Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Friday List (and some 5QF!)

1.  Today marks the beginning of spring break.

2.  I keep waffling between thinking:

3.  I ONLY have one week with both boys?!?!

4.  And: I have an ENTIRE WEEK with both boys?!?!

5.  Either way, I'm praying for some fun memories.

6.  Our calendar is booked for next week.

7.  I'm really looking forward to Tuesday.

8.  Details (and perhaps pictures) to come later.

9.  I'm also hoping to detail clean my mini-van.

10.  There seems to be an unidentified "funk" forming in there.  Ugh.

Ok!  Five Question Friday is back!

1. Have you ever had surgery?

Yes.  I had a tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy 4 days after Christmas in 4th grade. (1984).

Then a D-and-C in 2002.

2. Ever ride in an ambulance?

Once.  We were part of an "emergency readiness testing with our fire department and police department when I was young.  We were in my elementary school, and pretend some catastrophic thing happened.  We upturned desks and we were all given an "illness or injury" to assume.  Then we were triaged, brought to the hospital in the ambulance and once there given cookies.

That's it.
3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?

Depends on who the emergency is for.  When C. was a baby he had an acute attack of croup.  When we picked him up, he was really struggling to breathe.  Really struggling.  D. was a LOT more hyper than I was.  I told him to call 911, and took C. in a blanket outside to wait.

I REALLY try not to panic - since it literally DRAINS my adrenal glands...and then I loose all functionability for the next 24 hours.

4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?

Yes!  Both.  Love getting dirty.

5. When did you move out of your parents house?

Well, there was a brief semester I was at CMU my freshman year of college.  But honestly, I was only 17 when I left...and really not ready to be gone from home.

Then, I moved back home to attend a closer university.  I moved out when I married D. at 24.


Big Fat Gini said...

I love kill to have my car detailed. So jealous!

Croup is really, really scary. We've only had to deal with it once, thankfully.

Mama M. said...

That sounds like my kind of ambulance ride!! Cookies? Yup, mmmm hmmm...I could do that!

Interesting...tell me more about this adrenal gland thing...I've always said my body can NOT handle stress. I get WIPED sleepy. Are my adrenal glands being drained? (Gosh, I sound like Kate! ;)

S.I.F. said...

I hope you guys have a blast for spring break!