Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few things I've learned this week

- Our family - my children, more specifically, do NOT thrive on a jam-packed schedule.  They need down time, play time, alone time, and quiet time.  Not to mention a good night of sleep.   This mamas no different from her kiddos.

- Sometimes the worst monsters hide in the most public of places.  And in a related note:  it's interesting (read: sad) how people will lump one statistical outlying monster in with the whole of a group of wonderful people.  Not all Christians are bad. I promise.

- Hitting a ball with a bat is harder than it looks.

-  Things are more fun (for the adult) when a tired toddler is not in tow.  But not nearly as cute.

- A crazy toddler who accidentally falls and  hurts her arm will allow for 3 1/2 innings of quality cuddle/cheering time.

-  Sometimes its better to aim for a base hit rather than a grand slam.

-  A longer-than-usual and tighter-than-usual hug is sometimes less "awkward" and more "goodbye"

-  Sometimes the word "etc." can include hundreds of different things

-  I still love the smell of baby heads- without the desire to add to my own brood

-  The more I learn about Common Core curriculum, the more I'm desperately grateful that we don't entrust our children's education to the government.

-  My middle child has an amazing mind, thinks about "the big picture" and is pretty darn good at reading people

-  Flat feet hurt more than just feet:  they burn ankles, knees and hips too.  Sigh.

-  Sugar detox is not for wimps.

-  Friends, if you are sad, lonely, overwhelmed... feeling like there is no way out, please PLEASE remember this:  you are loved.  You are a cherished person.  Please reach out to someone before you take drastic measures that cannot be undone.  There is always hope.  Even in the darkest of places.

-  When there are no answers to questions, there is still God.  Sometimes (all times) that's all the answer we need.

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