Monday, April 21, 2014

Just because

Easter is an amazing holiday.

We worship an amazing God.

Easter hymns give me Goosebumps.

Easter breakfast at church was the best ever.

Easter get-togethers with family are super fun.

Easter Monday off school spending time with the kiddos is the best yet.

Wearing them out having fun all day to come home, cuddle on the couch and take a snooze... amazing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Facebook Status updates that never happened

I've been in a bit of a funk lately.

I'm going to blame it on the extended doldrums of winter that will just not end.

And let you know that it has nothing whatsoever to do with being hormonally charged.

But that last statement may make me a lying liar.

I've learned to steer clear of Facebook during such times.  I've learned that it's hard to bite my tongue control my fingers on the keyboard when I see read questionable choices and character.

But, since it's my blog...and sometimes I need to let off some steam, here you go.

The status updates that never happened.

Feel free to judge.  I'm ok with that.  Because next week(ish) I will be back to normal(ish) and rational again.

  • Yes, please tell me again - with MORE caps and exclamation points this time- how horrible people are that don't fully support the LGBT community.  Because your bully-ism is really making me think "well, this is a community of people with their heads on straight.". (pun intended)

  • Raise your hand if you can't afford your spring break vacation that your currently on: the payment that will follow you via credit card interest for the next 6 years until you claim bankruptcy and affect inflation- so everyone else will end up reaping the consequences of your vacation.  Really, you're only camouflaging the fact that you've made some bad choices in your life.  Please look up counselors, not travel agents.

  • Just because your ex-girlfriend says "hello" to you in passing doesn't mean she wants you.  She was being polite. 

  • You can disagree and be respectful at the same time.

  • Mother Nature, you are dead to me.  (Not posted only because 94% of my Facebook feed is currently weather related).

  • Why, yes... post about your new car.  Oh!  I really enjoy the 12 shots of different angles that you've posted.  Why didn't you post the loan paperwork as well?  Go ahead and post that bottom line number that says how much you'll have paid at the end of your 6 year loan.  Then we can all have a good laugh.

  • When did Easter become more about the full basket and less about the empty tomb?

  • My daughter broke my toe (insert gross picture here)- I saved that one for twitter.  Facebook friends, be grateful.

  • How many times can one baby poop?  In one hour?

  • I can't tell you the last time I showered.
  • Let's see how many selfies one can post in one day....  OH- and there's another.

  • Please.... for the love of all that is good and holy, please-no more duck face.

  • My daughter laughs at farts.  I laugh at her laughing at farts.  Apparently, laughing IS contagious.

  • If you post pictures of yourself scantily clad in a bathing suit (or Speedo... ugh), be prepared for backlash and/or unfriending.  No one needs to see "LOOK AT ME- man" (or woman).  Are you aware that you are potentially making people nauseated- or turning them on?  You know... people that AREN'T your spouse?!?!?

  • You can choose one: be a part of the solution or a part of the problem.  Choose wisely.

  • Just found a sticker in my daughter's diaper.  A sticker than had gone through the digestive tract.  I'll spare you the picture.  You're welcome.

And thanks to this blog post, I just saved myself $50 in therapy or prescription money for Prozac.  Thanks, friend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top ten: things I learned while coordinating an auction

1.  Many hands make light work.  I've heard it before... and I've seen it in action. But this was the epitome of NEEDING many hands.  We could have used another dozen (or so) hands, BUT the hands that did show up came ready to work, call, program, design, etc. I loved my team.

2.  There is no limit to the patience my husband holds.  The late nights, the meetings, the running of errands, the messy, messy house.  Have I mentioned the messy house???

3.  I do not multi-task well.  I used to, but this is a skill obviously lost with age.  Or child birth.  I'm going to go with the latter- simply because it makes me feel young(er). Anyway... one thing at a time. Focus, finish and move on.  That is all.

4. We have enough pairs of underwear and socks to not do laundry for 2 weeks. Although, by day 10, the outfits start getting pretty inventive.

5.  I have a pretty amazing network of prayer warriors and friends.  People. Who aren't afraid to text, email and stop me for a hug letting me know they're praying for me and our group.  Including my husband (see also #2) who sent me a sweet (and lengthy- which doesn't usually happen with his calloused fingers) text that filled the brims of my eyes.  Ones that will commit to pray, watch my kids, and even show up at the auction in support.  Love them!

6.  Coordinating an auction is about as stressful (and fun) as coordinating a wedding.  Minus the whole major-life-change to follow it.  Or the anticipation of the wedding night.

7.  I can log 16,076 steps on my ifit pedometer and still walk on my flat feet.  Even though it hurts...I *can* move.

8.  Being grateful is much easier than being spiteful.  I struggled at times thinking "why aren't they coming or why aren't they donating???". But, reminding myself to be thankful for the people that WERE there and having fun with those in attendance helped me stay positive.  Their absence was not a reflection of me, and it was nice to be reminded of that.

9. You learn a LOT from business owners' reactions when you come to them for donations.  When you have nothing tangible to offer in return.  A lot.  Some- with a gladly giving heart- pull out a donation and send you with arms full.  Others make you jump through hoops (to make sure you're legit), but will send a donation.  Others?  They ignore you, insult you, or demand compensation.  Again, remembering that it's not a reflection of me was helpful.

10.  God is God and God is good.  Giving this auction to God constantly helped soothe my worries.  We set our goal pretty high, and we managed to get within a stone's throw of it!  Even if we only made $5, we would still have been grateful.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A list where I will try to be witty, but no guarantees

  • I'm contractually obligated to post once a week per my advertisers.  Here is your post.
  • I'm working on a large fundraiser for our school this week (and last week and the week prior to that...heck, since November).  I liken it to the week before a wedding.  Lots to do. 
  • Per the previous statement, I have fallen off the face of the non-school-related earth for the last month.  I'm sorry, silence is not reflective of how much you mean to me.  I'll be back on Monday.
  • My OCD husband has been very patient with my lack of housekeeping lately.  My house is a Wreck (capital W).  He would do it himself, but...well, he's just as busy or busier than I am.  So...he continues to gently sway and breathe deep.
  • C. started karate on Saturday.  I'd say it was a "win."  And geez...WHY ARE MARTIAL ARTS LESSONS SO BLASTED EXPENSIVE?!?!?  We will not be continuing (at this location) after our groupon is used up.  Cha-ching.
  • A. started baseball.  At batting practice on Saturday, he took a line drive to the head.  Just above his left eye.  You can see scabs from the stitches on the ball.  Lovely.
  • That same evening, Dave took a smack to the left eye in the shed- a rake handle smacked him up well.  His eyelid looks like he had a little 5 year old fun with my pink/purple/bluish eye shadow. 
  • Baby L. has been asking to go potty all week.  I was totally excited thinking this would be the easy one...but alas, it is just an excuse to get her clothes off and try to run around the house naked.  I do believe I'm in trouble with baby-strips-a-lot this summer.
  • I made some paleo chocolate chip cookies.  They are divine.
  • I also made a non-paleo chocolate torte for small group- with raspberry sauce over top.  Even more divine. (and very rich, so I'm really paying for it today!)
  • I keep leaving my phone at my friend, Leah's, house.  What does this say about me?!?!?
  • Baby L. has a crazy mullet.  I'm just going to embrace it and buy her some baby acid wash jeans.   Perhaps a baby camero...  Jean jacket.
  • My toe hurts...I hate shoes.
  • If you see me in sandals and socks today, don't judge.
  • I have rediscovered my hair straightener...and I don't remember why I forgot about it.  I like it.
  • Coffee is done brewing, I'm off.  Happy day to you!

Monday, March 17, 2014

to you


Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Miscellany (or update...potato, potahto)

1.  For the first time since college, I am battling a hard-core case of insomnia.  I go to bed at 10:30 (ish), lay there until 11.  Sleep until 1am.  Bam.  Wide awake.  No sleep. I'm exhausted, my body is tired... yet, no sleep.  I pray and plan and pray some more.  These 2 hour "naps" aren't enough to keep me going through the next few weeks.

2.  We had our tax appointment today.  My babysitter fell through, so I ended up staying home with the kiddo (I'm so not complaining here!).  Instead of going the evening alone, I quick texted my friend, Michelle, and we got to do dinner together with our kiddos! It was a highlight of my day.  Hooray for impromptu plans!

3.  Baby L. is really starting to feel her oats.  She has SUCH a personality and likes/dislikes, etc. I honestly don't remember the boys being so cerebral at this age.  Cause/effect relationships didn't take hold until 3...possibly 4. She reacts to things... she giggles at farts.  Yes, I said farts.  Then, the big ones she says "WHOA!!!" to.  When she burps, she murmurs, "'Cuse me.". She climbs, climbs, climbs.  She falls, busts open a forehead or a lip, cries and climbs again.  It's insane.

4.  A. has officially finished his basketball season.  They lost more than they won, but he learned a lot.  More about teamwork than about ball handling skills.  The skills will come with practice and good coaching... the teamwork aspect needs to happen first.  I'm glad he had this experience.  But I'm glad that season is over.  Onward to baseball!

5.   C. has had a hard decision to make: continue with soccer or head over to baseball.  Dave wants him to do baseball REALLY bad, but he wants to do soccer again this year.  So soccer it is.  We'll probably go back to the YMCA, but we want a different coach than we had last year.  How do you sign up and say we DON'T WANT a specific coach???

6.  Baby L's new favorite word is "minion.". The things she picks up...sheesh.  (But it's super cute!)

7.  And for your viewing pleasure:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sweet little heart

Sunday night
9:30 (ish) pm
We hear the unmistakable sound
the one of a child getting sick.
It was my Baby L.
Making a heinous mess in her crib.
Crying a pitiful cry.
Shaking with adrenaline.
Yesterday, she and I cuddled the day away.
She wouldn't stand,
and only wanted to be held.
I couldn't see her face as we cuddled,
and I wondered if she was asleep.
So, I held out my phone to take a camera of her face.
She wasn't sleeping after all.
But I did come away with one of the most heart-breaking pictures ever.
Oh my sweet heart.
P.S.  Please know that she started bouncing back last night, and is at 80% today.  Looking forward to 100% spit-fire tomorrow!