Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Crap I've made: Patriotic Dress

I'm a pretty crafty person, by nature.
Most of the time, it comes out of necessity:
the desire for specific things within a tight budget.
Other times, it's just for funzies.
Either way, I wanted a fun way to share them with you on this here blog.
Hence, a new series is born.
Let me introduce you to:
Special thanks to Michelle at ememby designs for the logo.  :)
Go check out her blog...I'll wait here.  I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do!!!
Anyway, I was inspired by a pin on Pintrest
(which I was totally ready to embed here and share with you...but apparently we can't do that anymore?????)
And I thought,
There's no way I'm paying that much for a one-three day dress!
Then, I decided to make it.
I started with this:
A tank top found in the toddler/boys dept. for $2.88 at Walmart
Clearance fabric $3/yard (I got 1/2 yard of it)
Red Rick Rack$1.29
Semi-transparent blue ribbon (I had this in my craft bin)
Total of less than $6
I found a round object that was the same diameter as the t-shirt
(It just happened to be our Folgers bulk canister)
Then measured out 9 inches from the center of the circle.
Here's the shape of the skirt!

(Forgot this picture...sorry)
Pin the skirt and the shirt inside out.
Sew together.
(sorry...forgot this picture too)
I folded the hem under at the same time pinning the red rick rack to the bottom hem.
I wanted the red on more than just the chest of the dress.
I pinned 4 rows of rick rack to the front of the dress.
The top two rows are shorter than the bottom two.
The edges of the rickrack will fray a bit...I'm totally ok with that.

I made a bow out of the blue ribbon and sewed it on.

Place on cute baby and watch her accessorize it with her brother's fedora.
And dance, dance, dance the afternoon away!


After watching her, I decided I wanted to add some rick rack to the arm holes as well...
So, here's a pic of the during, but not the after
Because I just didn't think about that.  :)

Happy Crap Making!!!

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mrsmarkdave said...

Wow! That is absolutely adorable! Good for you. I'm jealous because I couldn't craft my way out of a paper bag.