Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up to the highest height....and stuck.

We have a building at the corner of our street.

It's an administration building for our local school system.

Behind it lies a nice big field used for rocket football and lacrosse.

But sometimes it's used for flying.

Kite flying.

Rocket flying.

By us. :)

A few Saturdays ago, the weather held the perfect amount of wind to launch some plastic framework into the sky.

I had purchased some kites from the Dollar Tree, and for $2.12 (stupid sales tax),

we had about 4 hours of entertainment.

I even got them up so high that I ran out of string!

Flat Stanley went for a ride too. 

After all, that's one of the perks of being flat.  :)

Flying a kite is a LOT more fun when it actually stays airborn.

I'm actually referencing all the times the boys ran around in circles in the back yard

trying to get flight.

Wind is SO much easier!

Then, D. decided to launch the rocket.

The boys had worked all spring and summer in 2010 on constructing this rocket.

Every night adding another detail or piece.

Painting, stringing, etc.

They set it off twice last year and saved the last booster for me to see.

And photograph.

So, as you watch the video below,

you will note two things:

1.  I'm not a good videographer of rockets.

2.  I think my presence jinxed the flight.

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mrsmarkdave said...

How fun. I think you were a great videographer :-)