Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three Seven

Approximately 37 years ago...(well, if you're reading this at 6:07pm EST, then it's EXACTLY 37 years ago....) I came into this world.  Yes....thirty seven.

Does the number bug me?'s just a number.  But, like all things that happen annually, it's a good time for a gut-check. It's a good time to reflect. 

It's a good time to give thanks.

Shall I try to come up with 37 things to give thanks for?  Let's see how far I get...

(You can continue reading...I promise it won't get wordy):

1.  God.  Pretty sure I'd be darned if I didn't put the Big Guy first.  But He is pretty there you go.

2.  Dave.  Awesome husband.

3.  A.  Great kid.  Teaches me that everyone marches to the beat of their own drummer.

4.  C.  Impish, but fun.  Teaches me how to have patience.  :)

5.  Baby L. Makes me think that sleep deprivation isn't necessarily a temporary situation.

6.  4 years of being gluten free.  Feeling better from the inside out is something to celebrate.

7.  A good highlight job.  Where would I be without magic hair coloring?  I'd be mousey-brown.  Speaking of which...I need to make an appointment.

8.  Good shoes.  Dansko, Asics, Teva....can't go without them anymore.

9.  Gina.  She's one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Thick and thin, we two.

10.  Michelle.  Best walking partner ever.  Awesome lady, awesome friend. She is near and dear to my heart. (and also, sorry for the beach-hair pic...but you're loving on my baby girl, and I love you for that. )

11.  Melody.  Spiritually supportive and honest.  I love that in her.

12.  Our small group.  Last year we branched off and started a new group.  It has been nothing but a blessing.  I'm forever grateful for this move! And the ladies in the group...forever friends(that's right, getting rid of me!)

13.  My parents.  I wouldn't be here without them, but other than that...they're pretty awesome.

14.  My in-laws.  Providing humor and support whenever and wherever.  And also fun to imitate.

15.  Dave Ramsey.  Best ministry ever.  Best advice ever.

16.  New car smell.  I realize it's a fake smell....since we just purchased a new van (which was clearly used...) and it had this smell in it.  I instantly felt special driving away.  I dig that smell.

17.  Restaurants that have gf menus.  The inner socialite in me is grateful to not have to be a hermit.

18.  Pintrest.  Making my world pretty.  And giving me a hearty laugh at the "fails."

19.  Bath fans and air freshener.  Hey...I live with 3 boys.  You'd be grateful too.

20.  Mama M.  Awesome bloggy friend. I think she rocks.  (Come to Michigan, M!!!!)

21.  Our school.  Seriously most blessed decision we ever made.  It was a hard one to make at first- committing to it financially...but the benefits totally outweigh the tuition payments.  First class teachers, amazing group of parents...and off the hook kids - all daily focusing on Christ.

22.  Flovent.  Keeping us out of the ER so far this year ( knock on wood)

23. Gimp.  Free version of Photoshop.  Therefore, it fits into my budget.  :)

24.  Fall colors.  I'm smitten with the Mitten!  I love love love Michigan in the fall.

25.  A complete night sleep.  They're few and far between...but I LOVE them when they happen! (i.e. last night!)

26.  Hand-me-downs.  My friends have well dressed girls.  Which means so do I.  (Love you, Kathy!)

27.  MOPS.  Without this gift of a ministry, my world would be very small.  I am blessed with some amazing friends thanks to MOPS.

28.  Amaretto coffee creamer.  Oh so good.  Makes the PERFECT cup of coffee.

29.  Getting the perfect picture of your kids.  Perfect lighting.  Perfect smiles, everyone looking in the right direction.  If you have littles, you know this can include a full body sweat (on your part)...making victory all the more sweet.  But sometimes it's just like herding cats.

30.  Mentors.  I have realized that I have many mentors in my life. Tuning into them and listening to their sage words has blessed me!

31.  Butterfingers and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Gluten free treats- once in a great while...but least there's options.

32.  Stacking discounts.  Paying $2.99 for something that was originally priced at $19.99 makes one feel triumphant.

33.  Staying at home motherhood.  Not stress free, but a good type of stress.  I love being there for my kids and making my family first priority.

34.  Family visits.  My brother's family(not to mention the REST of the family clan!) came out for my mother's retirement this summer and I LOVED spending time with them! 

35.  Hitting a high number on my pedometer.  I love the feeling of accomplishment!

36.  A full -belly laugh.  I love love love funny people, and I love a good joke.  Laughter heals and enlightens!  If you can genuinely make me laugh, you are in like Flynn.

37.  YOU. made it to the bottom of my 37 things...which means you're special and awesome.  Or that you have nothing better to do on this day....but HEY- YOU'RE AWESOME IN MY BOOK!!!


mrsmarkdave said...

There IS nothing better than to be reading your blog :-) Happy birthday, dear Sandy. You make this world a better place!

The Gardener said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for including me in your list! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm on the list!!! (And I'm just now getting caught up on blog reading - it has been a week). I quite love that pic - me being the baby whisperer (and getting a sunburn - good times!

You don't look a day over 35 ;)