Sunday, February 3, 2013

Counting Mine 196-210

196.  A husband who works night and day for us.  Literally.

197.  For friends who stick it out with you.  No matter how hard it seems.

198.  Stolen kisses.

199.  A new month....full envelopes.

200.  Super bowl!  And fun commercials.  And chillin' with family.

201.  I currently have every dirty laundry hamper EMPTY in this house.

202.  For Customer Appreciation Weekend at QDoba.  And their willingness to double coupons on top of great deals.

203.  For a great phone conversation with a friend I was worried about.

204.  For God inspiring my husband and I (at the same moment in time) to take a risky step out in Faith.

205.  For that super smooth skin feeling after a great exfoliation.

206.  For Dave's's picking back up again.   Like gang-busters.  Praying that continues.

207.  For our WaterPik.  Seriously awesome.

208.  For a no-fail soup recipe.  Seriously good every time.

209.  For no bake cookies.  And the smile my husband gets every time he pops one in his mouth because they remind him of "when he was a kid."

210.  For daily devotionals that smack me up side the head...and stay in my head all day.

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