Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter pics....2013

So, our Easter pics go back a few weeks...

Our church and school hosted an Eggstravaganza as a community outreach event.  We showed up early to help, but it was already running like a well-oiled machine.  Which means our boys got to partake in some activities earlier than the crowds....which was great because we had to leave early due to baseball practice. 


Baby L. was along for the ride.  Literally.

Also known as:  The View from Here.


Front shot:

Hey...I have three kids.  I'm officially a babywear-er strictly for survival.


My fruit-a-saurus really enjoyed the breakfast table.  :)


Then, all FIVE of us got in on a little photo booth action:

Family of 5

On Easter morning, we went to breakfast and worship at our church.

Afterward, we hosted both families for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

Here's all the littles lined up for some egg hunting action:


Baby L. stayed inside with the rest of the grown ups :)


I so believe that this is my favorite Easter picture:


And because I LOVE to take pictures of all three kids

And because all these three kiddos are soooo cute

(and I may be a bit biased...but I do love them so)

Here's my Easter kiddos:

DSC03166 true PMD fashion....

our Easter well-head picture!


Happy Easter to you!

To see last year's well-head pictures:

My oh my...what a difference a year makes.  :)

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Big Fat Gini said...

Love! And also, you look great!

And also, also? I wore that same sweater and tried on that dress, but ended up with the blue one with the water color flowers on it.