pictures. Weekly, please. At a minimum. Thank you.