Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No picture post

I'm typing tis on my Surface.  I can't figure out how to upload pics that aren't on my you get none.  I promise the next one will have pictures.  I like pictures in posts... perhaps I'm like a child picking out a book.  More pictures = better.

So, here's some things I've learned during the past week:

  • I think no matter what our grocery budget is, there will always be too much month left at the end of the money.  Especially when birthday parties are involved.

  • Michelle and I have been meeting for "craft night" on select Friday nights after kids are in bed.  I love these nights.  It's seriously the best chance I have to truly unwind.  (By craft night, I mean drink wine.)

  • When people are supposed to work as a team, it's awfully nice when they actually act like they are on a team.  It creates more work for everyone else trying to figure out what's actually happening.  Just sayin.

  • I loathe cleaning two things:  toilets and floors.  It's the most thankless job, and within an hour, they're full of crap again. Literally.

  • I think Baby L. is going to be a climber.  Help me.

  • Mean people suck.  Mean kids suck more.

  • The Soap Scum eraser for tubs, sinks, and showers is also a first layer of skin eraser.

  • Having rough hands is a great time saver for exfoliation.

  • It is entirely possible for me to rock in a rocking chair for 3 hours straight and not get motion sickness.

  • I am potentially a high maintenance person camouflaged as a low maintenance person.  Sorry if I've duped you.

  • I can have a totally clean complexion until there's a large even in our future.  Then, apparently all bets are off. 

  • I am in the process of putting together Baby L's first birthday party for this Saturday.  A la Pinrest.  Girl stuff is so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

I so love craft night...
And maybe there is such a thing as medium maintenance...