Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phoning it in

Recently, D and I converted to the land of unlimited cell phone usage.

In other words, we're using our phones more now than ever before.

And we dropped Sprint as our carrier (good riddance!).

Hello, Verizon-land.

We appreciate your nice customer service and wide-spread coverage area.

So, before I totally trash my old phone, I thought I'd clean out the pics...

My phone was old and was the camera.
                                               Sorry about the blur.

Last year's Christmas service.

 A picture I sent to my brother of my dad's leg after he broke it into
a million tiny pieces.
(ok, a million is a *tad* exaggerated...just 26.)

C's Christmas program/party at preschool last year.
The kids all dressed up, and the teacher read the Christmas Story.

The kiddos acted it out.
By far, my FAVORITE preschool program ever.

A bowling with friend, D, on Christmas break last year.

Empty Costco Ice Cream boxes= hats

C LOVES the pony at Meijer.

I actually remember that there was a pay-it-forward there that day.
Someone left about 30 pennies on the stand that day.
Free rides to anyone who didn't have a penny.

Yeah, this is blurry...but it's a picture of my receipt from JC Penney last year.
I hit their after-season clearance sale.
I spent $48.28.
I saved $474.38.

I put my hair in french braids one night before bed.
The next day, I had a 1980's kink.
I sent it to my friend and we had a good laugh.

This picture I sent to my friend, Melody after getting my hair cut.
My awesome hair stylist also found out that I was headed to a wedding that night and set it in rollers for me.

This is some church north of my parent's house.
We went there for an Educational Festival.
A was so brave to go up and sing with just a few other friends.

C's fieldtrip to the firestation.

Cute picture of C.
No doubt taken to redirect him from some crazy behavior out in public.
Homeboy is always up for a good "CHEESE!"

Our principal piggy-backing A. out to the car after school.
Apparently, St. Mark is a full-service school. :)

For some reason, I have a weird picture of my gut at the 5k.

Waiting for friends to arrive at the zoo.

Oh my goodness, I love this next picture!
C. and his best friend, E. at our church's vbs.
They LOVED it.

This is my aunt and uncle's house in Kentucky.
I took the picture coming up from the dock post boat ride.
I sent it to my brother and let him know that he was missed while the rest of the family vacationed.

Do you remember how HOT it was in July!?!?
Scortching hot.

Well, we were getting ready to go camping in that heat, and 5 minutes before we left,
we heard a loud cracking sound and then a BOOM.
A tree right down the road couldn't take the heat anymore and split.
Blocking our exit.
Postponing D's entrance into a "relaxing" weekend.

We were over an hour delayed getting up to the campground.

C enjoying some blue ice cream.

Someday his future wife will thank me for pictures like these.  :)

Taken right before zoo school last summer.
He just looked too cute sitting there.

(Hit a Ball With A Lutheran)
Softball tournament with other area churches.
We went to watch and visit with friends for a bit,
and ended up staying the whole day.
The boys had a BLAST.

I made some birthday treats for one of A's classmates.
Cause every kid deserves to be celebrated on their birthday.
Thank you, pintrest, for the fun idea!

 Rare moment of togetherness.
Having fun at the library.
I took this picture and sent it to D to proove that they DO love each other.
Sometimes.  :)

Sent to my friend, Melody.
I was having a pity party about having to sit in the darn dentist chair.
Grumble grumble.

Taken the night D went deer hunting.
I decided to surprise the boys and take them to Bob Evans.
Turns out I love this picture!


Sarann said...

Fun post!

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This is a VERY fun post! Loved all the pics!!

Joy and Randy said...

Great pics! Welcome to Verizon is nice here. ;)