Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Someday I'll post a nice flowing post....today is not that day. At least I have pictures.

Christmas Recap.

I realize I've fallen dreadfully behind on updates.

So, here's a quick Christmas recap.  Sorry if its choppy.

Getting ready for the Christmas program/ Advent service at church.  The preschool/ school ran the service.  Too cute.

Christmas Eve with D's family.

He's just too cute with the little ones.
Still melts my heart.

A. is certainly a "grandparent kid."  He loves them.
I love poppa hoppa's white-man's-overbite.

My in-laws get our sense of humor in many things.

Their gift?

The National Lampoons Moose Mugs.

Oh yeah, baby.

There's 4 grandsons all within a few years of each other.
This is always a recipe for wrestling.

Too bad uncles don't like to play along.

Carnage (sorry, uncle Ryan!)


Christmas morning

At home.  Just the 4 of us.
I love it that way.

The boys receive gifts from "santa", and
we have a breakfast birthday party for Jesus.

I made PW's cinnamon rolls gf style.
(not recommended, by the way)
Well...unless you have a husband like D.
He ate 6 that morning.


Then to my parent's house after church.

Christmas couple and family pictures.



I look forward to this lunch all.year.long.

I'd love to say just kidding, but that would be a lie.
Mmmmm.  Crab legs and t-bones.


A. opened a Nintendo ds.
While he was excited about this new venture into technology,
I LOVE C's reaction to his brother's gift!


C. helped everyone (that would let him) open their gifts.


C opens his very own ds. 
He was so surprised. 
And excited!


Two days later, the crud hit our house.
C. was violently sick.

D and I felt "whonky" the next two days.

A. skated by scott free.

How is it that my pukey kid didn't catch this bug?
I'm grateful!

A few days later, we were able to meet our "new(ish)" nephew, Jimmi.

He and his parents live in N. Carolina...and flew up on Christmas Day.

We sanitized the house just in time for a visit.

Then, low and behold, the rest of the family comes along.

And all SEVEN cousins were together for the first time.

Sorry for the fuzziness....my battery died, and the only thing we had to take the picture was my mother-in-law's camera.  I sharpened it as much as I could, but hey...at least the picture has been taken!

Ok, that's all I've got.  Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Mamaw Bee said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a great Christmas. Hope you are having a blessed 2012.

Sarann said...

Great post, the boys look great in their suits! Happy new year!

Big Fat Gini said...

Okay first. You look great! :)

Sounds like a great time, minus the crud. And I love, love, love the moose mugs. Hope you're enjoying January!

Mama M. said...

I LOVE cousins! It makes my heart sing when I see my kids with my hub's side of the family...there are 32 (or something) grandkids on that side!

Pure, crazy, fun.