Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be still my heart.

My dearest husband took the boys out of the house for a few hours today.

I will love him forever just for that gift of silence in the house- even if for a few hours.

We're in the process of moving everything from the love shack into the addition.

I thought I'd take my quiet time to clean, purge, and organize.
(apparently, I'm not quite feeling like myself today.  hehe)

Anyway, in the midst of my purging, I found an old SD card.

I plugged it in, and ooooohhhhhhhhh, my heart melted.

It's from about 8 years ago- when digital was still "iffy" in my book, so I had BOTH the regular film and a digital camera in my bag.

So, I've seen many of these pictures before, but I didn't realize I still had them in digital form.

Bear with me as this will have to be a series of posts so I can get them posted.

Here's the most important ones:

A's birth.

Taking his footprints.
Our nurse's name was Lisa.
She is one of my favorite people.
22 1/2 hours of labor.  3 hours of pushing.
14 inch head....
she was there.
(you know....after I labored for 10 hours at home)

A. had long skinny feet.
He, himself, was long and skinny.
And cute.

(Feel free to focus on the sweetie pie in the middle. 
The mama is in rough shape- tired, exhausted, sweaty, and teary.)


His first weigh-in.
Lisa (the awesome nurse) was giving D ques of what to take pictures of.
I and unable to stand to take the picture.
Lisa was awesome.


Dear D,
Thank you for making my leg (knee?) and arm giant blurs in this picture. 
But the crying baby is cute.  :)


I love the next picture.
A was born close to midnight.
Which was kinda nice because I wouldn't have been ready for visitors right away.
And we got to chill in the labor room for a bit before getting shuttled down the hallway.
Lisa was checking A's heart rate often (normal since he came out running a low-grade fever).
Everyone dimmed the lights so we could just chill as a family for a bit.
It was quiet.
Those were my favorite first moments as a family.


My sweet niece, Emily came to visit the next day.
Other than the fact that I forgot my hair dryer and I'm looking like the Stay-Puft-Marshmallow-Woman,
this is one of my favorite pictures.
I also love that the camera didn't pick up the part of my eyeball that I ruptured
trying to push A out. (again....14 inch head).

Perhaps I can crop me out. 
It's an adorable pic of Emily and A.

My old-man-looking baby the morning of discharge.
He's looking a tad yellow-ish here...
but got worse the next day at home. :(

Still adorable though.

Ok, that's about all my ovaries can handle for one day.

More pics soon.  I promise.  :)


Kate said...

Such precious pictures!

Joy and Randy said...

Sandy, I must say (and I am sure you will argue with me :) ) look amazing in that picture. Don't you dare crop yourself out of it!
I ♥ you!!!

Young Family said...

You do look amazing in that picture!!!! I LOVE finding old pictures that bring back the best memories!