Monday, April 30, 2012

Messy Bessy.....keepin' it real.

Well, the fat clothes weren't cutting it anymore. 

I am popping out.

I was begging D to grab my maternity clothing out of the garage rafters.  Of course, the bin(s) were buried.

Way buried.

(Remember:  we never thought we'd need to grab them back out for our own use!)

Way, way buried.

D was actually holding them hostage until I got out in the garage and helped him organize our bins to see which ones could go up and which ones stay out.

I'm thinking he just wanted to spend some extra time with me.  :)
(Love you, baby!)

Since I'm taking it easy, I sat on a (horribly dusty) stool, and he did all the heavy lifting.

I just enjoyed my view.  :)

Anyway...I got what I wanted:

clothing that fits.

Even though I had given much of my maternity wardrobe away, I had a total of four bins- 3 large, 1 small.

One bin I realized that I never even opened with C's pregnancy.

It had all sorts of professional clothing, and some hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law.

I'm not sure why I hung onto some of those....tapered leg overalls?


(sorry, Marianne!)

Anyway, since this is my last (!!!) pregnancy, I'm feeling comfortable getting rid of most of it.

At least, what I know I won't wear.

So....yesterday afternoon, this is what our room looked like:

  I'd love to say that everything is totally picked up....

...but on National Honesty Day, I feel it's smart not to lie.

There's been improvement, though! 

I'm just doing some finishing touches here and there.

So, anyone need any professional pregnancy clothing?

How about some early 90's throw back overalls?


Sarann said...

I'm impressed that you kept so much of your maternity clothes! I only ever had two bins with my first pregnancy and am loving wearing them now. I plan to get rid of all of it after I have this little lady.

Mama M. said...

Gah! I know!! I did that with each one of my pregnancies (that word looks weird pluralized). Everytime I'd pull something out and go... O.o ...why on earth?!
Did it with baby clothes too. Which reminds me...have a few more bins to sort through. Excuse me please, while I get to work. (How are our travel plans coming?) ;)

trooppetrie said...

haha, I have lost 32 pounds and am cleaning out my current closet i cleaned out a year ago and am asking myself why did I buy that