Friday, February 22, 2013

5QF- Snowy Winter Edition

We've had at least 2 inches of snow in the last hour here. 

But it's we deal.  Nothing new.

This is also where most Michiganders will start saying things like,

"ok..winter, you can quit now." goes:

1. What is a hobby you would love to learn and why?

To knit.  It's one of my goals (right hand side of the screen....scroll down). 

HOWEVER, I got my hair cut/ colored by a friend yesterday (first time to her- LOVED IT!), and while I was processing, she taught me the "knit" stitch.  She sent me home when a skein of yarn (talkin' knitting lingo already....go me) and two needles to practice.  I am practicing...but something is amiss.  I'll just keep going to see what kind of giant mess of a knot I can forge to present her with.

2. What do you wish you could have delivered to your house but does not deliver?

GROCERIES!  I'm so sick of grocery shopping.  I'm sick of seeing sick people snotting all over carts while I'm grocery shopping.  #germaphobe
3. What's your favorite snow day activity? Inside and out?

Inside:  reading a book, curling up with the kiddos, etc.  Slothful type stuff.

Outside:  I'm up for some sledding!  As long as the sled is padded.  Very very padded.

4. Would you meet a stranger from an Internet dating site?

You know...not sure about that one.  I've met people online that I've made friends with, and gotten to know- over quite a long period of time.  Some of my most interesting, fun and lasting friendships have come out of this blog or friends of friends that I've met over facebook, twitter, etc. 

I think one has to be VERY careful with a dating site.  I'm sure there are lots of good people on those sites, but also Lots of crazies out there.

5. If you had to spend 35 hours in a car with 4 other people, who would you choose?

My family.  Three kids, husband....destination:  Florida!


mrsmarkdave said...

I agree with you on #4 that there are a lot of crazies out there and that you have to be very careful with dating sites.
That being said: I met my husband online. NOT on a dating site. I don't even think they existed. I had an instant messaging program that I used to talk with my sister in law. One day, some guy was bored and did a search for someone to chat with, and he found me. I told him to get lost, and he swore he just wanted to chat. So, we chatted. We were married two years later. That seems insane to me.
I had met another man online. He came from Illinois to visit me (this was back when I was young, stupid, and invincible.)multiple times. I finally dumped him because he was a loser, but I keep finding things out about him. And, I think I was lucky to get out of that one unscathed.

Mama M. said...

Florida is the best. LOVE it and would definitely be an awesome destination for that long car ride!! Or, you know, there's always central MN. ;)