Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm a little lazy posting birthday this is what you get....(but it will be good none the less)

  • Baby L's birthday party was a sweet afternoon.  It was exhausting, though.  We are very blessed.  My husband is an absolute rock star. Pictures to come.

  • My memory is shot, only there are times I'm confident that I've remembered correctly only to FAIL.  Fail big.  For instance, I think I have my in-laws address memorized.  But apparently, the address I have in my head is NOT correct.  This doesn't bode well when I sent out birthday party invitations.  Daughter-in-law FAIL.

  • I am currently wearing my Halloween shirt.  I wear it once a year.  Partly because it is a Halloween shirt, and partly because it's rather ugly.  It's a ugliest color of orange with green lettering outlined in black velvet.  It says, "This is my costume."  Classy class.

  • My boys are obsessed with this video.  It's hilarious.  It will also stick in your head for a long time.  You must watch it.  You will laugh.  If you don't laugh, you must watch it again and again until you do laugh.  You're welcome

  • Baby L. is sick again.  Yes, again.  Tis the season, right???  She got over her cold-turned-ear-infection and now has some sort of laryngitis.  Her voice is almost gone - which makes her cry sound horribly pitiful.   Frankly, I just wish she would sleep.

  • I will load all the pictures from Baby L's birthday party...I promise.  But in the meantime I'll leave you with this:

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