Monday, April 18, 2011

Refund, please.

Dear Spring Break,

While you're over here in Michigan,

and you did provide me with some fun memories with my boys,

its only fair that when you're done, you allow some sunshine to blow in.

So, this morning...

When I wake to this:

and this:

and see this:

well, I'd like to request a refund.



Big Fat Gini said...

My dad woke up to snow this morning. I imagine he's regretting the decision to move back to Wisconsin after spending a few decades here in Texas. Don't worry, I'll be jealous come August when it's 104 with 90% humidity.

Anonymous said...

Seriously! The UPS driver just came in to work and I've never seen her so down about the weather :)

mrsmarkdave said...

Oh my goodness. That's just not right. I'd want a refund, too.

Brittney said...

So much for global warming! Heh.

Mama M. said...

Ah, yes. I got the weather we had a few days ago. Well, just so you can's gonna be cold. Like, wintery temps, for the next few days. ;)

Also, just tried to leave you a message on your previous post...and my computer hiccuped or something and it didn't go thru. But, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully they have caught it soon enough...seems like huge advances have been made in breast cancer, tho it doesn't lessen the impact of hearing someone you love has the "C" word.