Sunday, June 15, 2014

To my dear husband,

While I don't know if you ever read this blog, I know you have stumbled upon it from time to time.

So, today... on Father's Day, I'll write.

Just to you.

(But since I know this is a public forum, feel free to continue reading friends and family... I'll keep it G rated.  You're welcome)

When we first started dating, I knew you were going to be a great dad.

Every time we were around babies and children, they had your attention.  You were sweet to them, you were considerate of them.  It turned my head toward you.

But it was more than the way you treated other people's children; it was the way you treated others in general.  You're a kind man.  You have an amazing heart.  You're not selfish, instead you're giving and a servant.

You have a fantastic work ethic, and take the breadwinner role seriously.

You humbly take the spiritual cornerstone role of our family; investigating, studying, sharing, discussing.

You believe in Christian Education.  You know and understand the difference.

You don't feel entitled to anything, but continuously are grateful for grace and mercy.

You have an amazing belly laugh, and a simple smile.

You gladly eat anything I put on the table.

You treat me with love and respect.  We are a team.  Not only with words, but with actions.

Your introvert is a balance to my extrovert.

You appreciate simple living, and don't get marred down with the things of this world.

You are constantly growing in your walk with Christ.

You have the amazing ability to self-differentiate.  I appreciate that.

You also stand up for things you believe in.  You do so honorably and humbly.  That is rare.

I am honored to be your wife, and the mother of your children.

I'm grateful I get a front-row seat to the amazing person you are.

I'm grateful I get to dance the mine fields with you.

I'm grateful for your hugs, back rubs, endless paperwork nights, early work mornings, and service at church. 

You talk the talk.... and you walk the walk.

I'm your biggest fan, babe.

Love you tons,


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