Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love to laugh!

Sometimes one just needs a good belly laugh.

It's funny, I won't feel totally connected to a person until we've laughed together.

This is something I've figured out recently.

So...join me in a laugh, would ya?

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest
Source: via Sandy on Pinterest
Source: via Sandy on Pinterest
Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Ten- Sick and Snarky Edition

1.  C. is home sick today.  After having a one-man puke-o-rama all night last night.  All over my side of the bed.  And my new bedroom carpeting.  And the hardwood floor in the living room.  And the kitchen floor.  And trails through to the bathroom floor.  Really, it was fun.  Sorry you missed it.

2.  I am surviving on approximately 45 minutes of sleep- between Baby L.'s feedings and C's tummy rumblings.

3.  Dave?  Oh...he slept GREAT....thank you for your concern about HIS sleeping habits.

4.  Tuesdays are supposed to be my "work" day, and my parents are supposed to be helping me with kiddos.  Due to sickness, weather, and whatnot, they've only been able to make it once since I returned to work.  Tuesdays are still my work day....just flying solo.

5.  C. came down earlier and said, "Whoa, mom...working with a baby here- and me too!  Wow, that's gotta be hard."  #thankyoucaptainobvious #atleastsomeonenoticed

5.  Sandy:  pity party for one.

6.  On the plus side, ALL my linens will now be a fresh state of clean.

7.  And my carpets.

8.  And miscellaneous in-the-firing-range furniture.

9.  Baby L. is feeling "punky" and wants to be held all the live-long day.  I'm praying she doesn't get it as bad as C. did.

10.  How on Earth did I find time to blog about my complaints while working and having sick kids?  I've got my super-cape on.  :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

5QF- Snowy Winter Edition

We've had at least 2 inches of snow in the last hour here. 

But it's we deal.  Nothing new.

This is also where most Michiganders will start saying things like,

"ok..winter, you can quit now." goes:

1. What is a hobby you would love to learn and why?

To knit.  It's one of my goals (right hand side of the screen....scroll down). 

HOWEVER, I got my hair cut/ colored by a friend yesterday (first time to her- LOVED IT!), and while I was processing, she taught me the "knit" stitch.  She sent me home when a skein of yarn (talkin' knitting lingo already....go me) and two needles to practice.  I am practicing...but something is amiss.  I'll just keep going to see what kind of giant mess of a knot I can forge to present her with.

2. What do you wish you could have delivered to your house but does not deliver?

GROCERIES!  I'm so sick of grocery shopping.  I'm sick of seeing sick people snotting all over carts while I'm grocery shopping.  #germaphobe
3. What's your favorite snow day activity? Inside and out?

Inside:  reading a book, curling up with the kiddos, etc.  Slothful type stuff.

Outside:  I'm up for some sledding!  As long as the sled is padded.  Very very padded.

4. Would you meet a stranger from an Internet dating site?

You know...not sure about that one.  I've met people online that I've made friends with, and gotten to know- over quite a long period of time.  Some of my most interesting, fun and lasting friendships have come out of this blog or friends of friends that I've met over facebook, twitter, etc. 

I think one has to be VERY careful with a dating site.  I'm sure there are lots of good people on those sites, but also Lots of crazies out there.

5. If you had to spend 35 hours in a car with 4 other people, who would you choose?

My family.  Three kids, husband....destination:  Florida!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


There are just some amazingly special people in my life.

These people prove that sometimes....

....well, sometimes water is, indeed, thicker than blood.

My mom is a kindergarten teacher for a Lutheran school.

When she took her call to my home town, she met the two most amazing people.

Since her father passed away when she was young, and her mother was long-distance,

they were like surrogate parents to her.

He gave my mom away at my parent's wedding...

...when my mom was pregnant with my brother,
she asked them if we could call them grandma and grandpa.

"As long as they don't call me Bumpa." he said.

Guess what we ended up calling him...

(Hint:  Bumpa)

So, a few Sundays ago....

the whole family got together to celebrate 90 years of Bumpa.


(Sorry for was a LONG table full of "family members" and my zoom isn't that great)

A good time was had by all...especially the the cupcake table.  :)


So...what has 90 years of Bumpa taught me?

That grandfathers have a special place in heaven.

That a boisterous laugh is infectious.

That respect is amazing.

Scotch at the end of a long day is sometimes just what the Dr. ordered.

Honesty is always the best policy.

To name a few.  :)

I can't resist sharing this pic- it's too cute:


So, here's Great Grandma and Bumpa with all the littles:


Immediate family:


Extended family:

Full Hearts


Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Everyday Valentine

I have this cedar box.  I've had it since my Senior year of high school.  It locks.  I honestly can't tell you the last time it was open...probably because I'm totally not Type A (or responsible in general) and lost the key.

Well, in moving our room into the new section of the house, I found the key. 

And then I couldn't remember where I put the box. 


So, last night...I found the box and reunited the key to the lock.


Talk about memory lane.

Items in this box include (but are not limited to):
  • My first driver's license (nerd alert!)
  • the handkerchief I carried down the aisle on my wedding day
  • Dave's first love letter to me
  • A ring my grandmother gave me
  • Miscellaneous trinkets
  • A prayer for my everyday valentine
The last one really caught my eye.  I unfolded the hand written page, and there it was

A prayer written out to God. 

This prayer was really a list of attributes I wanted in my spouse.

You see, I dated a lot.  I never really hung onto guys for an extended period of time because I knew they weren't "the one."  My thought was "why waste our time if it's not going to go anywhere."

But in that dating, I realized what I did...or did NOT want in my husband.  The list made me laugh, cry and warmed my how faithful God is to putting the desire for the perfect mate in our hearts. 

Here's what I'm talking about...I'll share some of the list:

1.  Believes in God.
2.  Bigger hands and feet than me.
3.  Does NOT wear overalls.
4.  Good kisser (sorry,'s a must)
5.  Knows my weight history and is ok if I'm not skin and bones - or if I gain all the weight back (self-fulfilling prophecy here???)
6.  Not previously married.
7.  Not carrying baggage around from former relationships
8.  Preferably not one with children
9.  Wants children someday
10.  Will still love me if I'm infertile
11.  Has parents that are still married
12.  Has a good relationship with his parents
13.  Taller than me
14.  Has good teeth.
15.  Knows how to change a tire and check the oil in his engine
16.  Generally handy around the house (HA!  This made me LAUGH!!)
17.  Has his credit under control (**snort**)
18.  Employed
19.  Doesn't sit and play video games all day/ night.
20.  Knows how to clean (whoa nelly...did I get myself into trouble with this one!!!)
21.  Fiercely loyal, and I never have to worry about him cheating on me
22.  Brings me flowers once in a while (ok...sometimes he does!)
23.  Encourages me to be creative
24.  Supports my desire to be a stay-at-home-mom
25.  Has a good work ethic (seriously, God???  took that one a little far, Big Guy!)
26.  Appreciates me for me
27.  Respects my father
28.  Must NOT have a mullet or dentures (apparently, I was aiming high here...)
29.  Likes to hunt
30.  Enjoys show tunes and encourages me to see Broadway shows
31.  Enjoys travelling
32.  Willing to go bungee jumping or sky diving with me (a phase I out grew quickly...)
33.  Encourages me to be the best me I can be
34.  Will be a good dad
35.  Will be a good (and engaged) spiritual leader of our family
36.  Not afraid of commitment
37.  NOT a label-hound (someone who worships the almighty label)
38.  Has a cute tooshie (CHECK!)
39.  Laughs at my sarcasm
40.  Someone who can be my everyday Valentine

I left a few out...just because they are a little more personal...

but seriously- if you've ever met my husband...he fits most  all of this criteria to a T.

Even the show tunes!  (although we haven't been to a show in a VERY long time due to lack of discretionary income).

This journal entry is dated:  November Nov 17, 1999

THREE days before I met Dave.

THREE days.

Three days later, I met my Everyday Valentine.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Breaking (off) is hard to do.

Do you have the "Breaking up" song in your head yet?

I love me some oldies songs.  :)

Anyway...a few Counting Blessing posts ago, I alluded to God inspiring my husband and I to take a risky step out in Faith.  (Blessing #204 to be exact)

I purposely left it illusive because we had some key individuals to tell first. 

Due process.

Last night Dave and I informed our small group that we were leaving them to branch off and start a new group.

After 10 years of being in the same group.

One entire decade (well, minus 4 months) the same group.

Knowing the same people.

Some couples have come, some have gone...some stayed the same.

These people know me.  I know them.  It is such a tight-knit group.

Then, one random Monday morning, I put Baby L. down for a nap. 

I checked the time- 8:25am.  I jumped in the shower.

As I'm running down my mental to-do list for the day, I can hear a voice in my head,

"It's time to start a new small group."

Whoa. (I thought)

"There's a need for it, and you're ready.  It's time."

And with that, I knew we were ready. 

So that night, I approached Dave at the dinner table,

"I think we should think about starting a new small group."

He stopped eating, looked up at me and said,

"I had that exact same thought this morning after I dropped the boys off at school."

(He drops them off around 8:15...which means we had the same thought right around the same time.)

Side note:  How great is our God?!?!?

Whoa. (we both thought)

So, we started talking about families to ask to join us...two families were brought up right away.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked them to join us.

They were both game.

Side note:  How great is our God?!?!?

So, then last night....we told our group.


We are sad to leave this group.

We've been together through thick and thin. 

Births, deaths, everything in between.

They are an extension of our family.

But...we're ready.

Dave said our group prayer at the end.

I'd be lying if I said we didn't have lumps in our throats.

Then, our group put us in the middle of the circle, laid their hands on us,

and prayed for us and our mission.

What a blessing.

What an amazing blessing.

To send us out with prayers and love...

So while we are sad to leave the comfort and safety of our group,

Dave and I are certain God is calling us to take this next step in Faith.

As a team.

We're excited for what He's got in store for us and this new group!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Counting Mine 211- 225

211.  Lovely friends. Especially ones that commit to praying for each other.

212.  Painted fingernails.  And lovely shades of gray.

213.  The smell of Aveda hair care products.  It's intoxicating!

214.  Spiritual growth.  New horizons, and new opportunities.

215.  Being able to differentiate myself from others and being willing to stand up for what I believe in.

216.  Being known for my blatant honesty.  At times, not always beneficial.  HOWEVER, no one EVER needs to wonder what I'm thinking or whether or not I'm blowing smoke up their arse.  Cause I just don't.  I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.

217.  Being ok enough to not worry about people's reactions to what I say all the time.

218.  Warm hugs from friends....I love a good hug.

219.  Prayers.  The ones that just fill you with peace at the perfect time.  Oh, how I love those prayers!

220.  Parents willing to take responsibility on how their children are raised and educated.  (this is in both the public and private school system!  parents need to take responsibility regardless of where their child is for 8 hours a day!)

221.  A girl's night out.  A desperately needed girl's night out.  With amazing ladies!

222.  For 90 years of Bumpa.

223.  Snow days.  And an excuse to stay in jammies all day.

224.  For a completely organized walk in closet. Never had one before.  Neither a walk in closet nor an organized one (walk in or not!).

225.  Dinners that don't include a fight at the table.  This included breakfast dinner and hamburger night.  That's it.

Friday, February 8, 2013



I have officially made it to the end of my first week back to work.  So far, I've survived...a little more tired that usual- due to late nights writing up audit reports, but hey....come paycheck time, I will not complain.  I've got some work cut out for me- though- to make it to my weekly audit report goal.  Thank goodness I have until tomorrow at midnight!

The boys have a snow day today!  I'm so happy!  In addition, the Dr. office called and cancelled C's asthma appointment for today- since our Dr. is sick.  Which means, I can stay in my jammies all the live-long day and cuddle on the couch with my little guys.  I'm one happy mama.

1. What holiday do you wish did not exist?

I'm not sure...the "holiday" I really have nothing to do with is Sweetest Day.  I think it's sometime in October.  It's a ridiculous made up holiday.

And, you know...this one time I had a high-maintenance friend who was engaged to this guy...and she FREAKED when he didn't go all-out for Sweetest Day.  And I got stuck in the middle of their stupid fight. 

Sorry, I don't use the word "stupid" often...but calling a spade a spade here.

So, yeah...jaded by Sweetest Day.

2. What is your favorite romance/love movie?

Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Footloose....I'm a sucker for some 80's teenage romantic drama.  :)

Otherwise, movie titles escape me at the moment.  We don't get out much.

3. Do you make a big production out of celebrating Valentine's Day?

Not really.  I know he loves me.  He shows me everyday by how hard he works, and by his love and affection every other day of the year.  Do we acknowledge Valentine's Day?  Yep.  But that's not the only day to acknowledge what we mean to each other.

4. What is something weird you did as a child? (or even now!)

I was pretty much a normal kid.  What I think is weird is probably normal kid stuff.  Things like clothes-pinning a card to my bike so it sounds like a motorcycle...making mud pies....using GI Joe's for my Barbie's boyfriends, etc. 

Just normal kid stuff.....right?!?!?

5. What makes you love your husband, really LOVE him, you know since Valentines is coming up?

Seriously...where do I start?!?!? 

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you'll know that I'm his biggest fan.  And I'm not afraid to admit it.

From his handsome looks to his hard core work ethic, from his infectious belly laugh to his big heart...I love it all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


1.  I started back to work yesterday.  Sigh.  I'm SO thankful to have a job where I can work from home.  SO thankful.  But I was REALLY enjoying just being a mom for a bit there.  Really enjoying it.  But come pay day, I'll really be enjoying that extra wiggle room in the budget that this job affords us.  ( pays tuition and part of our monthly health insurance premium....but whatevs).

2.  Today, A's class is going to a snow tubing park with the whole school.  He's SO excited!  C. cannot go.  They say you have to be 6 to go without adults, and half of the kindergarten class is not they stay behind.  He was totally bummed.  Sometimes its hard being the little brother.  ;P

3.  I'm sleep training Baby L.  Wish me luck.  Pray for me.  I've realized that as soon a babies are born, parenthood is mostly about training them to leave you.  Every thing we teach them is so they can be productive members of society.  This just makes me want to wake her up, unswaddle her and plead "DON'T LEEEEEEEEAVE ME!!!!!"

4.  This weekend, we celebrate 90 years of Bumpa.  Because sometimes water is, indeed, thicker than blood.  Were it not for him, I never would have known how wonderful it is to have a grandpa.

5.  I'm thinking of doing something funky with my hair.  Like purple streaks here and there or something.  What do you think?  It's temporary, right?  So, why not?

6.  I'm still sometimes surprised.  No matter how far you think you've come...there's always someone who refuses to grow up and act like an adult.  It's ridiculous sometimes.

7.  For the longest time, I thought I had ADD.  I'm not kidding you.  I could not focus on anything to save my life.    My Dr. had talked to me about medication, but I didn't want to put my body through any more abuse...then, I discovered a tea made by Herbalife.  The monthly flier I get from my Wellness Dr. talked about it and how it helps with ADD issues.  I conveniently had some in my pantry that I forgot about, and started taking it with my coffee.  Lo and behold...there is a difference!  I really noticed a difference when working yesterday.  I could actually concentrate!  I'm very happy about this.

8.  I need to think of two crafts:  one for C's Valentine Party in Kindergarten and one for my MOPS table (after Valentine's Day) to do at my house.  Any ideas?

9.  I'm finding more rust spots on our van.  She's got 215,000 miles on her.  We've been told by our mechanic that Caravans will go forever if you take care of them properly.  We're praying she makes it to 300,000.

10.  This week is Spa Day at MOPS!  HOORAY!  This is my favorite MOPS holiday.  :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Searching for me? In some cases, I hope not. searches can be funny.  My friend, Michelle, posts them from time to time...which always gets me thinking "how are people finding my blog?"

Some are flattering...those that literally search for "Pardon my Dust blog" or "Carpenters Dust Blog."  That means they were probably directly in search of yours truly.  Awh.  Love them.

But some others?  Yeah...I just scratch my head.  Check them out: 

tank driver demotivational.  Gosh, how I love a good demotivational poster.  I used to post them a long time ago.  I have some on my Pintrest boards.  Here is my latest pin:

lady katie slippers.  I'm not sure what post this brought you to, but I love the term "Lady Katie."  It started with my cousin's sweet wife, and now any Katie I see is deemed "Lady Katie."  And I do hope she has slippers.  Cause cold feet just suck.

am i hot enough for my boyfriend. idea why this search brought you to my blog, but the answer is a resounding "yes."  And if he tells you you're not hot the opposite direction of that.  Any man who insists a woman look a certain way is not worthy of your time or attention.

Burger King frappes gluten free.  Yes, they are.  They're also loaded with carbs and caffeine.  So, I'll pass.

gift ideas for one dollar.  God bless the frugal crafter!  Here is one of my favorite high-impact gift ideas with glass jars found at the Dollar Tree. 

chipmunks having babies.  Not in this house.  At least, I hope not.

herbalife cups.  Are you talking in reference to the Herbalifeline Fish Oil experiment?  Yes, do one on your current fish oil.  I dare you.

80's design interior.  Why on earth would that bring you to my blog?  Yes, I love me some 80's.  Yes...I love some interior design.  Together?  Not quite.

on my lawn jerkin too girls.  Ok...I have ISSUES with this one.  ISH-YEWS!!!  Why the heck did this search bring you to my blog?  (family friendly!- with a few swear words as exception).  Few things: are gross, and in need of help.  Seond. it's jerk-ING.  Or, if you're going for slang, jerkin'.  Apostrophes are important.  Third, TWO, not too.  Too implies "also."  I'm assuming you're going for numbers here.  Fourth, on your lawn!?!?  I sincerely hope you live far far out in the country.  Finally, just so so gross.  **shudder**

kid holey toes.  I'm hoping that means holey socks?  Because holey toes would be sad.  For and adults alike.

Inflamed wrist.  Take some ibuprofen, ice it and call me in the morning.

Breakfast Birthday Party.  Perhaps you found the blog post where I referenced the fact that my husband takes our kids out for breakfast on their birthday?  A tradition his father started with their 5 kids and still continues to this day.  I love that he has such a great father to set an awesome example of simple things that mean so much.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Counting Mine 196-210

196.  A husband who works night and day for us.  Literally.

197.  For friends who stick it out with you.  No matter how hard it seems.

198.  Stolen kisses.

199.  A new month....full envelopes.

200.  Super bowl!  And fun commercials.  And chillin' with family.

201.  I currently have every dirty laundry hamper EMPTY in this house.

202.  For Customer Appreciation Weekend at QDoba.  And their willingness to double coupons on top of great deals.

203.  For a great phone conversation with a friend I was worried about.

204.  For God inspiring my husband and I (at the same moment in time) to take a risky step out in Faith.

205.  For that super smooth skin feeling after a great exfoliation.

206.  For Dave's's picking back up again.   Like gang-busters.  Praying that continues.

207.  For our WaterPik.  Seriously awesome.

208.  For a no-fail soup recipe.  Seriously good every time.

209.  For no bake cookies.  And the smile my husband gets every time he pops one in his mouth because they remind him of "when he was a kid."

210.  For daily devotionals that smack me up side the head...and stay in my head all day.

Friday, February 1, 2013

5QF- Feb. edition!

It's February!!!

I've always wanted a February baby.  Why?

Because the birthstone (amethyst) is simply beautiful!  Purple-y beautiful.

My grandmother's birthday was this month, and after she passed, I inherited her birthstone pendant.  EVERY TIME I wear it, I get compliments.  It's beautiful. Feb. baby for me.  I get December, August and October.  Still pretty ones...but no purple.

Just thanking my goodness that I didn't have a November baby.  Oye...browney yellow???  Sorry, man.

Ok...Again, I'm pushing my luck with Baby L's morning here we go.

1. What is your favorite book to read with your kids?

There's a Sesame Street book that I always read to the boys called "The Monster at the end of this Book."  It stars Grover...and it's a cute book.  Plus, I do the voice...and the boys laugh and laugh.  C. still asks me to read it to him.  The other night, Dave read it to him while I was feeding Baby L, and after Dave got done, C. promptly came to me on the love seat and asked me to read it "the right way."  #iwin

2. After having kids, what body part has changed the most?

Ummmm...this is a family friendly

Seriously, everything changed.


3. Would you ever go back to college? What would you study?

I would indulge those thoughts!  I'd probably do something in the medical field.  Possibly with anti-ageing medicine.  Ever since I found out about my gluten issues and all the domino effects from that...I've been studying how my body works and reacts to certain things.  I'd love to be able to pass my knowledge on to people.   And help them.  My peers are more open to listening, but when I offer advice to older adults, they won't listen unless I have an MD or something after my name. 

4. How do you close a phone call? Bye, bye bye or other?

ok. bye.

5. What is the one food that will always be your "cheat food" on a diet?

There is one food....regardless of whether I'm "watching it" or not...I will always eat.  Without shame.  If it's not originally in my eating plan, I'm putting it in my eating plan.

Raspberry Meringue Cookies.

Thank goodness my mom only makes these once a year at Christmas.  Seriously, I am helpless when it comes to these. 

Perhaps they're not that bad - since they're filled with air....right???  Practically a health food.  :)