Thursday, July 22, 2010

The terrible, no good, very bad day.

Ever have one of those days?

Where you realize its time to go to bed to rest up for tomorrow...and its only 10am?

That was my Monday.

Great way to start the week.

Wanna hear the gist of it?

Well, if you don't....then start scrolling, baby.....cause there's more meat to this post at the end.

Here's what my day looked like:

  • PMS (really, need I say more?)
  • A. woke me up at 4:47 am....ready to take on the day and proceeded to elbow me in the boob.
  • C. fell out of bed at 6:17 am and hit his head on his bookcase
  • I couldn't get the shower to turn on (when I pulled the lever up),
  • so I had to run downstairs with only two hand towels covering me (no clean laundry) to take a shower.
  • I fell going down the stairs and dropped the hand towels
  • I hurt my ankle
  • I ate a salad the night before that did not agree w/ my stomach.  Oh the terror.
  • I ran out of toilet paper
  • A. hit the face
  • A. lied to me
  • C. peed all over the new carpet in the basement
  • A. brought cereal into the new basement and spilled it all over...where C. stomped on it and ground it into the carpet.
  • A's BM clogged the toilet upstairs
  • My mom was still gone in Utah
  • My cell phone battery died
  • I ran out of gas (in the van) one block from the gas station
  • I deposited money into the wrong account and had to back track where our money was
  • D. told me not to turn the air conditioning on until the temp in the living room hit 91
  • C. pooped his pants
  • in my van
  • in his car seat
  • He told me "It felt good" (to have poopy pants)
  • Molly got excited and stepped on my barefoot- scratching the heck out of the top of my foot
  • I cut the bottom of my foot on glass in my driveway while cleaning out the van
  • One of my insured's called me a nosy b.... when I asked him about payroll. (what his policy was based on, by the way)
  • C. refused to take a nap, wrapped the cord of his monitor around his neck and proceeded to take the remaining diaper rash cream and put it in his hair to "look pretty, mommy."
  • C. found a piece of molded styrofoam and broke it apart...all over the living see the little balls.
  • I burned out the motor of my (BORROWED) vacuum trying to pick up the styrofoam balls.
  • The boys tracked the rest of the unvacuumed balls throughout the house.
  • A. brought a toad in the house...where it peed all over my leg
  • C. let Molly out as the UPS man was driving up- turning into a 30 minute "ring around the brown truck" game in bare (cut up) feet
  • PMS
  • One more day to be behind in audits....
  • When I was behind to begin with
  • I let my neighbor's dogs out, tripped over a planter, and it shattered all over their deck.
  • C. cut his finger on a shard
  • The neighbor's dog puked up a treat I gave him when he went inside
  • A. stepped in the puke
  • D. was coming home late (and didn't tell me until the eleventh hour...when I had already been counting down the minutes until he got home)
  • The boys were fighting
  • I YELLED at the boys
  • C. peed his pants, again
  • PMS
  • Adrenal fatigue reared its ugly head....again
  • Sugar withdrawal
  • Lost a receipt to my ordered Tevas that haven't come in yet.
  • Behind in (my other) blog posts
  • I used the television as a babysitter trying to catch up on work.
  • I let my boys watch Sponge Bob
  • My rechargeable camera batteries aren't recharging
  • The elastic band on my underwear ripped (sorry, tmi...but this was my favorite pair!)
  • The bottom hook on my bra was mutilated in the laundry and was scratching my back- the whole day
  • There's NO room in the budget for new bras and underwear.
  • The boys ate hot dogs for for dinner (and coincidentally, the second time today)
  • Hang nail ripped too high (of course, that I was nibbling on the entire day)
  • I ruined a whole day of good eating with a handful of 12 M&M's (almond, no less)
  • D. came home grumpy
  • Then got angry about the styrofoam remnants
  • I got a "what the heck did you do all day?" cold shoulder
  • I trimmed C.'s fingernails and clipped the tip of his finger
  • Oh, the headache...the horrible headache....
  • PMS
  • A. lost his blue blanket, and cried for 2 hours before succumbing to sleep
  • C. was still awake at 11pm.
I was in bed- hiding from my day at 9:41 pm.  About to have a panic attack.. I chose to pray.

It was a bad day.
It was a terrible day.
It was very very bad.

I cried.

 I felt like a horrible person. 
A terrible neighbor. 
An unept wife. 
An unstable, unworthy mother.

Then I remembered a of my favorites from a church that D and I went to when we were dating.

The old music leader there was incredible. 
The choir made a CD...we have it.

One line from one song kept replaying in my head:

"God's mercies are new every morning, each and every day."

Tomorrow is a new day. 

God's mercy will be there for me tomorrow with a fresh start to the day.

Cause He's good like that.

And while Tuesday had problems all it's own, I gave the day to God. 

I let go of control.

And He saw me through.

Much better than I did (on my own) on Monday.

Thank goodness for God-sponsored Clean Slates.


Unknown said...

mondays suck but I cant even imagine yours...thats tuff.
stopping by from new friend friday. and is now a new friend.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter (Fabi) said...

Omg! what a terrible day Sandy, there are days that are terrible I know how you felt, being a mom it's so hard but worth it, right?

clippingandsipping said...

I have had days like that! I don't know how people who don't know Jesus and His strength SURVIVE! My hubster is a carpenter, too! Love the wood trim in the last post! Beautiful!

Amanda said...

PMS is a beee-otch! I'm sorry you hada terrible day!'
BTWQ, I'm your newest follower b/c of Weekend Comment Club...check out my blog if yu get a chance!

mrsmarkdave said...

OMGOSH. That all happened in ONE single day???? My heart goes out to you. That's been a couple weeks ago now but I'd still be trying to recover.