Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few things I've learned this week

- Our family - my children, more specifically, do NOT thrive on a jam-packed schedule.  They need down time, play time, alone time, and quiet time.  Not to mention a good night of sleep.   This mamas no different from her kiddos.

- Sometimes the worst monsters hide in the most public of places.  And in a related note:  it's interesting (read: sad) how people will lump one statistical outlying monster in with the whole of a group of wonderful people.  Not all Christians are bad. I promise.

- Hitting a ball with a bat is harder than it looks.

-  Things are more fun (for the adult) when a tired toddler is not in tow.  But not nearly as cute.

- A crazy toddler who accidentally falls and  hurts her arm will allow for 3 1/2 innings of quality cuddle/cheering time.

-  Sometimes its better to aim for a base hit rather than a grand slam.

-  A longer-than-usual and tighter-than-usual hug is sometimes less "awkward" and more "goodbye"

-  Sometimes the word "etc." can include hundreds of different things

-  I still love the smell of baby heads- without the desire to add to my own brood

-  The more I learn about Common Core curriculum, the more I'm desperately grateful that we don't entrust our children's education to the government.

-  My middle child has an amazing mind, thinks about "the big picture" and is pretty darn good at reading people

-  Flat feet hurt more than just feet:  they burn ankles, knees and hips too.  Sigh.

-  Sugar detox is not for wimps.

-  Friends, if you are sad, lonely, overwhelmed... feeling like there is no way out, please PLEASE remember this:  you are loved.  You are a cherished person.  Please reach out to someone before you take drastic measures that cannot be undone.  There is always hope.  Even in the darkest of places.

-  When there are no answers to questions, there is still God.  Sometimes (all times) that's all the answer we need.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Counting Mine {320- 330}

320.  Sleeping in during a thunderstorm.

321.  Timing the errand running down perfectly so we don't get drenched.

322.  Miracle Foot Repair lotion.

323.  Having the perfect amount of cash in the envelope to cover the bill.

324. The perfect summer day:  not too hot, not too cold, and no bickering kids!

325.  The excitement on the boys' faces when they get mail in the mailbox.

326.  Having people compliment me on my children's behavior while shopping.  (at 2 stores in a row!!!)

327.  All the new pregnancy announcements.

328.  And I'm not the one who's announcing! :)

329.  A productive nap time.

330.  Friends who remember the insanity of having a toddler.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A few tidbits about me you may (or may not) know

For one reason or another, I've been in a reflective mood lately.  Working on my own ambitions, goals, hopes, desires, etc.  But also working on who I am.  What kind of friend am I?  What kind of wife am I?  What kind of mom am I?  What kind of servant am I?  Where can I improve?  What fits with my basic personality type?  WHAT IS MY BASIC PERSONALITY TYPE?!?!?

1.  I'm not a "closer."  To quote my friend, Gina, "I can rock the first 90% like no one's business!  That last 10% just sucks the life out of me." too.  The last bits of a project- when I'm SO close to being done- are the bits that move like molasses.

2.  I am not a morning person.  Like at all.  I'm not grumpy...I'm just.....not there.  Mindless.  In ept.

3.  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  You heard me.  I know what I'm capable of...and I know I can work.  I can learn just about anything and do it for an extended period of time.  But, I want to find something that I look forward to doing.  Something that doesn't have me DREADING getting out of bed in the morning.  It's a ways off before I need to worry about reentering the work force, but I have a feeling it will be here before I know it- time to start getting my ducks in a row.

4.  I have a travel-bug, but haven't travelled much in the last 10 years.

5.  It's been more than 2 years since we put Molly down, and I still find myself missing that crazy dog every darn day.  Every time I see a friend who has to put a pet down, my heart hurts for them.  The only way to describe it is truly "heart breaking."

6.  I hold grudges.  This is something I'm desperately working on.  It affects me negatively.  It affects my friendships.  It's horrible!  (And it's usually about the small stuff too- not the big stuff.  Why can I forgive the big stuff but hoard grudges against the small stuff???  I'm working on it!!!)

7.  I don't like sexist people....of either gender. 

8.  I wish I could quote Scripture like I quote movies.  One time watching a movie, and I'm quoting it in daily life.  I could read Scripture over and over and over again....and my mind is like Teflon.

9. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE quoting movie lines!!!  If I find someone who can quote like me- we are instant friends. 

10.  I loathe cleaning.  Really, I do.  I do not find it rewarding.  I take care of my home because that's what we're supposed to do, and my husband is busy winning bread....but I do not enjoy it one little bit.  And with that, I'm off to clean some toilets!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Counting Mine {305-320}

305.  This blog post.  Read it.  Really.  It pulled me out of a pit of self-loathing.

306.  The Laid Back Book Club.  Reading books outside my normal genre, and loving them!

307.  The warm fuzzy inside of a sweatshirt after coming in from a cold water balloon fight.

308.  Friend's visits.  And Friend's kid's visits. 

309.  Meetings of the middle-child society.  (Taco)

310.  Smart Pop Popcorn:   the new white cheddar flavor.  Mmmmmm

311.  Laughing at Pintrest fails.

312.  Grandparents who hang onto their RV just because their grandkids LOVE camping with them.

313.  Fun new fonts.

314.  Having a talk you needed to have with a friend who knows you better than you know yourself.

315.  Ruth 1:16

316.  Accidentally purchasing fat free cream cheese; and the recipe turns out ok anyway.

317.  Hope.

318.  People who are willing to stick it out during the hard parts. Running is easy.  Hanging tough takes courage.

319.  Fiesta- ware (in superb condition) found at a garage sale for $2!!!

320.  A baby who sings "I am Jesus' little lamb" with me every nap and bedtime. Melt my heart!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

To my dear husband,

While I don't know if you ever read this blog, I know you have stumbled upon it from time to time.

So, today... on Father's Day, I'll write.

Just to you.

(But since I know this is a public forum, feel free to continue reading friends and family... I'll keep it G rated.  You're welcome)

When we first started dating, I knew you were going to be a great dad.

Every time we were around babies and children, they had your attention.  You were sweet to them, you were considerate of them.  It turned my head toward you.

But it was more than the way you treated other people's children; it was the way you treated others in general.  You're a kind man.  You have an amazing heart.  You're not selfish, instead you're giving and a servant.

You have a fantastic work ethic, and take the breadwinner role seriously.

You humbly take the spiritual cornerstone role of our family; investigating, studying, sharing, discussing.

You believe in Christian Education.  You know and understand the difference.

You don't feel entitled to anything, but continuously are grateful for grace and mercy.

You have an amazing belly laugh, and a simple smile.

You gladly eat anything I put on the table.

You treat me with love and respect.  We are a team.  Not only with words, but with actions.

Your introvert is a balance to my extrovert.

You appreciate simple living, and don't get marred down with the things of this world.

You are constantly growing in your walk with Christ.

You have the amazing ability to self-differentiate.  I appreciate that.

You also stand up for things you believe in.  You do so honorably and humbly.  That is rare.

I am honored to be your wife, and the mother of your children.

I'm grateful I get a front-row seat to the amazing person you are.

I'm grateful I get to dance the mine fields with you.

I'm grateful for your hugs, back rubs, endless paperwork nights, early work mornings, and service at church. 

You talk the talk.... and you walk the walk.

I'm your biggest fan, babe.

Love you tons,


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yup, he said that. (Yesterday)

I'm LOVING summer!
The lazy days....the lack of morning rush.
Yesterday we had two things on our to-do list:
1.  Start the library reading program
2.  Run to Meijer to pick up a few items for our entertaining this week
So, we played a lot of the morning.
Then, we decided that we were getting bored and needed a change of scenery.
I changed Baby L's diaper, grabbed some cash from the envelopes, and packed up the diaper bag.
Off to the library we went.
We were in the library for a total of 20 minutes when I noticed a puddle pooling under where Baby L was sitting.
Uh oh.
She had pee'd through her diaper.
Her shorts were soaked.
(Super sad- because the outfit she was wearing was ADORABLE!)
So, I put the boys on task to check out their books (with their own NEW library cards)
and off we went.
I changed Baby L in the car (3rd child...I don't care where I change her)
and kept her shorts off.
I must have had a scowl on my face because C chimed in,
"Mom, what's wrong?"
"Well, I needed to run to Meijer.  I need some ingredients for dinner tonight and others for a dessert for book club and I also need some yard bug repellant so I can spray it tonight in order for it to dry before we have kids over on Friday.  Baby L's shorts are drenched, so I can't put them back on her.  She only has a diaper on.  We can't take her into Meijer like this."
A:  "Like what?"
Me: " Well, she only has a shirt and diaper on.  She has no pants on."
A: "Well, can't we just go to Wal Mart, then?"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Counting Mine {295-304}

295.  Small group

296.  Friends who parent their children the same way I parent mine- thus creating an easy atmosphere

297.  Lady days sat grandma's house.

298. New deck chairs

299.  Solar lights that work!

300. Six amazing graduates of our little school- what a fantastic foundation!

301. Crying at a sad movie and laughing at a hysterical bawler at the same time.

302.  Monthly menus.  And  the ability to stay on budget.

303.  The Summer Bucket List.  And hope of lots of fun!

304.  Nap time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The end of an era....a really, really LONG era.

We've lived in the Love Shack for 9 years now.
One year short of a decade.
At the Love Shack.
We hopped in our Chrysler and moved our possessions into a
teeny 780 sq ft. one-bedroom
We've had two building permits during that time.
Building the addition,
and building the addition on the addition.
This has added up to over 5 years with a Building Permit sitting in my front window.
Both of them have weathered winters,
you name it.
They sit crumple in the front window.
That is...until today.
We had our FINAL inspection of the Love Shack!
We've passed with flying colors....
(was there ever any doubt?!?!?)
Lest you think that we're done, done with the Love Shack,
I'll post a few in-progress pictures:
My kitchen:

And the front of the house:

Most of the addition on the addition remains largely unfinished.
We completed the deck because this completes the structural portion of our building permit.
(Turns out you don't need the finishes done before you can call is "useful space" and pay full property taxes on it....)

So, today...I bid a fond farewell.
To the piece of paper that served me with hope when I first received and paid for it.
To the inspectors who always complimented my OCD husband's meticulous work.
To the township office who was patient with us when there was no progress on the house.
To the piece of paper that has graced my front window.
To not being able to open the window because the paper would fall out and disintegrate.

Adios permit!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Counting Mine {276-294}

It's been a while since I posted one of these.  I've missed them.  So, here goes:

276.  Allergy meds

277.  Sandals with arch support

278.  A grandma that my kids adore- and one that babysit.

279.  An almost completed deck!

280.  A good group picture.

281.  Sunshine.

282. and the hours of inspiration it gives.

283.  Simplifying. 

284.  Opi's fun nail polish names.  (My current favorite "AmazON....AmazOFF)

285.  A Sex and the City Marathon

286.  Make-up primer.

287.  Citronella

288.  Vodka Tonics

289.  Pretending to live at Barb's house for 5 minutes.

290.  Graduation parties.

291.  When C. hears sirens on the road and reminds me to start to pray.

292.  Sending Manic May into the "past."

293.  The promise of play dates, picnics and fun.

294.  Being the "prepared mom" who has an emergency kit in her car (Thanks MOPS craft day!)