Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weird random facts about me that may make you feel better about yourself

The other night, D and I were talking.  Within that talk, he learned yet another Sandy-ism (which...I just cannot remember at this moment in time).  His reply...."Honey, you're so weird.  You need to document these Sandy-isms.  I'm sure they'd be a funny blog post."

Wow....he's come a long way.

Homeboy has never encouraged me to make a specific blog post.  It's more something he just lets me do because I like it.  (And get paid for it....see right column- advertising!  Thank you for your page view, by the way). 

So...here's a few random things about me..

..that will probably make you feel a little better about yourself.

1.  I believe I may have adult-onset ADD.  No really.  I can sit at my computer and take an hour to write up an audit report that should take 15 minutes.  I'm just easily distracted, and not at all interested in numbers at this particular moment in time.

2.  I cannot go to sleep with socks on.  Doing so will ensure with 100% probability that I will wake up in the middle of the night with a nightmare.  So, even if it's -30 degrees below, I'm pulling the socks off before I get under the covers.

3.  I am spontaneous and non-planning at heart.  I understand that having kids makes it so I need to plan many things in advance.  This also lends itself to difficulties in staying within budget every month.  I'm usually $10 over in the grocery budget.  I'm not adjusting it, though....because I'm sure I'd be $10 over no matter what the budget is set at.

4.  I have an interesting sense of humor.  I understand that this may or may not offend people at any given time.  I'm ok with that.  I also think that sometimes people are a tad too oversensitive about certain subjects.  I'm ok with not dealing with them too.  I do, however, try to keep myself in check...but really, most jokes will offend someone at some moment in time.

5.  I do not have an alarm clock.  D has one on his side of the bed, but I don't use it.  I look at what time it is when I go to bed, and I tell myself, " I want to wake up at 6:45."  90% of the time, I will be awake ten minutes before the time I gave myself to wake.  The other 10%?  Usually 10 minutes after the given time.  I have no idea how this happens.  It just does.

6.  I have interesting eye balls.  The color of my eyes will reflect the color of the shirt I'm wearing making it appear as if the color of my eyes changes.  (At least, I believe this is what happens).  My driver's licence says "BLU."  This is true if I'm wearing white, blue, and red.  However, if I'm wearing green, orange or brown, they will appear hazel.  And (my favorite!), if I'm wearing purple, black or gray, they will turn a VERY dark shade of gray to the point that people have not been able to pin point what color exactly my eyes are.  This is very cool in my book.

7.  I swear.  Yep.  I do.  I try not to.  Especially in front of my kids.  I think of inventive words to scream when I stub my toe with littles present....the latest one includes, "Pollyanna had UGLY hair!"  But, sometimes the situation requires an "oh sh*t."  And after two glasses of wine or cocktails, I could be confused with a sailor.  I, therefore, usually exercise a "one drink maximum" when out with mixed company.  Don't judge.

8.  I have a very low tolerance for bull sh*t.  (see number 7.  sorry about that if you're offended.  If you are...see #4.)  I'm a pretty smart girl, and can be very forgiving....but if people are using me, manipulating me, mistreating people I love, or taking me for granted...well, it's like a switch goes off.  I'll shut off to them and that's that.  Sometimes this switch is slow to "shut off" which makes me wonder sometimes.  But, looking back...it's really come in handy helping me let go of friendships I've really put too much effort into.  While it's always sad to say good-bye to someone, sometimes it's necessary.  Shutting down those friendships has opened the door to new ones, and the ones I have in my life right now are nothing short of wonderful and incredibly dear to my heart.

9.  I cannot sleep with closet doors open.  If the closet doors are left open (even a crack), I will toss and turn until I get up to close them.  Of course, to camoflouge my neroses to my husband, I'll head to the bathroom first, and shut them on the way back to bed.  After 10 1/2 years of marriage, he's on to me now.  Took him long enough to notice.  ;)  Now, he'll actually leave them open on purpose just to see how long it takes me to get out of bed.  Sigh.

10.  I drove A. to school today.  In my pajamas.  I'm perfectly ok with posting this on a public forum.  I make no qualms about being the perfect put-together person.  I'm a mess, and I'm ok with that.

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Big Fat Gini said...

Okay. For real. More proof that we are long lost twins. All of those things are so totally me.

I think the whole thing about overly sensitive people has struck a chord with me, because I am SO there right now. I don't have time for it and I don't have time for people manipulating me into siding with them over things that didn't actually happen.

TIFFANY said...

This post cracked me up. I have the same issues with wearing socks to bed and sleeping with the closet door open. :)

Mamaw Bee said...

I love you! Are we related? I have a lot of the same problems. Been trying to do quarterly reports for two days but my adult ADD keeps moving on to something I want to do instead of what I need to do. No socks for me either, but they do go on the minute I get up in the morning. And I can't STAND a door to be open one of the dresser drawers not shoved in all the way. Maybe a little adult OCD, ya think?

mrsmarkdave said...

This makes me feel better about myself only because now I know I'm not alone.

ADD - maybe/maybe not. I have issues with this because my MIL wants to blame EVERYTHING on ADD. She acts like a complete moron and treats everyone like dirt and excuses it because she has ADD. And she's always trying to talk someone into medication if they are a human and forget to do something once in awhile. She had DH drugged for much of his childhood and he hated what the meds did to him.

Sleeping with socks on - I remove them in the middle of the night in my sleep.

Planner - actually, I'm a big planner.

I also do not have an alarm clock but I have a spouse that does. I also do not use my spouses alarm clock. Well - kind of. He gets up to the alarm and I get up when he gets up. Does that count? Maybe?

My eyes - are brown. No matter what color I'm wearing. Does it count that I WISH I had eyes like yours?
I swear - but I desperately try not to.

#8 - YOU. ARE. MY. TWIN!

I would've driven my kid to school in my jammies, too. In fact, I would probably do that everyday and feel no shame. So, neither should you. (and apparently you don't.)

Anonymous said...

All of these things are why I love our friendship (and you)! Too funny!

Young Family said...

I love you, Sandy! Seriously. I'm a big fan of REAL.

Beth ~ Just a Mom Like You said...


Seriously, I just stumbled upon your blog from Top Ten Tuesday and I felt like I was reading my own post. Except of course I cannot wake up without an alarm clock and a dozen snooze button hits (I just wrote about this yesterday) and I HAVE to wear socks to bed, even in the summer when it's 110 degrees.

You totally just got a new follower. :)

Beth ~ Just a Mom Like You said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I don't have the eye color thing (mine are dark brown) but my daughter does. They go from green to grey to brown depending on what she wears. Sometimes they almost even look blue. So weird!

Liberty said...

AMEN to #*!