Monday, April 4, 2011

The Great Greenery Watch of 2011

I'm on a total wellness kick as of late.

Clean eating, clean moving, clean thinking, and now clean breathing!

I've heard from 4 different places now that if you want a healthy house, you need green inside.

(Not to be confused with "going green," which I am actually convinced is nothing more than a marketing gimmick)

Now, we already have an Oreck air purifier, which I LOVE love love.

But, I'd really like to do the whole "natural air purification" thing too.

Really, can your air get too clean?

I think not.

Anyway, the other week, we were at home for the weekend.

I decided to head to the local garden store and spent $31.45 on 8 different plants, 2 terra cotta pots w/ coasters, and a basket w/ liner. 

(This also includes the pot and coaster that C. was carrying around and subsequently shattered on the floor because he wasn't listening to his mommy when she said, "C, please don't run in the greenhouse.  You're going to trip over a hose and break your po....oh, honey, are you ok?  The pot is broken....yes, we'll have to pay for it anyway.  Next time please listen to mommy.  Now we'll keep your new pot in the cart, mmmm kkkk?")

Then, we went to the Dollar Tree and spent another $6 on more pots and some coasters there.

(There's NO way I'm going to spend $14.95 on a pot when I can spend $1 on it!)

I chose snake grass for the basement and bedrooms.

It is totally easy to take care of, requires little water and natural light, and
has been noted to give off more oxygen at night than the day.

Which is perfect for our sleeping bodies!

I even turned the whole thing into an activity for the boys.

They each got to pick out their own plant.

Fortunately (for me) they both picked out the same type of plant.

So, when we got home, I pulled out some left over paints and let them decorate their terra cotta pots.

One week and two days later, and I'm proud to report that all plants in the PMD house are
alive and well.  :)


mrsmarkdave said...

Hmmm - these are all great ideas. Dave has terrible trouble with his asthma so maybe I'll have to give your idea a try.

Mama M. said...

I love your comment about "going green"...spoken like a true conservative! ;) do you do it? I have SUCH a hard time keeping plants alive. And they look so cute too! I think I need some of that snake grass stuff. Sounds easy to keep...

I'm sure I'd kill it tho.