Thursday, February 9, 2012

Operation: Waste not want not

I have come to the realization that we waste a lot of food. 

I purchase too much fresh produce, stuff on sale, stuff I "think" I'm going to cook with, etc.

And it either spoils or sits and sits and sits in my pantry or freezer.

And my freezer is full.

And my pantry is full.
(But still organized- THANK YOU, Stephenie!!!)

Mostly of stuff I use either occasionally....or not at all.

I've done a piss poor job at using up left overs and digging in the freezer to find stuff to cook with.

And that needs to change.

So, this month....

I'm cooking through the freezer and pantry.

I'm finding the miscellaneous stuff that I've stashed in the back corners,

and I'm going to cook with them.

I'm not sure if it will be good or tasty...I make no guarantees.

But, by golly, I'm not going to waste anything this month.

(and perhaps....just by chance....I MAY come in under the grocery budget for a change?) step one....

I repurposed a soup.

My husband made Cheesy Chicken soup for the SOUPER bowl party on Sunday.
(he actually was a runner up....yay!)

I found two pie crusts in the freezer from 2010.  (yeah....sometimes it's just nice to be gluten free)

I pulled out some old (rather freezer burned) mixed vegetables from the bottom drawer of the freezer, thickened the soup with corn starch...


Chicken Pot Pie.

Since the pie crust dough was old(er), it started the crack when I unrolled it.

So, I improvised and made a basket weave.
Fancy, I know.

To my surprise, dinner was a TOTAL success!

The boys ate all but a small corner of the pot pie, and D was excited to have some left overs.

I'm very excited about the way this is starting!

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Joy and Randy said...

Go you! It is amazing how much stuff sits unused isn't it?