Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Everyday Valentine

I have this cedar box.  I've had it since my Senior year of high school.  It locks.  I honestly can't tell you the last time it was open...probably because I'm totally not Type A (or responsible in general) and lost the key.

Well, in moving our room into the new section of the house, I found the key. 

And then I couldn't remember where I put the box. 


So, last night...I found the box and reunited the key to the lock.


Talk about memory lane.

Items in this box include (but are not limited to):
  • My first driver's license (nerd alert!)
  • the handkerchief I carried down the aisle on my wedding day
  • Dave's first love letter to me
  • A ring my grandmother gave me
  • Miscellaneous trinkets
  • A prayer for my everyday valentine
The last one really caught my eye.  I unfolded the hand written page, and there it was

A prayer written out to God. 

This prayer was really a list of attributes I wanted in my spouse.

You see, I dated a lot.  I never really hung onto guys for an extended period of time because I knew they weren't "the one."  My thought was "why waste our time if it's not going to go anywhere."

But in that dating, I realized what I did...or did NOT want in my husband.  The list made me laugh, cry and warmed my how faithful God is to putting the desire for the perfect mate in our hearts. 

Here's what I'm talking about...I'll share some of the list:

1.  Believes in God.
2.  Bigger hands and feet than me.
3.  Does NOT wear overalls.
4.  Good kisser (sorry,'s a must)
5.  Knows my weight history and is ok if I'm not skin and bones - or if I gain all the weight back (self-fulfilling prophecy here???)
6.  Not previously married.
7.  Not carrying baggage around from former relationships
8.  Preferably not one with children
9.  Wants children someday
10.  Will still love me if I'm infertile
11.  Has parents that are still married
12.  Has a good relationship with his parents
13.  Taller than me
14.  Has good teeth.
15.  Knows how to change a tire and check the oil in his engine
16.  Generally handy around the house (HA!  This made me LAUGH!!)
17.  Has his credit under control (**snort**)
18.  Employed
19.  Doesn't sit and play video games all day/ night.
20.  Knows how to clean (whoa nelly...did I get myself into trouble with this one!!!)
21.  Fiercely loyal, and I never have to worry about him cheating on me
22.  Brings me flowers once in a while (ok...sometimes he does!)
23.  Encourages me to be creative
24.  Supports my desire to be a stay-at-home-mom
25.  Has a good work ethic (seriously, God???  took that one a little far, Big Guy!)
26.  Appreciates me for me
27.  Respects my father
28.  Must NOT have a mullet or dentures (apparently, I was aiming high here...)
29.  Likes to hunt
30.  Enjoys show tunes and encourages me to see Broadway shows
31.  Enjoys travelling
32.  Willing to go bungee jumping or sky diving with me (a phase I out grew quickly...)
33.  Encourages me to be the best me I can be
34.  Will be a good dad
35.  Will be a good (and engaged) spiritual leader of our family
36.  Not afraid of commitment
37.  NOT a label-hound (someone who worships the almighty label)
38.  Has a cute tooshie (CHECK!)
39.  Laughs at my sarcasm
40.  Someone who can be my everyday Valentine

I left a few out...just because they are a little more personal...

but seriously- if you've ever met my husband...he fits most  all of this criteria to a T.

Even the show tunes!  (although we haven't been to a show in a VERY long time due to lack of discretionary income).

This journal entry is dated:  November Nov 17, 1999

THREE days before I met Dave.

THREE days.

Three days later, I met my Everyday Valentine.


e-liesje said...

This is an amazing post. And of course is was not a coincidence you met hin right at that moment in your life. Happy valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

God does have perfect timing!
(the no mullet and dentures thing cracked me up). Check, check.

mrsmarkdave said...

Oh my gosh. That gave me the chills that you wrote that 3 days before you met Dave. Wow! That's awesome.