Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some of my favorites

There's a ton of random things floating through my head, and while none of them are enough to compile a full blog post on their own, I thought, "Why not combine them into one?!?!?"  So, here's a few of my favorite things at present time (in no particular order.)

1.  Progress.  In the right direction.  People working together, willing to help, all for a common goal. 

2.  Naps.  Early morning or afternoon.  A quick 20 minute nap can recharge me.

3.  Productive days.  These don't happen everyday.  (Apparently, I need to pace myself?)  But I LOVE looking back on a day and feeling like I've accomplished a lot.

4.  This song.  I heard it 3 times last weekend, and it reminded me of college years.  If you're a child of the 80's, I'm sure ANYTHING Sarah will remind you of college.  I love how calming it is and so ethereal.

5.  Just Dance 3.  I'm breaking a sweat, and pretending to be a dancing diva all while really being a clumsy oaf in my living room.  But I dig it.

6.  Crock pots.  I love having dinner ready and not having to do all the preparation during the witching hour.  I love my crock pot.  I asked for a new one a few years ago for Mother's Day.  D (smart guy) told me to research which one I wanted to go grab it (he knew I'd find the best deal).  Every time we b ring it somewhere, I always get compliments on it.  I love my crock pot.

7.  Soft skin.  It's winter in Michigan.  Our air is horribly dry.  So is my skin.  When I do have soft moisturized skin, I'm appreciative.

8.  Summer.  Looking forward to warmer temps when I sit here shivering....and planning trips and activities for the boys.  I love that we're creating memories.

9.  The love shack.  This could go back to Progress (#1), but it really needs its own number.  We're hoping to swing hammers this spring/ summer....a LONG awaited day for me.  D told me I get the first whack.  Then, I'm stepping out of the way in case any critters come running out when the rest of it comes down.

10.  My boys' school.  I'm still really pleased that we made the decision to enroll them where we did.  It has been the best atmosphere for them to grow and flourish in more ways than one.

Top Ten {Tuesday}


Anonymous said...

On my list of favorite things: The Civil Wars' album Barton Hallow and avocados :)

Big Fat Gini said...

1. I love progress. Especially when it doesn't involve Hope & Change "progress."

2. Amen!

3. Me too! In fact, I planned on having one today. And then I sat down at the computer.

4. Okay. So. She has more late high school for me. Building A Mystery is my favorite hands-down.

5. Buying it!

6. Nope. Hate my crock pot. It blows.

7. If you can find it, buy some Cucina to keep in the kitchen. I use it during the winter, especially with cooking and washing my hands so much. And, even though it's pricey, it lasts forever.

8. Boo. I hate summer. I try to make winter and spring last as long as humanly possible.

9. Whoo-hoo!

10. That's awesome! Seriously, few things beat that!

mrsmarkdave said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that loves winter. We just went to Orlando last week, and I couldn't wait to get home to the snow. There is just something completely wrong with wearing shorts and flip flops in February.