Thursday, August 16, 2018

Marriage and morning people

I'm married to a morning person

I am not not NOT a morning person.

To top it off, my morning person gets up at 4:45 am (yes, on purpose!) to get some paperwork done before he leaves for the day.

Every morning at 7am (ish), he comes to wake me up and kiss me goodbye. 95% of the time, I am still asleep when he comes in.

He's geared up for the day.

I am still semi-comatose.

Clearly, a great time to have a conversation! This morning went like this:

D: what's on your agenda today?

Me: mmmmmmpppppffffffff

D: are you working today?

Me: uuuuuuuummmmm think so

D: did you see the new football practice times? 9:30 to eleven and 3 to 5:30. You're helping JT at the 11:30 one, right? Are you doing all the others too?

Me: sooooooo many nuuuuuuumbers.

D: what are you going to do with the kids?

Me: we have kids?

D:  what's the tee time on the calendar? You going golfing?

Me: what day is it again?


Me (again): yes....the orthodontist guy has patient appreciation....thanks for all your money, here have a golf ball.

D: I love you, have a good day.
Me: love you too. (Rolls over and dozes)

(He, on the other hand, is packed up and off to save the world- one well built house at a time).