Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Today is my father-in-law's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Poppa Hoppa!  We love ya!

2.  Today was day 2 of camp for my boys.  They.are.tired.  And hungry.  The FIRST thing they asked me tonight was "What's for dinner."  When they found out it was breakfast dinner, they promptly both said, "Yeeeeeessssssssss!"  All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS I made a double batch of pancakes and the full package of bacon.  They EACH had two dinners (one plate full of pancakes and bacon....and went back for another plate after showers), and proceeded to fall into bed half asleep already.  I love camp week.  :)

3.  I found the bottom of my ironing pile today.  I promised myself no phone or Internet until it was done.  THREE hours later, I found the bottom of the pile.  And perhaps 3 shirts and one pair of pants that are now too small for the boys.  Oops.

4.  C's dresser drawer broke.  I'm taking that as a clue that I'm supposed to be organizing his clothing tomorrow.

5.  I'm thoroughly enjoying uninterrupted nap time this week.  Well, except for the drywall guy who intermittently talks through the black plastic curtain.  Sometimes I don't answer.

6.  I'm watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix.  I'm obsessed.  I'm also realizing it's messing with my pregnancy dreams as well.  New rule:  no watching after 7pm.

7.  I'm astounded and humbled by random acts of generosity.  You know who you are:  Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.  Just thank you.

8.  Next week, we celebrate C's birthday.  Sunday with grandparents and Tuesday with friends.  C is beside himself!

9.  I'm not above using the upcoming birthday parties as means to grab good behavior.  "Are you going to continue acting like this, or do I need to call your friends and cancel your birthday party?"  Yep....it's slipped through my lips a few times over the past few weeks.  Mom fail?  Not sure, but it sure is effective!

10.  I ordered some drawer pulls for baby girl's dresser the other day, and I went to check the order status tonight.  They cancelled my order.  THEY CANCELLED MY ORDER!  No email, no notification...NADA.  And now I can't find those drawer pulls anywhere (side note:  for LESS than $20 per pull).  I'm beyond frustrated!


Laura Railing said...

Isn't it funny the little things that delight kids?! Sounds like they loved breakfast for dinner!! We love doing it too! Andrew's favorite thing is chocolate chip pancakes! Good luck on laundry!! I am just finally getting to a laundry basket that has some clothes that are too small for Andrew. It seems like we always have laundry so sometimes I get into a cycle of just washing what we need and um.. then it really starts to add up fast!! That is such a bummer about the drawer pulls! So weird they didn't email you or anything! :( I hope you can find some more! Maybe Etsy?

Anonymous said...

I had a laundry fail this morning... I told Simon, the bathing suits the kids needed for daycare were in the dryer... no, they were still in the washer, thankfully they dry quickly ;)