Monday, February 27, 2012

Funny Monday

So, yesterday I took the boys to a symphony geared towards kids.

There was a bagpipe parade and everything.

The WHOLE time we were there, A was just counting down the time until we left so he could go watch the Daytona 500.  Sure, he laughed at a few jokes...but was mostly watching the clock on my cell phone.  (only to come home to a cancelled race- ha ha!)

C. was squirrely to say the least.  He kept asking me if "this was a place you can burp at?" 

Classy- class.

A. wanted a football birthday last December.  His official birthday party with grandparents was on Dec. 11.

The boys are allowed to pick out a Mylar balloon of their choice for their birthday party.  A. chose a football.  By the end of the party, the string had been broken off, and the balloon rose to the ceiling.

Where its been ever since.

It's actually making its way down the roof line.

For those of you keeping track:  December 11- Feb. 27....longest.floating.balloon.ever.

A Happy Birthday shout out to a friend of mine....(I'm not sure if they read this blog anymore...but just in case, I'm covering my bases. I tried calling today, but they didn't answer.  Fer shame.)

I'm off to make an early dinner for the family....D and I have a hot date tonight.

With our accountant.

Oh the joy.

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Just love this post - that's all I had to say ;)