Sunday, April 24, 2016

Counting Mine {427-446}

427. Advancing to the next phase in Phase 10 while everyone stays behind.

428. Loosing the speck in the eye. Literally.

429. Kids who choose the right option- even when they don't know anyone is watching.

430. A looooong hot shower.

431. Willing hearts and able hands. All in the name of church community

432. A little one who loves to brush her teeth

433. Loving the other parents on the baseball sidelines.

434. Reconnecting with old friends- and you pick up right where you left off.

435.  Kids that understand the need to keep their committments- even when they're not super excited about it. And finding something good about it all.

436. A husband who can do mechanical work.

437. Coffee shared with sweet friends.

438. Cuddles with the dog.

439. A full nights sleep

440.  The crockpot during our busy season

441. The perfect fit.

442. The pastor who chooses to stay.

443. Easy bedtime routines

444. The perfect MOPS speaker.

445. The humbled feeling in my heart when I was called wise.

446. James 3:13-18

Saturday, April 23, 2016


So, we are in this season of spring.

Manic May seems to have arrived early. At least the manic part of it anyway.

A few nights ago, I was headed out to reconnect with my friend. Before I met with her, I had to drop A-dubya off at baseball practice.  I looped back past our street on my way out .

The church behind us faces this main street. They have beautiful expansive lawns. While driving by, I saw a man and a little girl in their front lawn trying to fly a kite. The dad looked so patient and gentle with his little girl in her pink ballcap.  The sight melted my heart.

As I drove closer, I was able to get a better look of this sweet scene. And I realized:

That was my husband

With our little girl.

And my heart nearly exploded.

I didn't snap a picture because I was driving, but I did take a mental picture and humbly asked God to make this a sticky memory- one that I won't ever forget.

Later, that night Dave sent me this: