Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Ten- Sick and Snarky Edition

1.  C. is home sick today.  After having a one-man puke-o-rama all night last night.  All over my side of the bed.  And my new bedroom carpeting.  And the hardwood floor in the living room.  And the kitchen floor.  And trails through to the bathroom floor.  Really, it was fun.  Sorry you missed it.

2.  I am surviving on approximately 45 minutes of sleep- between Baby L.'s feedings and C's tummy rumblings.

3.  Dave?  Oh...he slept GREAT....thank you for your concern about HIS sleeping habits.

4.  Tuesdays are supposed to be my "work" day, and my parents are supposed to be helping me with kiddos.  Due to sickness, weather, and whatnot, they've only been able to make it once since I returned to work.  Tuesdays are still my work day....just flying solo.

5.  C. came down earlier and said, "Whoa, mom...working with a baby here- and me too!  Wow, that's gotta be hard."  #thankyoucaptainobvious #atleastsomeonenoticed

5.  Sandy:  pity party for one.

6.  On the plus side, ALL my linens will now be a fresh state of clean.

7.  And my carpets.

8.  And miscellaneous in-the-firing-range furniture.

9.  Baby L. is feeling "punky" and wants to be held all the live-long day.  I'm praying she doesn't get it as bad as C. did.

10.  How on Earth did I find time to blog about my complaints while working and having sick kids?  I've got my super-cape on.  :)


Big Fat Gini said...

Oh my goodness, girl! What a couple of days (weeks? months?) you've had!

Thankfully, all of the illnesses here have only been upper-respiratory related, but seriously I could do without the three to four months of coughing up goo.

Hang in there, mama!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes complaining and holding your own pity party is the only way to get through it! We love you!