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Friday, August 3, 2012


Both of my boys have been at Camp Grandma and Grandpa since Wednesday afternoon.

It's been lovely.

I'm well rested.

Although, I'm sure my parents aren't.

However, these are memories cementing a bond between them that my boys will cherish into adulthood.  I can just see them as adults talking about sleepovers at grandma and grandpa's house and how much fun they had and how much ice cream they ate (much to their mama's chagrin).

Next week, they go to camp for real.  I'll drop them off at the bus stop at 7:45am and pick them up at 5:20.

Not that I don't love my kids....and I've REALLY enjoyed time with them this summer...but sweet silence.

Then I have two weeks to cram a bunch of fun in before school starts.

Seriously...they need to STOP GROWING UP!

Anyway, let's answer some questions:

1. What is a must in a hotel room?

I'd have to go with cleanliness.  No bugs or weird odors.  No mildew in the bathroom.  Clean, non-worn furniture.  That's about it.  I'm not too picky about kitchenettes, hot tubs, etc.....I just want a clean place to crash.

2. Which Olympic event would you be best at?

PSSSSSHHHHHH....can I create an Olympic Sport? 

 Napping....I'd kick arse at napping.  :) 

Or bargain hunting. 

However, I've met my match in a few friends- that I'm proud to call friends because they send me money-saving texts.  :)

3. What's your stance on the Chick-fil-A subject?

Well....since you asked:

It seems that this issue is divided up into two subjects:  1. Homosexuality (read to the end of number 3 on this one, please!!!) and 2. Bullying.

First of all, in an interview, the president and owner of a company WAS ASKED his opinion on the subject.  HE WAS ASKED HIS OPINION!!!  I've heard the interview, and he actually answered very humbly, and in accordance with Biblical principals.  In my opinion, he was set up for a huge to-do.  So, here's how I feel about that:


We've got governments in cities around the country BANNING Chick-fil-A from doing free enterprise in their towns because of the political opinion of their president.  REALLY?!?!?  So, the government is telling companies what they can and can't believe now?!?!?! 

Here's the thing about Christians and homosexuality.  God has given us an instruction manual for how we are to live our lives.  It's called the Bible.   God made woman for man.  Not any other way. 

BUT, I am a sinner.  A sin is a sin.  I'm in no place to judge you for your sin, and you're in no place to judge me for mine.  You, as a fellow believer and follower of Christ, are to encourage me to represent Him well.  Does that mean I'm supposed to be a hate-mongering homophobe?  Absolutely not.  Dave and I have homosexual friends.  They're not close friends because, fundamentally, we share different beliefs.  But, we've all talked about our stances on everything political, religious, etc, and we talk to each other with a great level of respect and civility.  After all, God loves them too.  BUT...he hates the sin.  He hates my sin, He hates their sin, He hates your sin.  But...guess what?  I'm not going to support your sin.  And I'm not going to support them in theirs.  Whether you're lying, gossiping, thinking impure thoughts, stealing, taking God's name in vain...or if you're gay.  God doesn't want me to support that.  He LOVES you, not the sin....whatever it is.  He wants me to keep my sights focused on Him, loving Him, and keeping my eyes on the prize...eternity with Him.

So, if I could have, I would have eaten a Chick-fil-A sandwich the other day.  To tell the government to "stick it."  And to let contemporary society know that God's commands may not always meet in accordance with today's society's normal.  And I want to support someone who is going to stand up for God, and not what sinners say God wants.   He's already told us what he wants.  We just need to crack open the book.

It seems we're always out to "change God's commands" to meet with what society deems normal.  So, what's next?  Abortion is legal....Homosexuality is not only accepted but encouraged....what's next?  An attack on monogamy?  Shall we attack every husband who loves ONLY his wife as a wimp?  As a woman-snob who is selfishly DENYING the rest of the world his seed!?!?!??  Really, society: what's next?

Anyway, if you read nothing else from this number.....PLEASE check this post out.  Dave's cousin posted this on Facebook yesterday, and I read it aloud to my husband.  It is so well written, I couldn't say it any better myself.  It's an amazing snap-shot of how we, as Christians, should be reaching out to everyone.

If you'd like to comment with a rebuttal below, please feel free.  However, keep it respectful.  Thank you.

4. One thing you said you'd never do as a parent, but totally have.

Use the TV as a babysitter.  I totally do that- just for a few moments of sanity, or even an hour of quiet so I could get some work done.

I used to be the best parent in the whole wide world.  I was so totally convicted, and I had perfect children.

And then I gave birth.

And was humbled.

5. What's the weirdest thing you've ever found at a yard sale?

Well, the only yard sales I'm frequenting this summer are ones with "baby girl items" listed in the descriptions.  But, I've seen everything from the lingerie (that helped create their baby girl, apparently) to breast pumps to USED diaper rash cream tubes on those tables.  Those things kinds of repulse me a bit, and I don't spend much time at those yard sales.  :)

Happy Weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Affordable Luxury

Ohhhh, sweet spring break.

So far, it's been a wonderful week.

Friday afternoon, I took the boys to go see the movie "Hop."

Cute movie.

Cute name of movie.

We had a GREAT family-centered weekend.

Something for us in comparison to our crazy schedule-dictated weeks and catch-up weekends.

Plus, we were able to attend a service for a fellow elder who was gradutaing from the deacon program.

This may sound crazy to you,

but there's something about a bunch of strong male voices singing some of my favorite hymns.

Why, yes, I grew up in a Lutheran school...why do you ask?

Anyway, my dad is far enough along in his recovery that my parents
asked for an overnight visit with the boys.

I was only so happy to oblige.

The boys were so psyched.

They've really missed overnights at grandma's and grandpa's.

So, D. and I found ourselves last night with "nothing" to do.

We remembered that we had a gift certificate from to our favorite place.
So, away we went.

Between the two of us, we had to spend $35 - not including alcohol.

So, I ordered a $22 entree.

Let me just say...

...thank you to the Lord above that STEAK is carb free!

I had the most AMAZING Kobe' Steak.


Melted on my tongue, I almost didn't have to chew.

Then today....OH TODAY!!!

I had a long awaited spa day with two of my favorite friends.

We purchased some coupons on groupon, and went to town for the day.

We started the day with low carb crepes filled with low carb cinnamon custard and strawberries.

With a side of Chocolate eclair decaf coffee.


Then, we went to the spa.

Started with a Stress Relieving Treatment
(which included soft tissue massages, a facial, and a scalp treatment)

I had the same beautician for the first two treatments.
Her name is Joyce.
She used to be an accountant and got laid off.
She has an amazing life-walk, and it was awesome to talk to her about God.

Then, pedicures.

Can I just say how awesome these ladies are?!?!?

Where I went "crazy" and opted for blue toes.

I also made a new friend in a lady named Erica who is getting married next month.

She was stressed out and decided to hit her "reset" button.

She was a hoot.

Followed by shampoo and style
(to get the scalp treatment oil out)

And an Aveda make-up lesson.

I'm so glad to do this because it's hard for me to choose the appropriate colors
since my eyes change between blue, hazel and gray depending on the color of my shirt.

I got great color advice!

Kristen looks so pretty!

Despite ending the day almost 2 hours late,

And totally thankful for forgiving grandparents and babysitters,

The three of us had the most fantastic day.


AND, I smell all Adeva-y.

And I've stayed within budget.

Hooray for affordable luxury!!!

Hooray for days with AWESOME friends.

Hooray for crossing off #95.  Have a professional make-up consultation.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slapped by middle age

A few weeks ago, D and I attended the wedding of one of the Four Tre posse.

This was actually only the third wedding we've attended together since we started dating.

All others have included one or both of us in the wedding party.

Since the groom and D go so far back, some thought that he would be hurt for not getting "chosen."

He (and I) were ever so grateful.

We avoided the $200 tux rental, bachelor party drama,
and were able to just enjoy each other's company at the wedding and reception.

And we had a blast.

It was great to reconnect with people I haven't seen since a wedding last year.

Some I haven't seen since our own wedding.

Some since we were dating.

It's also the first wedding we've attended since D. stopped drinking.

And since I went low carb.

Really, it was a totally different experience.

Here's some pics:

The centerpieces.

They were actually quite lovely.
My camera didn't do them justice.

This is actually the only picture I got of the bride and groom.


Wedding guest: fail.

This lady is Carol.
She's the mom of a friend of D's.
I hadn't seen her since her son's wedding the year prior.
It was great to catch up.

D's friend, whose mother is shown above.

We love these two.


Well into the night.

My hair was much curlier earlier.

And my makeup was much darker.

I actually attempted a "smokey eye" look, and kinda (?) pulled it off.

And then I had two glasses of wine.

And started rubbing my eyes.

Then, I just looked normal.

Merlot glass #2.

At every wedding, there is a sparkly dress.

This wedding was no exception.


Ohhhhh, what to say about John.



Well...moving on...

Lots of blurry pictures were taken.

Ahhh, the alcohol flowed.

Well, for some of us.

Case in point:

And, because I know you're wondering...

(for those of you who know my husband is notorious for this)

Yes...Kevin Bacon did make an (abbreviated) appearance that night.

Apparently, it's hard to channel Kevin while sober.  :)

Live band.

Capable of everything from Billy Joel to Lady ga-ga.

We definitely came away from the evening realizing that the

Four-Tre' Posse

has been slapped across the face by Middle Age.

Drinking was done in moderation.

Muffin tops and beer bellies made an appearance.

Women talking of their child birth stories and toddler woes.

Men talking of house projects and jobs.

Hairlines are receeding,

wrinkles are abundant.

But with all the changes, some things have not.

They still have good hearts.

They all still respect each other (well, everyone but DeeWee),

There's no pre-tenses with each other.

They're all just happy to be there together.

No one cared about the type of car everyone else drove.

Or who had the fancier house.

Or the best labeled shirt.

No one cared.

We were just all happy to be in each other's company that night.

I love that group.

And, last...but not least...our favors.

There was a photo booth.

Each couple got a turn in the booth.

4 pictures - 15 seconds apart.

Two strips printed out.

One for us, the other for their guest book.

My scanner didn't pick up the 4th picture...but that's ok, cause it didn't turn out.

(I have a really smart scanner that just doesn't pick up bad pics of me.)

All in all, a VERY fun evening.

Until next time, four tre'

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eight Years

Eight years ago....

...the engagement pictures had been taken and submitted to local newspapers

Eight years ago...

...I spent the morning with my ladies at the salon

...I slipped into the white dress that was perfect for me groom got dressed in a tux and watched a football game on tv

Eight years ago...

...we had 5 minutes of alone time before pictures started

(the most memorable 5 minutes ever)

...we smiled alot

Eight years ago...

...we did a lot of kissing for the camera

Eight years ago...

...we had the most adorable ringbearer and flower girl

...I told my father, "Thank you for everything and I love you."

Eight years ago...

...I walked up a long aisle to my groom surrounded by 12 awesome people

Eight years ago...

...we took a trolley ride to the beach and boardwalk for some fun pictures

Eight years ago...

...we had an awesome reception

...we were surrounded by 400 of our closest friends and family

...we danced

...and laughed

Eight years ago...

...I didn't have a clue at how much work a marriage is
...I didn't know I could love someone so much and want to strangle them at the same time
...I thought life would be easy and fairytale-esk
...I didn't know the working definition of the word "respect"
...I didn't know I could be more proud of him than I was at that moment

...I didn't know I could actually love him more than the moment I married him

Eight years ago...
...I knew I was marrying the man that God had made for me
...I knew I was the woman made for my husband
...I knew that regardless of what was in our future, God would bless us

...and He has.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Helpful Household Hints

First of all, I'm on a bit of a blogging hyatis this week. My brother and his family are in town from Utah for the first time in 4 1/2 years. This is the first time they've met Colin, and Adam last saw them when he was 11 months (and therefore, very little recollection). So, I'm spending as much time as I can with them at my parent's house before we have to say good-bye again. It's really been a great visit so far.

I'm actually home today (without kids!) because my husband is in a ghetto-fabulous* wedding this afternoon, and as his spouse, I am contractually obligated to attend with him. I'm supposed to be cleaning this morning...which I am...but it also preempted this post since helpful cleaning tips is what this is all about.

*Really, we use this term as a term of endearment, not judgement. Dave likes to reference his childhood neighborhood as the 'hood, and his friends as ghetto-rats. FYI: these boys grew up on 43rd. St. (really, not the ghetto), and deemed themselves the Four-tre posse'. I'm married to "Paperboy D." Yep...even as a child, the boy was a worker.

I digress....

This post is actually about folding laundry. I saw this tip in a magazine once, and thought it was a good idea. Some tips I read just create more work in the end, but this one is relatively simple. I'm sure most of you probably do this already....but if you don't- give it a whirl- can't hurt, right?

<------ This is what my laundry basket looked like with all of our clean sheets in it. Although I am not suzie homemaker, I do make it a priority to change the sheets everyweek. All of us- except my husband- suffer from allergies. This is the easiest way to cut down on a lot of allergy ailments...this and vaccuuming.

This is what it looked like after. Yep! Two lumps of sheets.------>
I read from someone in a magazine that they fold the fitted sheet and flat sheet (and additional pillowcase for the larger beds) and put them inside the unfolded pillowcase. This way, all the matching linens are together, so when you do change sheets all you have to do is grab one lump and bring it to the applicible bed.

So, from that full basket, I have two lumps o'sheets to put away.

Easy cheesy!

Ok, I'm off to do a pretty pedi for the wedding today and head back to my parent's house tomorrow for more family fun. Be prepared for lots of posts next week!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

29 Hours!

I recently had 29 hours without the boys. My mom dropped them off not that long ago. She's such a huge help when I need to get work done! Without her...well, frankly, I'd probably not have a job! Thanks mom!

Anyway, it was such a change of pace from my normal routines, I thought I'd include you in on the peacefullness differences of the past 29 hours.

As soon as they picked the boys up, I headed to meet a bride for a wedding consultation. (Not before I ran over my dropped cell phone and smashed it into a bunch of muddy little pieces!) Then, on the way home, I saw that the beauty school was open and stopped in to see if they could fit me in for my pedicure. They could! (just barely, but its done!) This is another example of the phrase, "you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig." Yep, my feet are Ugly - with a capital U. But perhaps a little less ugly now. (By the way, this is #86 on my list!!!)

On the way home, I stopped by Nextel to discover that our repair insurance covered the damage to the phone! I love that we have insurance on our phones. Seriously, this is the third time this has really come in handy- and saved hundreds of dollars!!! Now I have pretty little phone, and since they didn't have the old model I was using, I got an upgrade! How do you like them apples?!?!?

Once home, I worked so efficiently it was crazy. Then I stopped to make dinner. I left the knife on the edge of the counter (total rebel, I am!), and I proceeded to make a meal that the boys wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. Sauteed shrimp with artichokes, olives and red peppers on top of whole wheat angel hair pasta. Whoa. Yum.

Then, that night after finishing up on work, I folded what seemed like the never ending mountain pile of laundry. The difference, I could put it away right away in the boys rooms instead of sticking it back in the basket only to have Colin destroy it the next morning.

This morning, I slept in....until 7 am! Then I took my dear sweet time waking up and ate cold crunchy cereal along with hot tea(instead of the warm soggy cereal and cold tea I'm used to.) I was able to watch 10 minutes of morning news and take a nice long shower without having to lock the door!!! This morning I worked incredibly efficiently again, and even found myself with an hour or so to kill before my next set of, off I went.

I visited the bank (walked in even!), made a huge deposit of left over garage sale crap treasures at the Salvation Army(see pic below), shopped at Target, and treated myself to Fuji Apple Chicken Salad at Panera...all in under 59 minutes! Seriously?!?!? Can you believe that?!?!?

And while I'm grateful for the time away from them, and I'm so grateful I had extra time to work, and they had a great time with grandma and grandpa...I'm even more grateful to have them home. For all the inconveniences and headaches...I wouldn't trade it for the world! I really love being a mom.