Monday, February 4, 2013

Searching for me? In some cases, I hope not. searches can be funny.  My friend, Michelle, posts them from time to time...which always gets me thinking "how are people finding my blog?"

Some are flattering...those that literally search for "Pardon my Dust blog" or "Carpenters Dust Blog."  That means they were probably directly in search of yours truly.  Awh.  Love them.

But some others?  Yeah...I just scratch my head.  Check them out: 

tank driver demotivational.  Gosh, how I love a good demotivational poster.  I used to post them a long time ago.  I have some on my Pintrest boards.  Here is my latest pin:

lady katie slippers.  I'm not sure what post this brought you to, but I love the term "Lady Katie."  It started with my cousin's sweet wife, and now any Katie I see is deemed "Lady Katie."  And I do hope she has slippers.  Cause cold feet just suck.

am i hot enough for my boyfriend. idea why this search brought you to my blog, but the answer is a resounding "yes."  And if he tells you you're not hot the opposite direction of that.  Any man who insists a woman look a certain way is not worthy of your time or attention.

Burger King frappes gluten free.  Yes, they are.  They're also loaded with carbs and caffeine.  So, I'll pass.

gift ideas for one dollar.  God bless the frugal crafter!  Here is one of my favorite high-impact gift ideas with glass jars found at the Dollar Tree. 

chipmunks having babies.  Not in this house.  At least, I hope not.

herbalife cups.  Are you talking in reference to the Herbalifeline Fish Oil experiment?  Yes, do one on your current fish oil.  I dare you.

80's design interior.  Why on earth would that bring you to my blog?  Yes, I love me some 80's.  Yes...I love some interior design.  Together?  Not quite.

on my lawn jerkin too girls.  Ok...I have ISSUES with this one.  ISH-YEWS!!!  Why the heck did this search bring you to my blog?  (family friendly!- with a few swear words as exception).  Few things: are gross, and in need of help.  Seond. it's jerk-ING.  Or, if you're going for slang, jerkin'.  Apostrophes are important.  Third, TWO, not too.  Too implies "also."  I'm assuming you're going for numbers here.  Fourth, on your lawn!?!?  I sincerely hope you live far far out in the country.  Finally, just so so gross.  **shudder**

kid holey toes.  I'm hoping that means holey socks?  Because holey toes would be sad.  For and adults alike.

Inflamed wrist.  Take some ibuprofen, ice it and call me in the morning.

Breakfast Birthday Party.  Perhaps you found the blog post where I referenced the fact that my husband takes our kids out for breakfast on their birthday?  A tradition his father started with their 5 kids and still continues to this day.  I love that he has such a great father to set an awesome example of simple things that mean so much.

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