Thursday, October 24, 2013

I rocked her

I rocked my babe to sleep.
I cuddled with her,
I rubbed her back.

I patted her sweet little diapered behind.

"Don't rock the babies," they said.
"They need to learn to self-soothe," they said.

She's warm.
She's breathing deeply and slowly.

She'll learn to self-soothe later.

Because, someday...                                          
                                          ...a day not long from now....

I'll be chasing after her.
Missing her.

Before too long, I'll be walking her into her first day of Kindergarten.
We'll be celebrating her confirmation,
her high school graduation...
sending her off to college...
My husband will be walking her up the aisle.
It will go by in a blink.
I'm going to rock her as long as she'll have me.
This moment......
.....this moment is mine.


1 comment:

Mama M. said...

Yes, yes it is. And does go so quickly! Rock her and soak in every. stinking. second of it.